10 dogs are looking for new homes at Darlington Dogs Trust

It is well known that owning a dog can improve mental and physical well-being.

Rescuing a dog is more rewarding than shelling out hundreds or even thousands of pounds for the most popular breeds – some of which are bred in less than ideal conditions.

So we’ve taken a look at 10 of the dozens of dogs currently living at Darlington’s Dog Trust center and looking for their forever homes.

All images and descriptions of the dogs are courtesy of Darlington Dogs Trust and you can find more information on how to rehome a pet from the charity’s Sadberge center on their website.

Bertie, a 2-5 year old bulldog

Bertie is a special boy looking for a home for adults with no other pets.

He will need his owners for most of the day and will gradually build up his time to leave.

Bertie can be disturbed by dogs and should be walked in quiet areas away from traffic and other dogs.

He may take a long time to settle in at home, but he loves to exercise and has made fantastic progress with his training at the centre.

Once you bond with Bertie, he is a playful and lovely boy who is a lot of fun to be around and a joy to train with.

Jethro, mongrel 1-2 years old

Northern Echo:

Jethro is a sweet boy, but a one-year-old dog who is very strong on leadership.

So he will need some leadership at home and owners who can handle his power.

He’s a playful boy with other dogs and may settle better in a home with an existing playful dog – but it should suit his playful play style.

Loki, 2-5 year old Siberian husky

Northern Echo:

Loki has been through many upheavals, so his next home should be his forever home to give him stability. He needs to gradually socialize with dogs because he hasn’t really been anywhere.

It can be very vocal on the lead when you see them, so the lead will prefer to hang out in quieter areas and have their own secure yard for playtime.

Loki needs owners to be with him most of the day as he cannot handle being alone.

New owners should be prepared to slowly acclimate him to being left alone. This can sometimes mean having some backup support.

2-5 year old Lola, Shar Pei crossbreed

Northern Echo:

Lola will be such a fun companion in an active home.

She loves spending time with people and will never hesitate to brighten your day with her enthusiastic nature.

Lola loves to play with toys and is always eager to go exploring on her walks.

She is a smart girl who is jump trained and looking to find adopters to continue this at home.

Meg, a 5-7 year old border bridge

Northern Echo:

Meg is a sweet girl who loves making new canine friends and enjoys the gentle noises of her handlers.

Meg has a sensitive side and can be anxious about sudden changes or when things get too busy.

Meg loves nothing more than playing in our outfield.

He can be distrustful in enclosed areas, so he will need to visit his new home several times before going home.

Winnie, a crossbreed of 8 years or older

Northern Echo:

Vinny is a sweet, quiet boy with a bit of a shy side, so he is looking for a quiet, comfortable home.

Winnie likes her food and it’s a great way to make friends.

He is a lovely, low-maintenance kid, travels great in the car, loves to carry his toys and loves to explore on his walks.

He can be a little eager, though he will need confident owners to help him progress in his leading job.

Flash, lurcher cross 5-7 years

Northern Echo:

Flash is a real softie who adores his people and would be a lovely companion for anyone.

Flash is more of a person who wants his owners all to himself, so he should be the only pet in the house.

He is a boy who will be happier hanging out during quieter times while he develops his social skills.

Flash can be a bit of an escape artist, so a secure garden with a high fence is a must for him.

Maddie, a 2-5 year old German Shepherd cross

Northern Echo:

Maddie is a playful girl who would make such a fun companion.

Soft toys are his first love, followed shortly by cheese!

Once Maddie earns your trust, she adores fuss and attention and lets her goofy personality shine.

He enjoys his walks but can be strong on the lead, so I would like to find an active owner who will take him on adventures in quiet walking areas.

Maddie is looking for an adult home with few visitors and no children. It should also be the only pet.

Mac, 2-5 year old mongrel

Northern Echo:

Mac is a wonderful boy who loves nothing more than spending time with his carers, both inside and outside.

He has several walking friends at the center but prefers females so he can share his home with a female dog.

He is starting to learn tricks, so he will enjoy learning more at home – especially if toys are offered, as he loves to play with them.

Mac finds the world a bit scary and is looking for a mature home with no children where he can find his feet and slowly settle into home life.

Stanley, 1-2 year old crossbreed

Northern Echo:

Stanley is a young man who will make a fun companion in an active home. He has a lot of energy and can get overexcited, so he needs lots of mental stimulation and some regular exercise.

Stanley loves nothing more than playing with other dogs and would love to have some playful canine friends. He also enjoys food and is a quick learner.

Stanley is looking for an adult-only home with time to continue his adopter training.

She could live with another playful dog at the center provided the meetings went well.

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