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Our family—my husband, me, my brother-in-law, and my nephew—has an alphabetical chain of dog names for our Hunt Maniac Brittanys we’ve been blessed with over the years.

We started the tradition innocently enough, naming our first dog Britt. It was an excellent calling name in this field. But what else does a Britannia call? Granted, it’s not very original or clever – and other relatives regularly reminded us of that fact.

My mother-in-law first named Brittany Amber, and from there our alphabet chain began.

After countless teases about the lack of originality with the name Britt, my little female Brittany was named Chessa.

Hard to beat that for originality, right?

The chain hopped, skipped and jumped when we rescued four-year-old Brittany, named Honey.

Oh my god, Honey deserved to be the subject of a book, but that’s another story for another day.

At that age we didn’t want to change his name, but trust me – never, ever name a hunting dog Honey. It just doesn’t sound right in the field, and it’s not right to call Honey at any point when the name is on a rescue dog who likes to run as far and as fast as he can.

Especially if there are some unpleasant words.

But back to the alphabet chain. As long as there was a link in the passage, my brother-in-law’s next Britt was Libby, short for Liberty. He had no choice but to name it, he explained. As a puppy, he always wanted to be free from the house, leash or anything that got in the way of hunting.

Okay, with three names on the chain – A for Amber, B for Britt and C for Chessa, it might be hard to call it an alphabet chain with Honey changed to Huni (short for Hungarian partridge) and Libby. It really fell apart when Pika joined the family.

But we always strongly believed that the chain of alphabets can be linked together. It would pay off over the years as Denali (Alaska national park), Eider (Arctic nesting duck), Franchi (named after a firearms manufacturer), Garnet and Isla filled the void that had begun with the arrival of the funnel.

Precious Jade was truly a gem, and Kimber can’t be the only firearms maker in the good Franchi family.

Over the years we have filled A to L. They have all been amazing, wonderful family dogs and equally amazing, wonderful hunting dogs. Each of them can never be replaced, and we wouldn’t even consider adding another Britt a replacement.

Life without a dog just doesn’t seem right. Bird hunting doesn’t seem right without a bird hunting dog.

These thoughts really resonated with us when Jade unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge this summer. I tearfully told my brother-in-law that I couldn’t imagine him without a dog.

And he couldn’t.

That’s why Kimber joined the family.

Another link in the alphabet chain.

That’s something we pondered as we followed 13-year-old Eider, a cardiology patient at Iowa State University’s veterinary clinic. He is doing pretty well and doesn’t look like an old dog with a heart condition.

Garnet would be very happy to be the only dog ​​in the house, but each of us and our dogs can’t imagine life without them.

So we will be a three dog family for what we hope will be a few years.

We’re off to Nebraska to get our new hunting maniac pup, but in the meantime, the name game has sparked an ongoing debate—almost as difficult as naming a baby.

The field should have a good call name.

And, of course, it will no doubt begin with the letter “M” to continue the now-closed alphabet chain.

While talking to the breeder, he told us, jokingly, that I hope he is disgusting. “He’s a gun. And you will enjoy it and curse it,” he said.

In the bird wing training facility (fishing line!) little Magnum (or is his name Monster?) begins his training before arriving in North Dakota and his new home in the Hunter Maniacs family. (Photo: Jennifer Pollman)

We thought of Meadow, short for Meadowlark, because the western meadowlark is the state bird for both North Dakota and Nebraska.

But – even if we don’t mention his name – the name Monster is playing in my head. Or maybe if it really is a pistol, it should be called Magnum.

As in the .44 magnum pistol.

We hope this nasty pistol turns into another amazing Hunting Maniac, be it a Meadow, Magnum or Monster.

Or maybe a maniac???

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