Genetic diversity of Echinococcus granulosus sensu lato from animals and humans in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Parasites and Vectors

Tamarozzi F, Legnardi M, Fittipaldo A, Drigo M, Cassini R. Epidemiological distribution Echinococcus granulosus sl infection in humans and domestic animal hosts in European Mediterranean and Balkan countries: a systematic review. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2020;14:e0008519. Article Google Scholar Casulli A, Massolo A, Saarma U, Umhang G, Santolamazza F, Santoro A. Species belonging and genotypes … Read more

The impact of climate change has affected farmers in the United States, rice, citrus fruits, almond crops

This year’s drought in Texas is forcing ranchers to send more cows to slaughter. This could disrupt beef supplies and lead to shortages in the coming years. Experts attribute climate change to droughts and other severe weather in 2022 that could damage some crops. It has been a year of extreme weather, including devastating floods, … Read more

5 trending headlines in the beef industry

A mysterious cattle death in Colorado, drought conditions and a rabid cow causing chaos in South Carolina – all this and more in this week’s headlines. North Texas was labeled unusually dry or drought until late November, but a new map from Drought Monitor last week shows improvement in the region. The recent rains should … Read more

For Pet Lovers – What is the most popular cat breed in Massachusetts?

Here’s a tough question (especially if you’re a fan cat lover all cats): What’s your favorite? GENDER from the cat? I know, right? So many to choose from. There are long-haired and short-haired. Burmese or Burmese? America or Britain? Persian or Siamese? The list runs from American Bobtails to Turkish Angoras and everything in between. … Read more

Why this world-renowned Holstein breeder, locksmith and judge “shows that cows don’t need to be bigger monster cows”

If you want to keep up with the Joneses, you need a passport, an alarm clock, a fierce work ethic and, above all, an undying passion for dairy cows. ary and Izzy Jones independently gained a great reputation in Holstein circles; then they met at a show, got together, got married and are now famous … Read more

Cuatro De Julio is an interesting new guy

By Alan Leavitt With a number of interesting leaping stallions entering the stud in ’23, I start with Cuatro De Julio because he was a proud Kentucky product. Cuatro by Trixton, and Clarabelle out, by Ready Cash. For those of us with long memories, Clarabelle was a popular cow in someone’s advertising campaign back in … Read more

Obituary: Judy McGowan, organizer extraordinaire from Incheoch

The recent sudden death of Judy McGowan, Alyth, Incheoch, has seen the Scottish cattle sector lose one of its strongest and most knowledgeable supporters. Judy was a first-rate organizer, and with this skill she helped establish and promote breeding stock. The events she organized were often accompanied by clipboards and special instructions, and those who … Read more