“Dingwall did not disappoint,” they say, as the cattle sale drives a “huge” trade with far-flung buyers bidding for strong quality

Buyers came from as far away as the north of England for the sale. Photo: Callum Mackay

DINGWALL and Highland Marts Ltd sold 837 store cattle, 13 head of breeding cattle and 165 OTM cattle at the sale as the busy season reached its climax.

Bulls (420) averaged 235.4p per kg and sold to 298.4p per kg for a 315kg Limousin cross from Hastain, Bayhead, and £1,380 for a 605kg Limousin cross from Rothiemurcus Estate, Aviemore.

Heifers (373) averaged 233.2p per kg and made £304.6p per kg for a 440kg Limousin cross from Little Croy Farm, Croy, and £1,360 for a 565kg Limousin cross from Rothiemurcus Estate, Aviemore. sold for sterling.

Young Bulls (44) at 250.0p per kg for a 240kg Charoleis cross from Bogburn Farm, Duncanston and a double gross of £980 for a 420kg Limousin from Strone Farm, Banavie and a 520kg beef from 387 Elphin, Lairg it was sold.

“Dingwall did not disappoint again with a great store entry as the busy season reaches its climax. Strong quality calves met a great trade with a competitive range of buyers from as far south as the north of England.

Breeding cattle (13) Strathpeffer sold to £1,700 for an Aberdeen Angus cow with a Male calf at foot from Cherrybank

Verdict: “With the busy season at its peak, Dingwall did not disappoint again with a great store entry. Strong quality calves met a great trade with a competitive range of buyers from as far south as the north of England.

More than March

Other leading prices per head and kg:

Bulls up to 250kg – Wester Tomloan, Nairn, £630, 262.5p, Ruifour, Kiltarlity, £550, Eilean Darach Estate, 242.6p; 251- 300kg – Wester Tomloan, £820, 298.2p, Tigh Na Clett No 6, Ardendrain, £810, Clury Farm, Dulnain Bridge, 277.6p; 301-350kg – Tigh Na Clett No 6, £980, 288.2p, Hastain, Lochmaddy, £940, Torran Farm, Delny, £940, Wester Tomloan, 293.6p, 288.8p; 351-400kg – Torgorm, Conon Bridge, £1,030, Wester Tomloan, £1,020, Clury Farm, £990, 278.9p, 271.2p, Tigh Na Clett No 6, 267.2p; 401-450kg – Torgorm, £1,220, £1,190, 276.6p, 276.1p, 269.4p, Rhevackin Farm, Kiltarlity, £1,130, 253.9p; 451- 500kg – Strone Farm, £1,290, £1,280, 275.3p, Torgorm, £1,270, 270.2p, 261.4p; 501-550kg – Rhevackin Farm, £1,350, £1,280, 238.4p, Wester Loyalty Farm, Boath, £1,280, East Murkle, Thurso, 242.3p.

Heifers up to 250kg – Shewglie farmers, Glenurquhart, £600, Welbeck Scottish Farms, £600, 278.9, Eilean Darach Estate, 274.3p; 251-300kg – Hastain, £780, £730, 269.0p, Vester Tomloan, £266.7; 301-350kg – Shewglie Farmers, £860, 260.6p, Clury Farm, £820, 248.5p, Invercharron, Ardgay, £810, Refouble, Nairn, 254.8p; 351-400kg – Torgorm, £1,120, 287.2p, Strone Farm, £1,040, 268.0p, Clury Farm, 1,010, 268.6p; 401-450kg – Little Croy, Inverness, £1,340, Torgorm, £1,180, £1,130, 270.3p, 270.0p, 269.3p; 451-500kg – Rhevackin, £1,170, £1,160, Rothiemurcas Estate, £1,100; 501-550kg – Wester Muckernich, £1,190, 225.8p, Wellhouse, Beauly, £1,190, Rhevackin, £1,180, 226.9p, East Murkle, 225.5p; Over 550kg – Rothiemurcus Estate, £1,360, 240.7p Milldam, Meikle Ussie, £1,300, 200.0p.

OTM prime and feeder cattle (165) averaged 159.0p per kg to 225.9p per kg for a 735kg Limousin cow from Seaview Cottage, Gairloch and an 805kg Limousin cross from Strone Farm, Banavie. sold for 1800 pounds for his cow.

Other leading prices included:

OTM prime and fed cattle: Easter Craggach, Kirkhill, (LimX), £1,800, (AAX), £1,410, Rothiemurcas Estate, (BshoX), £1,700, (BRBX), £1,510, Conan Mains, (SimX) , £1,700, £1,540, £1,410, (Char), £1,500, Strathglass Farms, (AAX), £1,680, (AA), £1,500, Seaview Cottage, (Lim), £1,660, (BRB), £1,480 , Raitle Farm, Nairn, (Sho), £1,640, Kindeace, (Sho), £1,620, (SimX), £1,500, £1,440, £1,420, Tomluich, (Sim), £1,520, Udale, Poyntzfield, (LimX ), £1,500, 6 Dunganichy, Benbecula, (Sal Bull), £1,480, Inshes Farm, Inverness, (Her Bull), £1,480, Shawpark, Glaickmore, (SimX), £1,420, OTM prime & feeding cattle: Strone Farm, ( LimX), 223.6p, Seaview Cottage, (BRB), 217.7p, Rothiemurcas Estate, (BRB), 211.2p, (BshoX), 188.9p, Bridgend Farm, Ardersier, (BRB), 210.0p, Strathglass Farms, (AA) ), 208.3p, 191.2p, (AAX), 188.8p, Glenavon Estate, (BshoX), 207.8p, Easter Craggach, (LimX), 205.7p, Kindeace, (Sho), 197.6p, 2 Station Road, Plockton, 196.7p, Tomcligh, (Sim), 194.9p, Udale, (LimX), 194.8p, ​​Shewg lie Farmers, (BRB), 192.5p, 3 Marrishadder, Staffin, (AAX), 190.5p, Wellhouse, Beauly, (Sim), 190.1p, Woodside, Muir of Tarradale, (LimX), 187.8p, Kinchyle Farm, Scaniport , (LimX), 187.3p, 9 Lochussie, Dingwall, (CharX), 187.3p, Milldam, (LimX), 185.7p, Conan Mains, (SimX), 185.5p.

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