Days Past: YFCU Awards in Beef and Cattle Fever Finals

Prizes were as follows: 12-14 years – 1, Richard Thompson, Garvagh YFC (199½ marks); 2, James Currie, Straid YFC (198½); 3, Harry Sherrard, Coleraine YFC (195½); 4, (tie) Norman Thompson Annaclone v Magherally YFC v Campbell Holmes, Garvagh YFC (194½).

14-16yrs – 1, (tie) Mary Thompson, Garvagh YFC and Audrey Morrison, Moycraig YFC (199); 2, Paul Taylor, Garvagh YFC (198½); 3, Stephen Taylor, Coleraine YFC (196); 4, Robert Cromie, Annaclone and Magherally YFC (195½).

16-18 years – 1, Tom Topping, Garvagh YFC (205½); 2, Raymond Hill, Straid YFC (204½); 3, Robert Montgomery, Moycraig YFC (200); 4, David Baird. Ballywalter YFC (198).

After this heifer sold at the Frieze show and sale at Banbridge March in late September 1982, she made an unexpected ‘last bid’ to clear the sale by jumping over a fence. Farmers in the crowded part of the ring move quickly for safety. But the excitement soon ended as the “shock” quickly turned to laughter. Image: Farming Life/News Letter archive

18-21yrs – 1, John Surgenor, Moycraig YFC (205); 2, Sam Agnew, Straid YFC (203½); 3, (tie) George Angus, Ballywalter YFC and William Henry, Coleraine YFC (203); 4, (tie) Mary McAllister, Moycraig YFC and Colin Fraser, Ballycraigy YFC (202½).

21-25 years – 1, (tie) Tom Lyle, Kilraughts YFC and Graham Wallace, Coleraine YFC (204½); 2, Ivan Morrison, Moycraig YFC (204); 3, (tie) Clarke Black, Garvagh YFC and Martin Cromie, Annaclone and Magherally YFC (198½); 4, Archie Mairs, Coleraine YFC (197½).

YFCU farm competition committee chairman Mr Jim Gillian proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs McGuckian and Mr Steen, the judges and all the farmers who provided barns and facilities throughout the competition.


Mr AT Robinson of Cargycreevy with a Hampshire Down ram lamb at the breed show and sale at Saintfield Livestock Market in late August 1982. Mr. Robinson won both the supreme championship and the reserve championship. Image: Newsletter archive

Mr. Alex Hoey, classes on display at Ahoghill’s annual fair on the Killane grounds in late September 1977 were keenly contested.

The judges were: leading rein, stud and riding lessons, Mrs Noele Lindsay, Ballycraigy, Newtownabbey, Mr John McMinn, Legaloy. About Us Company Name: Ballyclare; old driving, Mr William Warren, King’s Moss and Mr Matt Nicholson, Ballytweedy. Muckamore.

Councilor Jim Martin, Larne. Providing the PA system was the commentator and the Chief Steward was Mr Thomas McDowell.

The new trophy presented by the McLaughlin family, Ahoghill for best stallion in show Shadrach was presented to David Alexander of Ballyclare. In second place was James Fleck, Moorfields and Apollo.

Ulster Farmers Union President Mr William Fullerston, centre, with visitors from Brussels, Mr Martin Clegg and Miss Claire Hiernaux in late August 1982. They were both employees of the EEC office of the British Farmers’ Union and on a fact-finding tour of Northern Ireland. Image: Farming Life/News Letter archive

Leading rein, junior tots – 1 and committee trophy, Patricia McClintock, Carnlough Road, Broughshane, Lincool Spring Imp; 2, Nigel Johnstone, Galgorm Road, Ahoghill, Little Fellow; 3, Warren Steele, Old Ballymoney Road, Ballymena, Candy.

Mare and foal, 13.2hh- to 1 and Committee Cup, Samuel McClintock, Broughshane; 2, Kenneth Stevenson, Creavery, Antrim; 3, WJ McClintock, Glenwherry. Best colt – Samuel McClintock.

Mare 14.2hh- 1 over and committee trophy, Ann Larmour, Glenavy Road, Lisburn, 2, Geoffrey Duffin, Ahoghill. Best foal: G Duffin.

Mare over 14.2hrs with foal – 1 and Committee Cup, Jack Clyde, Garvagh, 2, Jackson Graham, Maghera. Best foal: Jack Clyde. Mr. Clyde also showed his champion foal.

Shopkeepers pack a traditional Yellow Man for sale at the Oul Lammas Fair in Ballycastle in late August 1982. Image: Newsletter archive

Senior – 1 and committee trophy, WJ McClintock, Glenwherry; 2, John Craig, Ladyhill, Antrim; 3, Gary McGrath, Crosscannon Road, Antrim.

Two-year-olds – 1 and committee trophy, Samuel Workman, Cullybackey; 2, Ernest Ramsey, Oldstone, Muckamore; 3, Robert Patton, Larne Road, Ballycarry.

Three-year-olds – 1 and committee trophy, Mrs John Craig, Ladyhill, Antrim.

Open Class – 1, Mrs John Craig, Ladyhill. Antrim; 2, Samuel Workman, Cullybackey; 3, Margaret Keys, Revallagh Road, Bushmills.

Driving style and appearance, A – 1, Elizabeth McCullough, Glynn House, Larne, Skyball; B – 1, Fiona Wilson, Oldstone, Muckamore, Whistling Wind. Committee trophy, Fiona Wilson.

Amanda Robinson and her sister Sarah, Carrickfergus, make friends with some ponies at the Owl Lammas Show in Ballycastle in late August 1982. Image: Newsletter archive

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