Best Neutral Type Temtem

Monster-Taming MMORPG Temtem has a wide variety of creatures that you can use to strategically build your team in any way you choose. Taking strong inspiration from the Pokemon series, the developers still managed to put their own spin on every step.

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With 12 common Temtem types, including unique ones like Crystal and Digital, you might think that a Type like Neutral sounds boring by comparison – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Neutral is one of the most versatile and adaptable Types in the game, able to deal good damage against almost every type except Mental.


10/10 Venx: Keeping it simple

Venx is the first phase of his line, which evolves into either Venmet or Vental depending on his Character. Venx starts as a pure Neutral Type and only has access to Neutral Techniques. While you can upgrade it and gain access to powerful Fighting or Mental Techniques, there are a number of advantages to keeping your Venxi as it is.

The most notable advantage comes from his base stats. For whatever reason, Venx has higher total stats than his evolutions (484 compared to Venment and Vental’s 444). While his evolved forms specialize in physical or special stats, Venx can do both, making him a more talented threat than you might think at first glance.

9/10 Vental: Covering your weaknesses

Vental’s appeal is now on full display, he is a dual Neutral/Mental Type Temtem. Evolving from Venx with the Arcane Wrap Trait, Vental has solid Special Attack and Special Defense stats while ignoring regular Attack and Defense.

Due to Vental’s unique Type combination, he can hit almost every Temtem in the game for unresisted damage with Techniques using STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). Not only does Vental gain a strong offensive trait in Spiritual, but it also unlocks some powerful Techniques at higher levels. Notable examples include Unseen Blow, Psy Surge, Horror, and Beta Burst. Admittedly, Vental doesn’t get any moves outside of the two main types, but sometimes that’s all you need.

8/10 Venmet: Higher risk, higher reward

A powerful Neutral/Melee Temtem that specializes in physical attack, Venment shreds enemies with ease. Evolving from Venx with the Parrier Trait, Venmet can rely on pre-evolved physical Neutral Type Techniques such as Head Ram, Savage Suplex, and Late Torment. Combining this with his newly acquired Melee Techniques makes him a force to be reckoned with.

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In addition, the Aggressor trait gives Venment more offensive power at the cost of its defense. The same goes for his new Tipi. Adding Melee to Neutral gives more ways to counter Temtems, but it also gives 2x weakness to Digital and a whopping 4x weakness to Mental. Still, a skilled Temtem tamer can play on these weaknesses to make the most of Venmet’s strengths.

7/10 Arachnyte: Adaptive Bug in System

The spider-like Arachnyte is a Neutral/Digital Temtem and combines the consistency of Neutral with the power of Digital. The two types don’t have much resistance, and the Arachnyte is therefore susceptible to breaking over time, but its Digital Type easily deals with any Mental Temtems that might otherwise cause trouble.

Arachnyte’s strengths come from two of its properties. Digi-Protection gives it some much-needed resistance to other Digital Techniques that would otherwise be weak, but if you want something with a little flavor, Adaptive is the feature for you. This allows Arachnyte to switch its Digital Type to the Type of the first Technique it hits once per battle.

6/10 Momo: Faithful Companion

Boasting a high Special Attack and even higher Speed, Momo is a powerful Special Sweeper with access to Techniques such as Double Edge, Damage and Rejuvenation. It also provides decent team support with Restore, Sanitative Rain, and Willpower Drain.

Momo’s signature Traits, Stabmaster and Snowstorm, play her offensive and support roles respectively. Stabmaster deals massive damage to Techniques that already benefit from STAB (mostly all of Momo’s main attack Techniques). Meanwhile, Blizzard can be used to heal burns and potentially freeze enemies while engaging in combat.

5/10 Tateru: A lovely assassin

An early game Temtem with big ears and a long body, Tateru is quite a cute pet, but he can also hold his own in battle. He can dish out decent damage with his high Attack stat and higher Endurance stat, but Tateru is at his best when supporting his teammates.

Tateru has access to the Lullaby Technique, which puts opponents to sleep. That alone is great, but Tateru can also gain Soft Touch, which allows him to use sleeping enemies more effectively. When that doesn’t work, Turbo can help his allies with Techniques like Choreography, Collaboration, and Sacrifice.

4/10 Yowlar: The Unstoppable Polar Tank

Yowlar is notable for having the highest base Attack stat of any Neutral Temtem in the game (Koish’s Neutral variants are not considered). He backs up this massive power with a solid defensive mass and has Techniques that deal heavy damage or focus on keeping him healthy.

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This particular Temtem has been nerfed many times in the Beta and Alpha stages of the game, but it remains one of the most dangerous Temtems to fight against. Due to their warm-blooded nature, Yowlar is completely immune to freezing, allowing the Yowlar to regenerate Health and Stamina through Hibernation while completely negating the negative side effect of the Technique, such as freezing.

Yowlar’s biggest drawback, aside from his low Speed, is his low encounter rate. Only found in a certain area, it may take a while to get, but it’s certainly worth it.

3/10 Mouflank: Fast speed!

Mouflank is fast thanks to Trait, Untotioned. Mouflank is on the field every turn and doesn’t take damage from Techniques, increasing his Speed. If you’re up against Mouflank, you’ll need to deal with him quickly or his Speed ​​will spiral out of control.

Mouflank’s stats are wide overall, with his only weakness being his low special defense. Once Mouflank has the Speed ​​it needs, it can start hitting the opposing Temtems with Base Jump, Rampage, Goring, or any other highly damaging Techniques.

2/10 Skunch: Big damage, big support, bigger attitude

It wasn’t enough for this squirrel-like Temtem to stand tall on its tail – it also had to be a huge show in battle, gaining multiple attack Techniques that released debilitating secondary effects. Haito Uchi is Skunch’s bread and butter, dealing good damage while putting his target to sleep, but that’s just the start. Through Technique Courses and training, Skunch can learn more Techniques that allow him to cripple enemies and strike at their most vulnerable points.

This is further illustrated by the aptly named Brawny and Bully features. Brawny is a safe choice, and Skunch gives a 15 percent boost to all physical Techniques. On the flip side, Bully gives a 30 percent damage increase if you have a more conscious Temtem than your opponent.

1/10 Rhoulder: A devastating rock slide

If there’s one Neutral Type Temtem to rule them all, it has to be Rhoulder. Found only in desert caves, Rhoulder is extremely hard to come by. Tamers who find one will be rewarded with a high Attack stat and terrible HP and Defense stats.

Where Rhoulder really shines is through his signature Trait, Tardy Rush. If Rhoulder can stay on the field for three full turns (which is easy for him given his natural mass and team support), he gets a small Attack and a large Speed ​​boost. Take advantage of these buffs to bulldoze your way through.

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