Check out the latest market prices from central Ruthin

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 1143 lambs sold to £129 / 265.7 ppk and 469 ewes to £153.

Prime Lambs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A total of 1,136 lambs reached 224 ppk SQQ.

It was a mixed lamb show as usual, but of better quality than the previous week.

Welsh lambs anywhere from 190-210ppk depending on meat and weight.

Average Welsh around 220ppk.

Highest Price:

56kg for £129 by B & GE Jones, Llannerch Las; Nia Davies 50kg at 115lbs by Ty Gwyn; 44kg for £114 by MH Owens, & EH Owens, Glan Tre.

Highest price per kilo:

35kg with 265.7 ppk by ST Edwards, Ffrith yr Hirdir; 44kg at 259 ppk by MH Owens & EH Owens, Glan Tre; 39kg at 256ppk by CE Hancock & Son, Brook Farm.

Light 231ppk, av 210.3ppk; Standards 265.7ppk, av 221.8ppk; Averages 259.1ppk, av 229.1ppk; Weight 230ppk, av 221ppk; Up to 230.4ppk, av 207.8ppk.

SQQ 224ppk; Overall average 223.6 ppk.

There were many buyers in attendance and the lambs competed well as usual, resulting in a very pleasing SQQ of the day of 224ppk.

Wells (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Top priced sheep went to G & E Price, Fron Heulog for Suffolk sheep at £120.

Top priced ram went to Adam Russell, Blaen Eidda for a Texel ram at £153.

Wales up to £44; Mules to £90; Texel to £153; Cheviot up to £85; Suffolk £120; Cross to £114; Romney up to £86.

Ruthin Shop and Stud Sale – 20th October

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction brings 96 heifers to £1460; 128 steers at £1,620; £1409.40/210ppk from 13 OTMs; 162 calves to £395; 2421 store lambs £114; 577 breeding ewes £137; 133 rams to 500 grams; 585 ewe lambs £128; 46 weaners £920, two cows and calves £1470.

Store Cattle (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A total of 274 store cattle forward and what a wonderful cattle show.

92 heifers for 34 month BB from JK & E Roberts, Fwynos, made £1,500.

Some other prices:

15 month Lim £1460; 17 month BB £1410; 20 month old Char £1300; 14 month Char £1270; 21 month BB £1120; 18 months His £1115; 15 month old Blonde £960; 17 month AA £730; 22 month old Saler £1160; 28 month WB £900; 8 month Char £1050; 34 months BB £1500.

Overall average £1051.98.

A total of 127 forwards made £1,620 for a 21-month-old Lim from A Roberts, Glanrafon.

Some other prices:

15 month Char £1510; 13 month Lim £1480; 25 month BB £1420; 18 month SIM £1380; 16 month Lim £1380; 18 month old Char £1340; 18 months His £1140; 20 month DB £1050; 23 month AA £1290; 17 month STA £1300; 15 month old Blonde £1315; 21 month BF £915; 8 month Char £1170; 7 month old Char £1100; 8 month seller £790.

Overall average £1172.05.

OTMs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Great trade in weekly showing of very, very good cattle with more in demand.

Highest price per kilo at 210ppk was TE Rowlands, Tyddyn Du for a 28 month old WB weighing 600kg.

Top price £1409.40 went to Wern Vets for a 59 month old BB weighing 810kg.

100-month-old Lim-725kg-179ppk; 59 months BB-810kg-174ppk; 77 months Sim-705kg-172ppk; 90-month-old Lim-620kg-166ppk; 45 months AA-650kg-158ppk; 55 months HEX-870kg-155ppk; 40 months AA-960kg-130ppk; 151 months BB-605kg-112ppk; 116 months Norwegian Red-480Kkg-60ppk.

Total average £997.34 / 146.4ppk.

Cows and Calves (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A yearling BB cow with a male BB calf at foot sold to £1,470.

A yearling Lim cow with a Lim heifer at Pedestrian sold for £1,460.

Weanlings (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Trade relative to previous week, solid trade overall.

Top price was Iestyn Evans, Rhosydd Ganol, who sold 15-month-old Saler heifers for £920.


7 month old BB heifers £620; 10 month Lim heifers £740; 6-month-old Lim buys bulls up to £500; 5 month AA up to £310; 14 month old BB heifers £710; 12 month old Hereford bulls for £570.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

An excellent entry of 162 heifers sold fair trade for all at Ruthin.

Ringside is full of buyers with quality calves coming forward.

Small, young heifers are still a difficult trade at times.

Top price RL Wynne sold a Ty Newydd Lim heifer for £395.


Lim bulls to £365; Hereford heifers to £160; AA bull calves £300; AA heifers to £150; Stabilizer bull calves £220; Stabilizer heifer calves to £115; HF bulls calve to £50.

The winner of the Aberdeen Angus competition was MW Roberts & Son, Bodynys, male calf selling or £300 and bought by A Owen, Bryn Du. Named father is an a-hole.

Shop sheep (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 564 ewes, mostly Welsh, with a few batches of crossbred ewes.

Top of £137 was from Rhosly with E & D Jones & Sons, Texel sheep.
Dorset 2t – £120; Wales 2 t – £ 92; Wales 4 t – £ 66; Welsh fm up to £51; Crossbred yrl £128; Mules £78 for 3-year-olds; Cheviot 2t – £120; Charollais fm up to £51; Spotted 2/3 year olds £53.

Overall average £68.58.

Lamb Shop (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A great show of 2,380 store lambs per day.

Generally, short term lambs were slightly easier, with most of the strongest tup lambs £85-90 to stop and similar to the strongest ewe lambs.

Medium term lambs and lighter lambs are a very consistent trade with many buyers for each type.

Top price was D Williams, Hafotty Gwyn with Texel ram lambs at £114.
Welsh ram lambs to £81; Cheviot ram lambs £72; Cross ram lambs £81; Crossbreed ewe lambs £76; Mule ram lambs £76; Mule ewes £69; Charollais ram lambs £72; Charollais ewe lambs £68; Suffolk ram lambs £76; Suffolk ewe lambs £70; Lleyn ram lambs £70; Dorset ram lambs £68; Romney rammed lambs to £74; Blue faced ram lambs to £50.

Overall average £57.09.

Lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 500 breeding ewe lambs, top lots from £95 to £128!

Running types are a little easier when men start to fill up, with light types being the equivalent of store trades.

Top price was £128 with Texel ewe lambs from IH Morris & Son, Penrhewl.

Mules to £82; Beulah – £52; Cross to £74; Cheviot up to £71.

Overall average £79.70.

Rams (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A full house again with a very good clearance.

Strength is still in demand with several Welsh rams selling very well today.

Top price went to A Wynne Davies, Bronallt with a 2-tooth Texel at 500gns.
Suffolk 2 t – 400 g; Suffolk ram lamb 350 g; Texel 2t – 500gns; Lleyn 2 t – 350 gns; Beulah 2t – 140gns; Charollais 2t – 450gns; Charollais ram lamb meat 380 g; Dutch Spotted 2t – 280gns; Beltex 2t – 400gns; Beltex 4t – 340gns; Blue faced Leicester 2t – 450gns; Blue-faced Leicester ram lamb 200 g; Blue Texel 2t – 200gns; Penderyn from 4 years to 480 grams; Penderyn from 3 years to 280 grams; Welsh 2t – 420gns; Spotted 2 t – 250 g; Berrichon 2 t – 200 gr.

Ruth’s primestock sale – 18 October

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 1,791 lambs sold to £143 / 315.9 ppk and 379 ewes to £100.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

1,786 lambs, forward with plenty of quality, sellers of well made lambs were rewarded with 247 ppk SQQ!

A total of 913 average weight lambs averaged 250 ppk or £106.50 (avg 42.7kg).

Standards and highlights are sharper at 243ppk and 212ppk respectively.

Corn fed heavy lambs from 120lbs to 140lbs.

Highest Price:

Lights (32kg) £79, Endaf Jones, Carreg Coediog.

Standards (37.5kg) £110 by Heaton Farms.

Mediums (44kg) £139, D Jones & Son, Plas Isa.

Heavyweights (48kg) £143, JD Pierce, Bryn Material.

Overweight (56kg) £140 by WE & EO Morris, Maes Llan.

Highest price per kilo:

Lights (32kg) 246.9 ppk, Endaf Jones, Carreg Coediog.

Standards (37.5 kg) 293.3 ppk by Heaton Farms.

Mediums (44kg) 315.9 ppk, D Jones & Son, Plas Isa.

Heavyweights (48 kg) 297.9 ppk, JD Pierce, Bryn Material.

Overweight (56kg) 250 ppk by WE & EO Morris, Maes Llan.

Lights 246.9ppk, av 212.9ppk; Standards 293.3ppk, av 243.8ppk; Averages 315.9ppk, av 250ppk; Weight 297.9ppk, av 247.3ppk; Up to 250ppk, av 220.7ppk.

Overall average 245.9 ppk; SQQ 247.1ppk.

Wells (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Top selling ewes were KS & NL Armstrong, Wern Neidr, Texel ewes went to £100.

Mules to £80; From Wales to £74; Texel up to £100; Charollais – £70; crossbreed up to £55; Zwarble up to £41; Talybont up to £64.

Overall average £46.94.

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