855 head of crossbred sheep at Skipton

SKIPTON Auction Mart’s yearling multi-breed ewes for pedigree and purebred rams and ewes attracted 855 head, up 40 on the previous year, with some solid trading seen in both MVA and non-MVA sections, particularly the Texel and Suffolk. (Friday, September 30)

NON-MV CONTINENTAL: It was the non-OG Continental section that again produced the top price of the day at 2220gns, coming from a regular yearling batch of Texel, Beltex and Charollais for the second year running and at the same price. Cross rams from Geoff and Ann Robinson of Pannal, Harrogate.

Their highly prized homebred Texel/Beltex-cross is a Willie and Libby McAllister Northern Ireland bred tup, acquired as Beltex fur show champion at Skipton in 2016, and is now one of the oldest tups in the herd, but still doing well. works well, primarily in clean Texels. He didn’t have far to travel when he claimed D&A Livestock at Haverah Park, Harrogate. A Charollais-cross shearling ram from the same house also topped the breed class at 1000gns, with the Robinsons’ 38-strong lot selling for a combined average of £749.23.

Ellis Bros of Addingham Moorside are in the mix for top prices at the annual fixture given the quality lambs they show at their weekly Monday sales and this year was no exception when the family claimed the second best challenge of 2,000gns with Beltex. A beef ram mated to Paul Simpson at Wigglesworth, plus 1300gns.

Best of breed in this division were homebred Beltex-x-Texel rams from father and son Roger and Jason Craddock from Bolton-by-Bowland. fixture and out of a home-bred purebred Texel, he sold for 1700gns to Hellifield show judge Joe Stapleton, another home who made 1500gns.

More than 500 tups, mostly Beltex or Beltex/Texel-cross, were put up for sale in the ever-popular section, and strong varieties found a good following, as did others that were quarter or half Charollas-cross.

Willie and Libby McAllister, traveling again from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, saw a pair of Beltex/Charollais-cross sell for 1500gns and 1400gns, with many other fine rams at 600gns to 1200gns.

Anthony Thompson and Emma Dalby, of Foulridge, drove Beltex-cross ram lamb to 500gns, while Suffolk-cross rams from the Reedey family, Hetton, topped 650gns.

Texel-x Shearling Rams averaged £537 (2021 £586), Beltex x Shearling Rams £611 (2021 £596), Beltex-x Ram Lambs £335 (2021 £339), Charollais-x Shearling Rams £494 (2021 £2 2) ), Charollais-x Ram Lambs £315, Suffolk-x Shearling Rams £480 (£469 in 2021) and Blue Texel £420.

MV TEXEL: Best bell at 1500gns in the MV Texel section was the third prize ram from Procters Farm in Wray, presented by herd manager Jeff Aiken, who sold locally to Andy Rigby of Slaidburn. Procters Farm also won the ram lamb show class with section prices at 800gns going to WM Critchley from Kirkham, Preston. She also made shearling rams from the same house at 1,400gns, 1,300gns, 1,280gns, 1,250gns and 1,200gns, plus 650gns, 600gns and 600gns ram lambs.

The champion ewe, selected by judge Andy Lambert, from Hellifield, was the first prize-winning ram from Nottinghamshire and Phil Weaver’s Empire breeding flock at Caunton, Newark, about 15 years ago, which now runs 300 purebred Texels and 1,200 commercial stock. sheep. The Tamnamoney Vanilla Ice-sired dam joined the Priestley family’s Brontemoor herd at Kirkcambeck, Cumbria, for 1,200gns, by Hornacott Commander, a division winner at the English National sale in Worcester two years ago.

The regular reserve champion, first prize female, was a Blackburn-based hunter from the Meinspride herd, managed by Stanley and Angela Nairey and son James. The home-bred filly, Meinspride Duke, out of a Derbyshire-bred Moorgate-sired dam, headed his section prices when he sold second overall at 450gns.

The female trade was selective, with ewe lambs selling at 280gns from Tony Smith of Padside, Harrogate. Average prices by section were: Shearling Rams £636 (2021 £601), Ram Lambs £350 (2021 £329), Shearling Ewes £283 (2021 £258), Ewe Lambs £189 (2021 £165)

SUFFOLKS: 2021 section champion Alistair Lawn of Skipton is back to successfully defend his title with a ram out of a home-bred dam by John Elliott Rawburn Tup. He sold to Angus Dean at Threshfield for a 1500gn section to cross with Mules and Texels in the North of England.

All four colts in the Lawn pen were from the same sire, now in his third year in the herd of 35, with the latter selected by Cononley show judge Robert Wade as second before matching the red rosette winner’s 1500gns sale. when the price was claimed by D&A Fenwick of Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.

Liz Needham, who manages the Norfolk stud flock at Stainton, Kendal, delivered the home run with a first prize ram lamb and reserve champion, sired by Northern Ireland tup Forkins Mcoy. The stock is a berry by Stonehills Great Yorkshire, bred by the Riby family in Fraisthorpe, Bridlington, and acquired after being crowned champion at the 2017 Great Yorkshire Show, which Liz judged during her year as Suffolk Society President. Remaining reserve breed champion at Westmorland in his only other show ride, the reserve managed his class prices at 920gns when bought by TA Blair of Thornton-Cleveleys, near the Fylde Coast.

A large number of tups in the Suffolk ring saw all goods trade at a high level, with the top shearlings running at 750gns-plus, with average sales around 500-700gns and a few others selling at 300-450gns. The average price of a total ram was £698 (2021 £621).

Strong-framed types from ram lambs easily made 800gns-plus, the next type 350-500gns, all sold to over 250gns and sold to an overall average of £507 (£559 in 2021).

CHAROLLAIS: Adrian Leach, of Hebden Bridge, had only three Charollais ewes at home before the show, but a ram he brought and the first he had ever bred, won the show class before going to division. championship. The 2020 Skipton ewe sale is the product of an in-lamb ewe from Charles and Valerie Marwood’s Foulrice flock of Valenby, York. Mr Leach, better known as a Beltex sheep breeder, saw Robert Wade’s re-selected title-winning Charolais sell for 600gns to W Wardman of Yearby, North Yorkshire.

Marwoods daughter Deborah Whitcher, who runs her own Galtres flock at Skewsby, delivered both first and third prize ram lambs, with the former being awarded reserve championship. She was bred by Thackwood Uplandwarrior, bred by Jonathan Wales at Penrith, out of a homebred dam and sold for 400gns to RS&PG Warburton of Warrington.

Marwoods was among the prizes with both the second and third prize rams, selling the latter for a joint division of 620g.

Charollais ram lambs regularly made 300-500gns, with prices generally around 600gns in smaller furs, with some of the more difficult types seeing less. Red rams average £525 (2021 £446), rams £323 (2021 £372)

ZWARTBLE: John and Alison Stephenson, who run Liverton Zwartbles, near Whitby, first established in 2013, won the division championship with Claire Anderson’s Isle of Arran pedigree ram, first prize from Claire Anderson’s Creag Bhalg flock. Spotted by Hutton Sessay show judge Margaret Watkinson, he sold locally to Luke Mellin at Bracewell for 320gns.

The reserve champion was the first female from Harry Parsons, whose family farm on Mules Settle in the North of England. He first started with Zwartbles about five years ago and now runs a herd of ten. An overall runner-up by Clarewood Gunslinger three years ago from Charlotte Critchley, who farms near Preston, also led the section prices at 280gns. Zwartble rams averaged £262 (2021 £165) and ewes £208 (2021 £220).

OTHER MV CONTINENTAL: Small Continental casks on the Craven ring range in price from 200-400g for most, with some strong Dutch Spotted and Blue Texel casks from Welsh dealers OEM Jones & EM Roberts of Llangynin selling at 400g and above.

Other sale averages and top prices were: Cheviot £393 (best 550g KO stones), Beltex Aged £294 (best 280g RJ&J Towers), Beltex Shearling £201 (best 260g Chris Windle), Hampshire Aged £ 402 JR (2Rns) , Dutch Spotted Shearling £365 (best 400gns OEM Jones),

Holland Spotted Aged £472 (best 450gns OEM Jones).

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