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Find out everything you need to know about Maewing in our ARK: Survival Evolved guide. And how to catch, tame, feed and breed it.

Maewing was introduced to ARK via the Genesis Part: 2 DLC, which you can find here. Additionally, you can also find Maewing in Fjordur in the Red Forest and Lost Island in the desert.

This is Maewing: Survival Evolved in ARK

Appearance: Maewing is a mix of platypus and sugarglider, but bigger.

Wild: Being a peaceful omnivore, it will not attack you, it will only try to run away even if you hit it.

Marriage: Tamed the Maewing is a real treasure that can make your life in Ark a lot easier:

  • Although he cannot fly, he can glide in the air and on the ground. Maewing also dodges all small obstacles like rocks and has the ability to swim and dive.
  • Since you can craft the Maewing saddle at level 19, it’s especially useful in the beginning, as it also makes farming easier.
  • Her most important ability for you is her ability to raise your baby dinosaurs. To breed, or rather feed, you must put your baby dino’s preferred food in Maewing’s inventory and activate feeding as a feeding tank. You can increase the area of ​​​​action by adjusting the nurse. If you want to take the babies with you, you can place them in one of the Maewing Saddle’s four baskets and ride together. You can also solve the print with walking problem if you assign the babies to follow you.
  • In the PVP-Server, Maewing can be used to steal other players’ baby dinos. To steal, you have to approach the enemy player’s baby dino and pick it up.
  • Maewing has no breed, but can still be bred if you have two specimens. As a result of not having sex, every Maewing can lay eggs. Eggs have different qualities needed to cook different dishes. In the table below you can see what the chances of laying which egg are.
Quality Egg Size
Main Extra Small 35%
Simple Small 25%
Constantly Medium 17.5%
superior Great 12.5%
Exceptional Extra Large 7.5%
Unusual Special 2.5%

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How to tame Maewing in ARK

How to hunt Maewing: Before you throw your tranquilizer darts at Maewing, you should immobilize her with a chain ball or web projectile to prevent her from running away. Just target one of the options and shoot with it.

Once Maewing is set, you can shoot a tranquilizer dart at her until she passes out.

How to tame it: As soon as he passes out, put the food in his inventory. The fastest foods to tame it are the foods we have listed below. Use Anesthetic or Nacoberries to render Maewing senseless and confused.

How to make a Maewing saddle

To craft the Maewing Saddle, you must reach level 19 and collect 24 Engram Points to unlock the recipe. Now you need the following resources to create it:

  • 320 Hide
  • 170 Lif
  • 30 metal rods

What does Maewing eat in ARK

Once you’ve tamed your Maewing, it’s important to know what it likes to eat. Maewings are omnivores, which makes food choices easy as you can eat meat, berries, vegetables, etc. you can offer and he will eat it.

However, Maewing prefers the following foods:

  • Basic Kibble:
    • Ingredients: 1x small egg, 1x cooked meat, cooked fish, cooked meat, 5x fiber, 5x mejoberry, 10x armaberry, 10x tintoberry, 1x water
  • Raw mutton:
    • You know when you get Ovis out of your gut.
    • By cooking, it becomes cooked lamb chops
  • Raw prime meat:
    • you win when gutting larger creatures
    • when cooked, it becomes Cooked Prime Meat

Breeding Maewing in ARK

This is how you prepare the breeding: If you have two samples, at best you build a cap that is large enough. Place both dinos in the pen and set them to “wander” through the command menu. Alternatively, you can also go directly to Pairing, but then there must always be a player nearby or the pairing will stop due to rendering.

The breeding interval for Maewing is between 18 and 48 hours.

ARK_Maewing-Baby - GuideHow to remove eggs: Hatching begins when you get a fertilized Maewing Egg from a successful mating. The ambient temperature for hatching should be between 22 °C and 26 °C and in the Egg Incubator 24 °C. By default, a small Maewing baby hatches after about 1.5 hours. After that, he needs about 4.5 hours of your attention, during which time you have to put the food in your inventory.

After gaining the status of a juvenile, it can feed from holes alone. The entire ripening period takes about 1 day and 22.5 hours.

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