A chance to see the latest market prices from Ruthin

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports sale of 1,288 lambs and 745 ewes.

Head lambs:

More per day with about 1,288 head of lamb.

Slight correction in trade as expected for the week, but still a nice SQQ of 215.8ppk.

Some of the highest prices:

53kg for £141 by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

Hitchmough, 69kg for £128 by Pant y Mel.

Sion Jones by Cefn Eithin 51kg £117.

Highest price per kilo:

G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran, 53kg at 266ppk.

44kg at 263.6 ppk by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

45.5kg at 257.1 ppk by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

Medium lambs sold best on the day at 221.8 ppk, while lights continued to be more difficult at 192.4 ppk.

Standard lambs averaged 214.2 head and heavy lambs averaged 218 ppk out of 665 head at the entry.


Friday saw another excellent entry of 745 ewes and rams.

Trading continued the trend of recent weeks with a very mixed entry.

Highest Price:

Texel ewes £130 by EW Evans, Summerhill.

Beltex ewes to £96; Cheviot ewes £95; Aberfield ewes to £90; Beltex rises to £88; Lleyn sheep £84; Welsh sheep £62.

Remember the center’s car auction this Saturday, November 5.

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Ruthin Shop and Stud Sale – 27th October

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 36 OTM cattle sales; 186 stock cattle; 58 rods; 54 calves; 41 heads of dairy cattle; 10 cows and calves; 392 sheep; 1843 lambs, 271 breeding sheep.


A second-quality long-term lift in the trade sells particularly well.

A Limousin heifer calf named GB Jones, Fron Bella, sold to £430.

Charolais bull calf £360; Charolias heifer calf £350; Limousin heifer calf £325; Brit Blue bull calf £300.


On fire from beginning to end.

Heavy, well-bred cattle met a very robust trade.

An 11m Charolais steer from HP Roberts Bryngwyn sold to £1,045.

11 million Limousine steering wheels up to £1,040; 9 million limo steering wheel for £970; 6 million Charolais lead at £870; 10 million Charolais heifers at £790.

In veal cows/cows and calves:

Quality limousine from R Jones, Crugan from £1,420 to £1,450.

The cow and calf entry included aged cows with strong calves selling from £1,920 to £2,500 from DA & A Davies, Prys Mawr.

54 Limousin cows with a £2,500 calf; 66 million Limousin cows in calf at £2,450; A 9-year-old Limousin cow in calf at £2,180; 77 million Limousin cows with calves standing up to £1,920.

Dairy cattle:

The dairy section was a pleasure to sell with high quality cattle.

Keep the numbers coming in as there are so many customers, a few online buyers have also been spotted throughout the day.

A special entry of fresh-calved heifers from DT Jones Bryn Rhydd sold to £2,180 and others from the same vendor to £2,100.

Other prices include:

Holstein Friesian fresh calved heifer from Lloyd Rhwng Ddwy Afon £2,020.

A fresh born HF heifer from Pritchard, Bodhenlli sold for £1,950.

English Friesian in calf heifers from R Edwards Pant y Cefn to Lim bull sold to £1,320.

Cross Bred heifers from Mathew Chesters sold to £800.

keeping livestock:

Numbers are coming in well with 327 head of cattle on the day and another excellent trade.

A total of 36 barren cows made £1,890 for a Limousin cow from GJ Wynne & Co, Hendre, Glan Alwen.

Meanwhile, 91 heifers forward averaged £1,039.76 and reached £1,460 for two 16-month-old Limousin x Welsh Blacks from SE Jones, Llaethgwm.

Other prices:

18 million Limousine £1,400; 19m Simmental to £1260; 13 million limos to £1,280; 20 million Charolais – £1,220; 23 million Brit Bue to £1,210.

A total of 101 forwards averaged £1,150.50 for 18-month-old Charolais from H & E Jones, Ty Mawr, Cwmpennaner.

Other prices include:

23 million limousines to £1,530; 16 million Charolais for £1,480; 13 million limousines to £1,355; 13 million Charolais for £1,280.

Another great trade ends in October with no shortage of demand, please keep them coming!


Less so as we near the end of the season, but still a good entry for the time of year.

Very selective trading.

Sales reached £120 for stylish Blue Faced Leicesters.

Pens from 13 Texels to £100; Mules up to £80.

Keeping lambs:

A good entry of 1,843 lambs, slightly stronger with trade, more buyers on the day so keep them coming.

Cross Bred ram lambs £95; Texel ram lambs £86; Texel down to £84; Beltex ewe lambs £80; Mule ram lambs to £69; Mule ewes £54; Welsh ram lambs £78; Welsh sheep to £50.

Breeding sheep:

As with the breeding ewe lambs, less for the time of year, but an entry of 271 saw another good trade for Blue Faced Leicester at £170. Cross Bred ewes £135; Mules to £115; Zwartbles up to £98; From Wales to £90.

Ruth’s primestock sale – 25 October

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 1,974 lambs sold to £146 / 320.5 ppk and 513 ewes to £152.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 1,974 lambs advanced to a better than expected trade on the day, with an overall average of 229.7 ppc and a SQQ of 231 ppc.

Corn-fed lambs are still the order of the day with averages at 233 ppk, standards at 226 ppk and lights at 186 ppk.

Overall a welcome return of £98 per person on average.

Highest Price:

Lights by S Hughes & Pugh, Tyn Llan and HP Williams, Fforest £65 (32kg).

Standards (39kg) at £119 from GJ Walton and Associates, Llyn Tro.

Medium (41.5kg) by GJ Walton and Associates, Llyn Tro at £133.

Heavyweights (50kg) by Ty Isa £129.

A load of £146 (53kg) by TH Vaughan & Sons, Maes Mochnant.

Highest price per kilo:

Lights (29 kg) at 206.9 ppk by Lloyd Bros, Ysgubor Isa.

Standards (39kg) at 305.1 ppk GJ Walton & partners, Llyn Tro.

GJ Walton and Associates, Llyn Tro.

Heavyweights (46kg) at 280.4 ppk by TH Vaughan & Sons, Maes Mochnant.

Over (53kg) at 275.5 ppk by TH Vaughan & Sons, Maes Mochnant.

Lights 206.9ppk, av 186ppk; Standards 305.1ppk, av 225.9ppk;

Averages 320.5ppk, av 233.3ppk; Weight 280.4ppk, av 235.6ppk; Already 275.5ppk, av 228.9ppk.

Overall average 245.9 ppk; SQQ 247.1ppk.

Mass Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top selling ewes went to GJ Walton and partners Llyn Tro for a Texel ram at £152.

Beltex ewes £113; Lleyn sheep £111; crossbred ewes to £109; Suffolk sheep £109; Texel ewes to £100.

Overall average £43.09.

Numbers keep coming in every Tuesday and Friday to meet strong demand.

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