Genetic diversity of Echinococcus granulosus sensu lato from animals and humans in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Parasites and Vectors

Tamarozzi F, Legnardi M, Fittipaldo A, Drigo M, Cassini R. Epidemiological distribution Echinococcus granulosus sl infection in humans and domestic animal hosts in European Mediterranean and Balkan countries: a systematic review. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2020;14:e0008519. Article Google Scholar Casulli A, Massolo A, Saarma U, Umhang G, Santolamazza F, Santoro A. Species belonging and genotypes … Read more

Can the world save a million species from extinction?

Indonesian bleeding frog (Leptophryne cruentata) is critically endangered.Credit: Pepew Fegley/Shutterstock A quarter of all plant and animal species are threatened with extinction due to factors such as climate change and pollution. Starting this week, negotiators and ministers from more than 190 countries are coming together at the UN biodiversity summit, COP15, in Montreal, Canada, to … Read more

Bangladesh RAB received foreign intelligence training in EU | Investigative news

A day after Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit (I-Unit) reported that Bangladesh’s notorious Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) received cyber security and surveillance training in England, it can reveal that nine of its members also received goods and training in at least two European Union countries. countries in 2022. RAB as an organization and seven individuals who … Read more

..Auburn professors discuss causes of national decline in Apis mellifera honey bee colonies

The body of the article Apis Mellifera honey bees are important insect pollinators with environmental, ecological and economic impacts worldwide. Recent research shows that US beekeepers experienced a 43% colony loss for the important winged insect from April 2019 to April 2020. Faculty of Auburn University Roberto Molinari from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, … Read more

To dry up our streams of life

BALANCE SHOT Otters fatten up on concentrations of lake trout that are now forced to compete over the meager patches of gravel available for spawning. Country Sights and SoundsJohn Shelley The rain turned streams into rivers and flooded low fields, preventing me from going in search of spawning trout along the banks of my local … Read more

The impact of climate change has affected farmers in the United States, rice, citrus fruits, almond crops

This year’s drought in Texas is forcing ranchers to send more cows to slaughter. This could disrupt beef supplies and lead to shortages in the coming years. Experts attribute climate change to droughts and other severe weather in 2022 that could damage some crops. It has been a year of extreme weather, including devastating floods, … Read more

The most amazing birds in the world

As a child, I learned about the world by reading about birds: penguins in Antarctica, condors in the Andes, etc. As an adult, it’s the birds that help me navigate the world, filling every place I’ve ever visited with its bird stories and associations. my new book Around the World in 80 Birds, tells the … Read more

Prisma Health honors the legacy of the corporate dog

One of eight members of the Canine FETCH unit at Prisma Health, Vivi is remembered for the comfort and companionship she brought to children facing difficult times at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital. Vivi was diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2022. In December, he lost his battle with cancer. Vivi had just celebrated her eighth birthday. … Read more

Emma Thompson: “I hate the ‘man’ that can often happen in the beekeeping world

1 Up and this – what’s your morning routine? I get up early around 6am, drink coffee, check my social media and then plan to post some Insta and TikTok content for the day. 2 What can you eat on a typical weekday… Breakfast? I’m a ‘funny’ eater – I tend to snack rather than … Read more