10 Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch While Eating According to Reddit

Menu centers around fine dining and art (or, as it were, the decay of art). Every gourmet meal makes the audience crave a hearty meal: in more ways than one, as Anya Taylor-Joy’s Margot discovers during dinner. After its release outside the theaters, it should be savored with some food.

On the other hand, there are movies at the complete opposite end of the spectrum: viewers trying to eat during these movies, filled with everything from blood to vomit to even terrifying noises, will have a hard time keeping their lunch down. What are the biggest tests of a viewer’s cast iron stomach?


Braindead (1992)

Until 2013 Evil Dead the remake’s climactic chainsaw scene dethroned it, Peter Jackson’s Braindead (Living Dead to New Zealanders) holds the world record for the most fake blood used in a film production. It’s full of ridiculous levels of gore, but the most heartbreaking scene is the one where the zombified Vera tries to eat.

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“Avoid eating cream while watching,” advises Redditor Bvaugh. The zombies scatter as they try to eat, and when Vera’s ear falls into a bowl of cream, someone hits her with a spoonful.

The Lost Boys (1987)

Jason Patrick in Lost Boys

The Lost Boys not a rough movie. But there was one particular scene that Redditor andreeeeeaaaaaaaa said if the vampires hadn’t shared their dinner order. When David brings the human Michael into the gang, he hypnotizes him into seeing the noodles and rice he eats as writhing maggots and maggots, so when he actually gives Michael his own blood to drink, Michael realizes it’s another trick and downs the bottle. .

It’s best not to eat rice and noodles for dinner after watching this scene. At the very least, if someone tries to eat it in one of the darkest teen movies, it would be hard not to scrutinize the food very closely to make sure it’s not moving at all.

The Fly (1986)

Seth Brundle is in the middle of his transformation at The Fly

Like many of the best David Cronenberg films, The fly Dr. It centers around Seth Brundle’s fear of being trapped in an irrevocably degrading body as he accidentally fuses his DNA with that of a fly, quickly transforming into a giant bug.

In one memorable scene, Seth reveals to his horrified girlfriend Veronica the changes he’s undergone, including vomiting strong corrosive acid to digest food instead of chewing and swallowing it. Redditor nyquill81 confirms that he “created [them] vampirebloodgod1991 lamented, “tell me about it. It took me a few days to work up the courage to eat donuts again after that scene!”

Raw (2016)

Raw movie poster

Raw is the movie most remembered while eating, understandably so. But the funny thing is, it wasn’t just the rampant cannibalism of the title that drove Redditors like GeekHaven-88 and Particular-Buy-8940 (who bravely screened the film twice while eating!) to this infamous French film.

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Ex-vegetarian Justine has bitten everyone from her boyfriend to her own sister, but it’s the meat-less scene that’s the quickest to vomit. Along with the meat, Justine is forced to eat her own hair, and the “hairball scene” in which she coughs and chokes has caused many viewers to lose their lunch.

Dormitory (2005)

at the Jay Hernandez Hostel

While the film that helped put Eli Roth on the map is kept alive by its social commentary on American attitudes toward foreign countries and the rich’s view of the lower classes as inhuman and disturbing, Dormitory has always been known for its graphic scenes of torture.

As Redditor AtlantaBoyz refers “that stage”. Dormitory Like the worst part, no one knows what they mean: there are so many qualified options! TheLucidBard claims that it should be the “eyeball scene” where Kana’s eyeball burns out and Paxton has to amputate the nerve, while JackThomasAus thinks the scene where Josh’s Achilles tendon is cut should win.

Society (1989)

Man and ugly creature in society

Society It’s a completely quirky little movie that satirizes the upper class of Beverly Hills and the concept of “good breeding” that the aristocracy loves so much. The son of a wealthy family, Billy not only feels out of place among his peers, but also fears that people are out to get him. He’s right: in this film, the rich literally feed off the underclass.

As Redditor Full-Pause-5475 points out, viewers may want to skip lunch before watching the infamous “manev” scene, an unsettlingly long sequence in which all of society’s best people mingle in a disgusting orange orgy of body horror. Eat the poor guy who was on them from the beginning before Billy’s eyes after the night.

The Swallow (2019)

Hunter holds a screw in the kitchen at Swallow

Anyone susceptible to choking, gagging or swallowing non-food products should avoid it. to swallow because those three things are actually the whole movie. Due to childhood trauma and the stress of her controlling husband and in-laws, newly pregnant Hunter develops pica, a compulsion to swallow inedible things.

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True to his name, Hunter can’t help but find and swallow even things that are dangerous to him, requiring surgery to remove them. Redditor just_a_ghost_2 hasn’t seen the movie yet so only the “concept” [them] think [they] looking at him, he couldn’t eat anything.”

City of the Living Dead (1980)

Cover art from City of the Living Dead

Lucio Fulci directed some of the scariest Italian horror films ever made City of the Living Dead it ranks quite high there. Redditor StinkingDylan cites it as “the only movie ever made.” [them] puke” and spurist9116 warns, “Avoid eating during the makeup spot scene!”

In the scene in question, Father Thomas sees the ghost of two teenagers parking in front of him. The girl Emily freezes in a trance: her eyeballs begin to bleed and all her organs keep pouring out of her mouth. Although he doesn’t actively throw them out, the expulsion comes with all the necessary noise.

The Audition (1999)

Eihi Shiina as Asami in Audition

This gem of Japanese horror is a very slow burn. It’ll take a while for the real horror to happen, but when it does, viewers like Redditor WalkWithElias69 will want to have a barf bag handy. Or maybe, if you’re anything like Asami Yamazaki, a bowl.

If they can get past the scene where Asami, one of horror’s greatest female villains, feeds her own vomit to her captured ex-girlfriend, then they still have ten minutes left to make it through. When Asami realizes her partner Aoyama loves someone other than her (specifically his son), she drugs him and tortures him with needles and sharp piano wire in a long, tense scene that will test the nerves of even the most die-hard horror fans.

The Human Centipede (2009)

The cut woman in The Human Centipede

No list of vomit-inducing gross-out movies would be complete without a mention of this franchise: Redditor Bask82’s “not really appetizing” comment is deceptively mild. While the sequels obviously only exist to do as many gross things as possible, it’s the original that everyone remembers as the first.

The first film Dr. It centers around Heiter’s semi-successful creation of a “human centipede” complete with digestive tract, connecting three captives mouth-to-anus. Redditor PandaMayFire complains about their “first time eating pudding.” [they were] is watching.” Let’s hope it wasn’t chocolate.

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