6 of the best bourbons you can buy only in Kentucky

In Kentucky, good bourbon flows right from our backyard, but your out-of-town college roommate, uncle, or sister may not have that luxury.

Sure, our Kentucky distilleries ship their whiskey all over the world, but when outsiders ask for Kentucky bourbon, you don’t want to bring them something they can buy at the liquor store down the street.

As the holidays approached, I took the same question I always hear from out-of-state friends and family and turned it into our local distilleries.

“What’s a good bourbon you can only buy in Kentucky?”

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It turns out that we have quite a few distilleries at various price points, and you don’t have to go on a wild goose chase to find them.

Most of these unique Kentucky labels or bottling programs are readily available at local distilleries. Here are six bourbons you can only buy in Kentucky:

120 N 10th St, Louisville; kentuckypeerless.com/

Kentucky Peerless Single Barrel Rye Whiskey ($124) and Single Barrel Bourbon ($12) generally yield about 180-200 bottles. Once these bottles are gone, they are replaced by another barrel product with a different name based on the flavor profile. The barrel names are colorful and based on the natural flavors in the bourbon. Some recent names include Autumn Garden, Grapefruit Spritz, Barrel Aged Boulevard, Beekeeper and Farmer’s Market. The distillery also has an absinthe barrel-aged rye whiskey ($134), which is sold exclusively at the distillery.

COST: $125-134

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119 W Main St., oldforester.com

Old Forester 117 series

While these labels aren’t always available, if you take a quick trip to Old Forester Distillery in downtown Louisville, chances are you’ll find a distillery exclusive in stock. The Old Forester 117 Series is an intermittently available distillery that is highly sought after by bourbon enthusiasts.

COST: $59.99

3350 Burks Spring Road, Loretto; makersmark.com

If you’re ready to head to Loretto, here’s a great opportunity to treat the bourbon-loving feminist in your life by purchasing a bottle in honor of Kentucky bourbon legend and Maker’s Mark co-founder Marjorie Samuels. Margie came up with the company name and a red wax seal. He also turned the distillery into a tourist attraction. A bottle of “The Margie,” featuring traditional Maker’s Mark 90-proof bourbon, is available exclusively at Maker’s Mark Distillery for $68.85.

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