PRESS RELEASE Drought continues to affect the River Wye – raising wildlife concerns

PRESS RELEASE  Drought continues to affect the River Wye – raising wildlife concerns

New analysis by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust shows that the average level of the River Wye at Ross-on-Wye in October 2022 was 54cm, almost half the historical (2013-2021) October average for the location , that is, 94 cm. This means that despite the rain, the Wye is still well below average. Wildlife experts are concerned that … Read more

A Stroke Of Serendipity – Technology Developed for Bioethanol Industry Has Economic and Environmental Benefits for Beef and Dairy Production

Field of uncultivated corn getty Most corn grown in the U.S. has been improved using biotechnology for resistance to insect damage and/or herbicide tolerance. The insect resistance trait has the added benefit of reducing mycotoxin contamination of grain, and the herbicide tolerance trait has played an important role in expanding the use of no-till farming … Read more

Mosquito plague: Rainy weather, floods in NSW, Victoria sees insect population soar

Mosquito plague begins as incessant rain helps millions of people with the dreaded bug – Aussies are being warned to be on the lookout for the deadly disease. Australians are being warned to prepare for a mosquito plague this summer Experts say the recent wet weather has made for perfect breeding grounds Health authorities fear … Read more

Turkey’s salty pearl: The salt lake brings the sky to your feet

Located in the middle of the country between Ankara, Konya and Aksaray, Lake Tuz, Turkey’s second largest lake, is actually the shallowest lake in the entire country. The lake is among the saltiest in the world—hence the name Tuz, which literally means “salt”—but it’s also rich in biological diversity. The salt lake supplies about half … Read more

Non-Power Applications of Nuclear Technology, Health News, ET HealthWorld

By Dr Sitakanta Mishra Nuclear power is increasingly seen as a clean energy source and a viable alternative to hydrocarbons, which are being depleted and are also a major cause of climate change. It may take several more decades to realize the full potential of nuclear power, capable of meeting the energy needs of all … Read more

First data on bacteria associated with bat ectoparasites collected in Kharkiv region, Northeast Ukraine | Parasites and Vectors

Burgin CJ, Colella JP, Kahn PL, Upham NS. How many species of mammals are there? J mammal. 2018;99:1–14. Article Google Scholar Ingala MR, Simmons NB, Perkins SL, McMahon K. Bats are an untapped system for understanding the evolution of the mammalian microbiome. mSphere. 2018;3:e00397-18. Article CAS PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar Farina LL, Lankton … Read more

The growth of the Global Sweet Almond Oil Market is driven by improvements in product design at a CAGR of 11%.

Global Sweet Almond Oil Market The Sweet Almond Oil Market report presents a market value recorded at USD 1,456.3 million in 2023 and is projected to grow at an increasing CAGR of 11%. Market.Biz is to provide the best and most authoritative research required in any sector of online business. — Market.Biz NEW YORK, NY, … Read more