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Salim Chauhan, Anand: Anubhav also sells honey through the Department of Entomology, Anand Agricultural University. In which honey is produced naturally and also provides training to the student. Anand Kitak Shastra BA Department of Agriculture Vidyalaya Dr. d. B. Sisodia further said that the honey is sold under the brand name “Anubhav” through the Department of Entomology, Anand Agricultural University. We make honey in different flavors including Ajman, Rye and Acacia. This flavored honey means that the honey that draws the sap of the plant becomes flavored honey.

The bee is a beautiful insect gifted by nature. The relationship between humans and bees has been going on since ancient times. Honey bees pollinate most fruits, vegetables and other plants. Which will increase non-agricultural income/employment of people in rural areas.

About the bee

If you have limited land unit. And you wonder how to generate income from this limited land. So, we have found a job for you so that you can get high income with a small investment. The business we are talking about,

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This is beekeeping, today we will show you how to raise bees scientifically. This benefits farmers in two ways. Firstly, it gives us sweet, sweet and nutritious honey, and secondly, it is very useful in pollinating plants.

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How to make money from beekeeping

By selling honey and wax products. Making and selling beekeeping tools. Collecting and processing, packaging and marketing honey from beekeepers. Renting boxes for pollination and guiding people.

BIG INCOME WITH LOW INVESTMENT Beekeeping can be done with very little investment. No special type of soil is required, so it is very useful for farmers in saline villages. Beekeeping requires proper training and experience. In addition to honey production, beekeeping also produces secondary products such as wax, pollen, propolis, bee venom, royal jelly.

Types of bees: This bee is called honey bee, honey bee, honey bee, Italian bee, honey bee.

Tools for beekeeping:

Honey box, hand gloves, wax beehive base, beehive, face shield net, mother net, brush, smoker, knife, etc.

Importance of beekeeping:

Beekeeping business is booming in India. Along with agriculture, farmers can earn additional income by adopting this business, which can help a lot in doubling the income target of farmers. • Among the 5 species of bees that are very suitable for beekeeping conditions in India, ‘Apis mellifera’ (Italian bee) and Indian bee (Apis cerena indica) are currently the most used species. It is convenient to raise this type of bees by making a wooden box.

This bee is used for commercial purposes all over the world. An average of 30 kg per hive per year. And more than 35 kg. The amount of honey obtained depends on the amount of bee feed and environmental factors, etc. depends and its quality is also good. By placing beehives in the field, it is very easy to keep these bees. Besides honey, beekeeping can produce beeswax, propolis, pollen, bee venom and royal jelly.

Honey is widely used as an Ayurvedic medicine. In beekeeping, in addition to the beehive, hand farmers get honey and various products from beekeeping, and pollination by bees is an important factor in increasing crop production.

Bees are involved in the pollination of most plants, which increases seed production. Also, the seeds are large and heavy.

At the expense of bees, seed germination in fruits, aroma and nutrients, growth in various plants, production of green fodder, honey content in flowers, resistance of plants to diseases and pests, and oil content increase.

Among various agricultural crops, 80 percent of production depends on pollination, and bees, along with other insects, have a very large (75-80 percent) and important share.

According to the research, cherries, almonds, grapes, lychees, cucumbers, onions, radish, cotton, etc. In plants such as bees, the yield increases by more than 50 percent due to pollination by bees.

Thus, by engaging in beekeeping, farmers can get additional income and increase crop production.

In order for beekeeping to be viable and economical, agricultural crops must be planned so that the bees receive enough pollen and nectar throughout the year.

During beekeeping, it is necessary to take various measures to protect bees from natural enemies of ant, mankoda, kachinda, lizard, ghost mite, pan kathiri, noshima, amoeba and various diseases (various dirty brood). If this happens, it will have a serious impact on human life in just four years.

According to popular belief, the method of testing pure honey is as follows: If pure honey is taken and placed on a cotton cloth, the honey will slide down without any stain. But if there is sugar syrup, there will be a stain. If you fill a glass with water and put a drop of pure honey in it, it will sit. If it contains sugar syrup, it dissolves in water. If pure honey is not eaten by dogs but fake honey is, make roti/bulka of any kind of grain and feed it to the dog. Pure honey is addictive. bee

Compatibility Challenges:

The use of pesticides is increasing day by day. The forest area is decreasing day by day and human traffic is increasing there. A large area of ​​South Gujarat is mostly cultivated with bee-related paddy, sugarcane, chickpea etc. plants plants. Trained in beekeeping. Individuals are very few.

Our current method of beekeeping is combustion

Use of honey to reduce body weight Drinking pure honey mixed with lemon juice in the morning reduces body fat. Thus, the weight can be reduced. One can increase body weight by drinking pure honey mixed with milk to increase body weight. Mixing honey with milk for children’s health is good for children’s health. The child is healthy. To reduce fatigue and headache, a person becomes tired and has a headache due to overwork. At such times, drinking honey dissolved in water removes fatigue and headache, and makes one feel refreshed and energetic. Regular intake of honey for blood purification removes blood impurities. Taking honey with water to reduce kapha reduces kapha and also cures cold.

A good example of income from beekeeping:

From this business, Mahendra Rana earns one lakh. Mahendrasinharana, who lives in Bhadrava village of Savli taluka of Baroda district, has made his brand Mahindramadh a prominent figure through honey farming. Moreover, he told him that I have been producing honey for the last 6 years. I am in business and have about 200 honey colonies.

Areas like Savli Anand in Baroda are making good profit by selling honey through home delivery in one kg 500 gram packaging. The price of one kilogram is around 400. Raido, Fennel, Acacia, Coriander, Ajma, Rye, etc. different flavors like Mahendra Rana studied entomology at Anand Agricultural University and came to the beekeeping business and started his own business. .

From this work, Mahendrarana earns more than himself

Interested farmers should contact Department of Entomology, Anand Krishi University, Khatiwadi for proper training and information on beekeeping. Also, contact District Horticulture Department, Horticulture Department, Anand AU, 02692 225713 for various government assistance.

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