6 BEST TemTem XP Farming Methods [Explained]

TemTem, published by Humble Bundle, is an RPG game inspired by the Pokémon Series. All Monster Catching games let you have an exciting experience of grinding and farming. We found TemTem to be no exception to any other game in training and leveling up, so we discussed TemTem’s Best XP Farming in this guide.

You begin your journey in TemTem as a Tamer by choosing one of 3 starting creatures. In addition, it can be difficult to find the money you’ll need for the various in-game activities, so you should consider reading our guide on the BEST Ways to Earn TemTem Money.

Building effective teams will be the key to winning battles, so use the best TemTem available in the game. To make your selection easier, you can refer to our TemTems Level List. There is definitely a lot to do in the game and before any delay let’s take a look at the XP Farming guide.

TemTem Best XP Farming Ways

TemTem Best XP Farming Ways

There are no glitches in the game that will help you gain XP faster than usual. However, there are various ways to help you fill up your XP bar in the pink game. You will see this bar on the details page and it will show the amount of experience needed to reach the next level.

We have explained the various steps and ways to earn XP in the game below. If you follow the guide mentioned below, you will be good to earn XP faster and level up in the game easily.

Defeat higher level opponents

TemTem’s level is very important to consider when trying to gain more XP in the game. If you defeat a low level opponent and you have a higher level TemTem, you will only get a small amount of XP for defeating him.

Let’s look at an example to make it easier to understand. We will be looking at three examples of TemTems, Pigepic, Kalazu and Baboong at levels 10, 20 and 30 respectively. If all three of them fight and defeat a level 20 Saipat, the amount of XP each earns will be different.

The XP earned by a level 10 TemTem will be higher than what a 20th or 30th TemTem would get for defeating a level 20 opponent. All of this brings us to the conclusion that you should be fighting opponents of the same or higher level than TemTem.

The full story of Arbury

You will be required to complete the Arbury story as part of the farming XP in the game. Arberi is a very rainy island in TemTem Island. You should know that Arbury marks the end of the main storyline, not the entire game.

The island has labyrinthine paths and the forest is also home to the most dangerous members of the Belsoto tribe. To complete the story of Arbury, you must take down the Belsoto clan with the help of new additions. Completing this story takes us to the next step to unlock the Temple of Melee.

Unlock Melee Shrine

Melee Shrine can only be unlocked after completing the Arbury Story. The Melee Shrine works the same as the other shrines and can only be accessed by entering the Mudshire Cromlech with Melee TemTems only.

After clearing your way of all enemies, you will enter the Temple of Melee. This shrine will be very useful for fast travel to your desired destination. This means that you don’t have to go through long dark roads to get to different places. Traveling faster to different locations will help increase your XP bar.

Cowards blanket

cowardly blanket
Cowards blanket

You can win a Cowards Blanket from a travel writer in Amnesia. This is the only item that will help your whole team gain XP faster and reach level 100 very quickly. Talk to the amnesiac lady with a cast on her leg. This lady will instruct you to visit each island so you can get rewards.

After visiting the islands, you will have to report to him, and telling him about Arberi will help you earn a blanket for cowards. Using the Coward’s Blanket will reward your entire team with XP, even those not in combat.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call it similar to a coward’s outfit, but the difference comes from its ability to distribute XP among team members. Using a ticket is another great option as it will reward the entire team with double XP.

Cowardly Cloak

One of the many things that help you gain XP is the Cowardly Cloak. If any TemTem is holding the Coward’s Cloak, it will receive a chunk of XP without even entering direct combat. Let’s say TemTem is weak and keeps losing battles, in which case cowards will be very effective for you.

There is only one Coward’s Cloak in the game, guarded by various Belsoto Clans. The location of the coward outfit is Windward Fort, which you can only enter if you have a surfboard, as you will be required to wade through the water. After entering the water, find a door on the left and reach a large lake.

You’ll get close to getting the Cowardly Cloak chest after you cross the spiral path formed by the rocks. It will also be filled with Belsoto thugs, and you’ll have to fight them all to equip your TemTem with a coward’s robe and gain XP.

Learning Support

study help in temtem
TemTem Learning Aid

Learning Aid is a new item introduced in Arbury Island that will help increase the XP gain of defeated temtems. The purpose of the in-game learning aid was to help you learn faster, which ultimately leads to gaining XP.

The interesting thing about the learning aid is that you can get it from different activities in the game. While Learning Aid is active in the game, your XP gain will be doubled. However, the training material is limited to 30 minutes.

There are various rewards for accessing learning aids, including Wishing Wells, Lair completion rewards, and fishing weekly challenge rewards. In addition, study aid pick-up locations are properton sewers, Mac Aed’s Crags and Arbury University.

Earning XP faster by following all these ways will help you level up faster in the game. These methods are the easiest way to reach level 100 faster than usual and without any glitches.


Monster hunting games depend heavily on farming, especially XP farming. You should learn XP farming techniques because leveling up will depend on increasing your XP bar. There are various ways you can use XP farming and we have covered all of them in detail for you in this guide. Follow the instructions to get it The best experience of farming XP in TemTem.

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