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“Gone are the days of locking the family dog ​​in the bedroom with a boring bowl of brown kibble during the party,” says Cable.

Katy Cable started her career as a teenage actress. As Kathryn Britton, she starred in films such as Back to the Future and Tales from Darkness and appeared in many commercials. She lives in Long Beach with her husband, Rick, and has a grown daughter and stepdaughter. A diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland, caused Cable to radically change his diet. She found she could safely feed and enjoy the healthy food she made for herself with Olive, her rescue, whom she found abandoned on the streets, sick, thin and scared to death. Olive is now neither of these, especially thin.

Out of that came Cable’s cottage industry of helping people keep their dogs healthy and happy. His blog and show The Weekly Runt have enough articles and videos to feast your eyes on one of Cable’s unashamedly obsessing hats: dog health, safety and travel tips, breed facts, how-to videos, nutrition tips, party ideas and tips for your own dog. anything to inspire your love for. The Weekly Runt tapped Kabel to be the spokesperson for Nulo pet food.

A friend suggested that Kabel compile a book of her recipes and party ideas, and so Kathy Kabel’s Fun with Your Puppy was born. Available at regular outlets, the book includes healthy recipes like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Barkaritas, Red Velvet Pupcakes and Pupsghetti; tips for treating common canine ailments such as fleas, allergies and upset stomachs; and of course paws, which are themed for each month and include menus, decorations, invitations, and everything a pawty planner needs.

“I have all the tools I need to throw epic parties with dogs,” Cable said.

A rifle in the pages of “Katy Cable’s Party with Your Pup” will show that parties, if anything, involve humans. It’s all for the dog and you’re welcome to trot along. The recipes use ingredients that are good for dogs and people – pumpkin, pumpkin, turkey, carob. Pumpkin Spice Latte is made with pumpkin puree, an excellent ingredient for gut health in cats and dogs; camel milk (you can get over the hill of relative rarity – Long Beach is a camel milk desert – buy from Woofpak Kitchen) or goat milk kefir, available at Trader Joe’s; and turmeric and cinnamon, which Cable uses for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Recipes invite people to change their taste.

“Add a shot of your favorite espresso and a dash of coconut whipped cream to your latte and voila! You both have a delicious, healthy drink!” Cable said. You can certainly change the Barkaritas as well.

Each party belongs to a certain month. October, November, December, February and July all have their own holidays, but August, which has none, had no effect on Cable.

“August is a great time to have a Bark-to-School meeting – maybe try some fun training tips and tricks with everyone’s dogs and serve up some favorite treats in the treat box,” she said.

What about cats?

“I’m all for bringing cats into the fun, but they probably won’t enjoy that kind of thing and would rather be left alone with a cat and a scratching post,” Cable said. Olive herself doesn’t like parties, crowds or sharing the limelight with other dogs, but Cable said she is a foodie and uses bananas in most of her recipes, including some with bananas.

Although the book focuses on dogs, the odd cat can also be a social animal. For example, @sunglass cat has been to more parties and events than most people and loves it! Bennie the Cat usually made party appearances in his honor as well. Photo courtesy of Katy Cable

To celebrate the release of “Katy Cable’s Party with Your Pup,” Cable teamed up with Barnes & Noble to host an in-store Pupsgiving Book-Signing Party. A few surprise “canine celebrities” will be in attendance for photos. Proceeds from a raffle for various prizes will benefit several local animal shelters. Full details are below Fur balls of fun! Space is limited, so make the life of your party a good time. And look at those Barcaritas!

Virtually pets

“Hey! We are party animals too and want to shake a leg or four at your house! Many of us await your eternal invitation in shelters and rescues!”

He waits K9 Kismet Dog Rescue

a gray and white pit bull touches noses with Santa Claus sitting on a duck-covered bench.

I cowboy. I am a 3 year old mastiff mix and although I love my foster family, I hope Santa will find me a family, a real family. I’m a big one at 100 pounds, but don’t let that fool you – I’m a lap dog in my foster family’s home! I love hand rubs, and even though I’m excited to see people when I get home, I don’t jump all over them, so they appreciate it! I like to stay up late in the mornings, like any fun guest – do we have anything in common? If so, visit K9 Kismet and fill out an application. Image K9 Courtesy of Kismet

He waits Long Beach Pet Care Services

A small black dog with a white mouth is sitting on Santa's lap, Santa is looking at him.

I Vonnie (ID#A685192) and I’m a lovely little old boy. Although I am 8 years old, I am not a codger. I love hiking, but mostly I enjoy hanging out with chips and watching dancers. I want to join Santa’s reindeer. If I don’t, I’d be happy to join you. BTW, you can take home a great dog for the entire month of November with no adoption fees! Photo courtesy of LBACS volunteer Nici Daniels

A gray husky with a white face wearing a red scarf and a small Santa hat is looking at the camera

hello! I Mookie (ID#A681198) and I am a 4 year old boy. I love what passes for winter weather here. I’m kind of shy and a wallflower at parties until it’s time to go back to the kennel and then I don’t want to leave the party! Heck, the kennel is not the place for me! I need a house and a stove – if the stove fails, I’ll settle for a wall heater. If you are familiar with husky characteristics, come pick me up! Photo courtesy of LBACS volunteer Dee Glick

a black pit bull with a white chest and muzzle and wearing a Santa hat is looking at the camera

My name Spencer (ID#A684516). I have a 4 year old and just want to go home and be loved and safe. I was abandoned in a camp inside a large, makeshift kennel. I don’t know where my people went, but I know they loved me because they taught me to love everyone. I. For me, it’s a party where the crowd and belly rubs. can you take me home Photo courtesy of LBACS volunteer Dee Glick

Check out the LBACS website to see pets available for rehoming. Adopt or foster any shelter pet by email [email protected] or [email protected].

Auxiliary claw

Animal license amnesty has been extended until December 31

The city of Long Beach has extended until Dec. 31 the fee and fine waiver period for pet licenses. Anyone who lives in Community Development Block grant neighborhoods marked as shown on the map above can request a waiver by calling 562-570-7387. , 7700 E. Spring St. by mail or in person at the shelter. The opt-out program is not available online. Visit this link for license requirements. Call 562-570-7387 for more information.

Fur balls of fun!

“Katie Cable’s Fun With Your Puppy!” puppy donation book signing night for: Saturday, Nov. 19, 2-5 p.m., Barnes & Noble, 6326 Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, $40 admission includes signed book, messy bag, raffle tickets and lunch for humans and dogs.

Grab your pup and join author and YouTube host Katy Cable for an early Puppy Picnic and the launch of her new book, “Katy Cable’s Fun with Your Pup!” For any number of legged friends, the menu will include cranberry shakes, pumpkin mousse cake, and all sorts of recipes and appetizers from her book, including something called Pilgrim Patties! Meet dog celebrities and learn tips for throwing the perfect dog-inclusive party for every month, all in her book! What a gift idea! $40 includes entry to the event for you and your dog, a signed book, a sWAG gift bag and raffle tickets for elegant prizes. Space is limited. Participation is limited, so please RSVP by calling Barnes & Noble at 562-431-2253.

Helen Sanders CatPAWS Calendar on sale: $15 at this link

Start 2023 on a high note with this calendar featuring 13 months—and you’ll be kicking off 2024 right away—with rescued cats wanting nothing more than to live the full, cherished lives they deserve. Each cat on the calendar donated funds to CatPAWS to continue their rescue efforts to give their shelter cats and kittens the care they need: bottle feeding, spay/neuter vaccinations, life-saving medical efforts and loving hospice care. Every calendar sold now will go to all these good things for cats. As you begin your holiday shopping, consider adding CatPAWS 2023 calendars to your gift list and get one for your stocking! Buy by December 13th to make sure we can get them to you by the end of the year!

Nurture for a while or more!

Courtesy of Long Beach Animal Care Services

Long Beach Animal Care Services has expanded its adoption hours as follows: Wednesday-Friday 10:00am-4:30pm and Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm Guests may view until closing . Email to expedite any adoption process [email protected]. Email to raise [email protected].

If you’ve always wanted a pet but aren’t sure if you’re ready for a lifetime (animal) commitment, or if you’ve outgrown your roommate days with a pet for whatever reason, fostering can be a great way to go. , especially with the emergence of one or more kittens during the kitten season. Each of the organizations listed below is in dire need of fosters to socialize them and help save their little lives. Who knows – maybe one of these lives will change your mind about what’s not ready for a roommate!

These non-profit organizations also regularly feature cat, dog and rabbit adoptions. At present, adoption is mostly done by appointment. Click the links for each rescue in case of updates or changes. These organizations run on donations and grants, and anything you can give is welcome. Please suggest rescues in the Long Beach area to add to the list. Please note that the rescue is self-supporting and needs the help of donations and volunteers. Most of them cannot accept found or unwanted pets. Contact Long Beach Animal Care Services for options.

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