A Northville Township police lieutenant finds solace in beekeeping

No joke. Northville Township Police Lt. Christopher Rowley makes beekeeping easy.

Professionally trained to handle the most hair-raising cases, he finds a positive symbiosis between policing and beekeeping.

The responsibilities of wearing the badge seem to have helped him understand the patience required to care for the hives, and his interest in bee colonies overcame the challenges of any other duty.

“It’s a calming experience to know everyone is working toward a common goal,” Rowley said of his two hives and roughly 10,000 bees. “Everything is done for the group. It’s a very humbling experience because if one gets into your suit, it can cause a lot of disaster.

“You just have to be careful, stay calm, be patient and let them do their thing.”

He lost his hives and suffered several bee stings, including one that swelled his thigh so much he could barely fit into a pair of work pants. And there’s the fact that he’s allergic to busy, noisy creatures that require trips to the emergency room when they irritate a colony member enough.

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