Counting sheep is not a problem in the center of Ruth!

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 1,546 lambs to £123 / 265.1 ppk and 689 ewes to £124.

Prime Lambs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

At the end of a very busy week, 10,729 sheep were sold here with Ruthin.

A great Friday show with 1,546 lambs on the day and 219.5 ppk SQQ.

Lighter lambs corrected in price, while medium breeds were still in high demand.

Highest Price:

J Jones a’i Gwmni, 60kg at £123 by Cerrig Gellgwm.

46kg for £118 by WH & JM Pierce, Rhan Hir Farm.

A & LC Evans, 117lbs 49kg by Ty’n y Celyn.

Highest price per kilo:

41.5kg at 265ppk by EL & CR & AL Ellis, Ty Isa.

43kg at 258.1ppk by CL Davies a’i cman, Bodheulog.

46kg at 256.5 ppk by WH & JM Pierce, Rhan Hir Farm.

Lights 231.3ppk, av 183.6ppk; Standards 252.7 ppk, av 220.5ppk; Averages 265.1ppk, av 227ppk; Weight 256.5ppk, av 220.4ppk; 211.3 ppk, av 207.9 ppk.

SQQ 219.5 ppk; Overall average 219.6 ppk.

A very mixed show of lambs on offer and a very two level trade throughout the day, with some light lambs selling under £2 a kilo.

Feel free to contact the auctioneer to pre-enter or negotiate a trade.

Mass Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top priced ram went to £102 for Lleyn rams to TO & WJ Morris & Sons, Bronant.

Top price for Texel sheep was R Kynaston & Son at £124.

Beulah sheep £68; Cheviot ewes £72; Speckled ewes £72; Texel sheep £124; Welsh rams up to £80; Romney ram for £90; crossbred ewes to £99; Mule ewes £120; Charollais ram lambs £100; Llane placed at 102 pounds.

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Ruthin Shop and Livestock Sale – 22nd September

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 95 heifers sold to £1,400; 104 steers at £1,400; Two OTMs up to £1871.10 / 220ppk; 61 calves to £440; £25 to £835; 2,076 store lambs to £96; 1696 breeding ewes to £255; from 122 rams to 520 grams; 958 ewe lambs £165; a bull at 1500gns and a cow and calf at £1290.

Store Cattle (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Another good weekly show on the day with 247 cattle.

Again, 100 percent clearance, lots of interest and plenty of variety on offer for everyone’s requirements.

95 heifers made £1,400 for 14-month-old BAX from Evans Bros, Nant Melai.

Some other prices:

26 month Lim £1320; 17 month old Char £1300; 15 month Lim £1260; 19 month BB £1250; £1170 for 10 months; 10 month BAX £1170; 17 month AA £1060.

Overall average £940.89.

DGL Owens achieved £1,400 for a 15-month-old Lim from Awelfryn with a total of 104 steers.

Some other prices:

16 month Lim £1390; 24 month BB £1365; 15 month Lim £1350; 18 month BB £1270; 10 month Char £1175; 10 month Char £1160; 21 month SAX £1080; 18-month Flek £960; 15 month AA £1095; 15 month AA £1095; 15 month Luing x £860; 13 months HEX £1000.

Overall average £1106.57.

The trend continues to show some resistance against long-term bulls, but there is still plenty of demand for a price.

Short-term cattle trading is as strong as ever.

OTMs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Top price per kilo at 220ppk was for Pritchard Bros, Brynychain with 165 month Lim weighing 765kg and G Edwards, Tan Llan with 28 month Char weighing 680kg.

Top price of £1871.10 also went to Pritchard Bros, Brynychain for Lim, 69 months, weighing 945kg.

89-month-old Lim-630kg-217ppk; 41-month-old Lim-610kg-200ppk; 69-month-old Lim-945kg-198ppk; 42 months Lim-655kg-196ppk; 89 months SAX-680kg-192ppk; 41-month-old Lim-600kg-189ppk; 78 months WB-690kg-188ppk; 27 months WB-515kg-184ppk; 146 months SA-685kg-182ppk; 224-month-old Lim-635kg-180ppk; 44-month-old Lim-520kg-176ppk; 77-month-old Lim-645kg-174ppk; 182 months Char-625kg-166ppk; 129 months SMX-715kg-156ppk.

Total average £1094.83 / 173.7ppk.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Top price went to IR Jones, Penrhwylfa with a Lim male calf at £440.

Others: Lim heifer calf £270; Charolais heifer calf £340; BB male calf £335; BB heifer calf £290; HF male calf £50; BAZ male calf £35.

Weanlings (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Top price was GO & BM Jones, Rhafod for a 17 month old BB heifer at £835.


5 month old His bull £440; 12 month old BB bull £330; 11 month AA heifer £325; 8 month old BFX bull £250.

Pedigree Bull (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A 5-year-old Lim bull was sold for 1500 grams.

Cows and Calves (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A BBX first calf with a Lim heifer at foot sold to £1290.

Shop Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A total of 1,584 breeding ewes advanced to an average of £103.19.

Top price £255 went to E Howatson, Blaen Nant yearling Charollais sheep.

Mule 2t – £155; Texel 2t – £162; Texel £155 per annum; Texel 4t – £148; Texel 2/3 year old – £145; Llane 2yrs – £162; Lleyn 3yrs – £162; Suffolk 3/4 year old £152; Suffolk 2/3 years – £140; Beltex 2t – £150; Spotted 2t – £102; Speckles fm – £68; Cheviot yrl – £140; Aberfield 2t – £140; Beulah 2t – £128; Crossbred 4t-£138; Crossbred 2t-£128; Welsh yrl – £80; Wales 3 years – £68; Charollais fm – £78; Ryland 3yrs – £90; Herdwick 3/4 – £82; From BFL to £110.

Lamb Shop (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 2,076 shop lambs, likely the longer-term lambs, were looking at a reasonable price between £50 and £70, with a little more resistance in trade as in other centers during the week.

Some third and fourth choice sellers are still reaching £90 with their strongest tup lambs, with most ewe lambs stopping at £78-79.

Top price for Texel ram lambs went to WB Davies, Glan Dyfyr at £96.

Mule ram lambs £70; Mule ewes to £65.50; Cheviot ram lambs £51; Texel ram lambs £96; Texel ewe lambs £78.50; Crossbred ram lambs £64.50; crossbred ewe lambs at £56; Beltex ram lambs £80; Welsh ram lambs £56; Zwarble ram lambs £75; Suffolk ewe lambs £57; Charollais ram lambs £94; Beulah ram lambs £50; Romney rammed lambs to £64.50; Speckled ewe lambs to £51.

Overall average £53.48.

Lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Forward 958 breeding ewe lambs with very selective trade.
The strongest tupping ewe lambs generally made £110 to £130, with a few exceptional lots at £130-plus.

Ewe lambs averaged £96 overall, with lighter ewe lambs from £58 to £90.

Annual shipments from Edwards, Glashirfryn and Morris, Penrhewl, entered this week.

Mules to £112; Wales up to £50; Cross to £114; Texel – £134; Beltex up to £156; Cheviot up to £165.

Overall average £96.19.

Rams (auctioneer-Dafydd Pary):

Texel from 2 teeth to 450 grams; Texel ram lamb meat 420 g; Wensleydale 2 teeth to 180 grams; Charollais 2 teeth £450gns; Blue faced Leicester 2 females £500gns; Blue-faced Leicester from 4 teeth to 110 grams; Suffolk from 2 teeth to 350 grams; Suffolk under 3 years 160 g; Beltex from 2 teeth to 400 grams; Beltex 4 teeth to 520 grams; Berrichon from 2 teeth to 300 grams; Lleyn from 2 teeth to 160 grams; Blue Texel 2 teeth 250 gr.

Ruth’s primestock sale – 20 September

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 2917 lambs to £145 / 296.3 ppk and 709 ewes to £150.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 2917 lambs were delivered to 235 ppk SQQ.

Meanwhile, 1574 media was the day’s trade at 238ppk.

More standard weight lambs than usual came straight from grass, averaging 231ppk or £85/head from an average weight of 36.5kg.

Heavy lambs still fetch good money.

Highest Price:

Super Lights (23.5kg) GI Jones by Geufron Fawr £32.

Lights (30kg) £67, DW Wilkinson, Pant Glas Ganol.

Standards (39kg) £109, JA & CJ Ratcliffe, Kelsterton Farm.

Medium (43kg) £126, Med Vaughan, 2 Year Henar.

Heavyweights (50kg) by CL Davies a’i Gwmni, Bodheulog £139.

Over (60kg) £145 by OL & SL Jones, Bron Parc.

Highest price per kilo:

Super Lights (23.5kg) 136.2 ppk by GI Jones, Geufron Fawr.

Lights (30kg) 223ppk, DW Wilkinson, Pant Glas Ganol.

Standards (38kg) 281.6 ppk, T & A Jones, Ty’n Rhos.

Middles (40.5 kg) 296.3 ppk ifan Hughes, Four Crosses.

Heavyweights (50kg) 278ppk, CL Davies a’i Gwmni, Bodheulog.

Overweight (54kg) 246.3 ppk, TG Morris, Plas Newydd.

Super Lights 136.2ppk, av 136.2ppk; Lights 223.3ppk, av 185.5ppk; Standards 281.6ppk, av 231.8ppk; Averages 296.3ppk, av 237.9ppk; Weight 278 ppk, av 235.4 pk; Up to 246.3ppk, av 228.6ppk.

Overall average 235.9 ppk; SQQ 236.3ppk.

Mass Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top selling ewes went to IT & HM Jones, Rhiwlas at £150 for Texel ewes.

Tal y Bont Welsh – £90; Welsh Mountain – £58; Mules to £123; crossbreed up to £128; Cheviot up to £65; Aberfield – £120; Suffolk up to £130; Blue faced Leicester £82.

Total average £57.99.

Keep the numbers rolling in every Tuesday and Friday to meet strong demand.

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