A Fresno family isn’t kidding when it comes to goats

  • The Hahn Family of Fresno operates TayRae Farm on County Road 93 with 52 acres of hay and 283 goats.
  • They breed show goats and livestock, but primarily focus on meat goats, which are sold to various ethnic groups, where eating goat is more common than Americans.
  • The Hahns are holding off on a 60-foot warehouse expansion until spring, though inflation and supply chain issues haven’t affected them much.
  • Travis and Myndee Hahn said they most enjoy working on the farm with their daughters, Kiley and Taylor, who have taken over the behind-the-scenes operations.

FRESNO – A few years ago, buying a few goats from a neighbor became a family affair for TayRae Farm on County Road 93 in Fresno.

Travis and Myndee Hahn run the 52-acre farm with their daughters, Taylor, 14, and Kiley, 15. Travis said the girls play an important role in running the business, as they not only help look after the goats, but also look after them. stage operations.

Travis proudly said, “Two years ago I had an accident and since then they’ve run the breeding program, the computer system; they’ve slowly started to take over.” “Before school, they’re at my place every morning at 4:30 and we do our laps, and after school, their sports or whatever, we do something together every night. It’s just the ability to come together. It’s something I’m still working on. , but it’s fun to work with your family.”

Teens take goats to the Coshocton County Fair and go to other goat shows outside of the area. The Hahns also recently hosted a goat show at the Coshocton County Fairgrounds with 614 entries from 11 different states.

Kiley said preparing for shows is one of her favorite things to do. He also enjoys meeting new customers who buy from them.

A few of the 283 goat lots at TayRae Farm in Fresno are managed by the Hahn family.

Farm basics

The girls started the farm first, as a neighbor gave Travis and Myndee two goats for the girls to raise. He who possesses 283 blossoms upon them. On the reproductive side, they carry out embryo transfers and laparoscopic artificial insemination. They also grow weed for personal use.

The main part of the business is meat goats; they don’t have dairy goats. According to Travis, they rotate the goats through seven different pastures to help combat parasites, the goats’ number one killer.

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