Empire State Realty Trust Announces ESRT Beehives at Empire State Building and Three Other NYC Properties

The new tenant benefit addresses a critical need to help restore honey bee populations as part of ESRT’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

New York, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Empire State Realty Trust, Inc . (NYSE: ESRT) announced today that it is welcoming its newest, smaller tenants with beehives installed at the Empire State Building, 1350 Broadway, 111 W. 33rd St.rd Street and 501 Seventh Avenue. The hives will help restore bee populations to provide much-needed pollination and local, ethically sourced honey to surrounding areas.

Empire State Realty Trust Announces ESRT Beehives at Empire State Building and Three Other NYC Properties

“ESRT continues to attract high-quality tenants and investors with its commitment to sustainability initiatives that benefit from the market’s flight to quality, and now even the honeybees have joined our portfolio’s flight to quality!” he said Anthony E. Malkin, Chairman, President and CEO of ESRT. “These beehives engage tenants and employees around important sustainability efforts in their offices, and they’ll get points from the community in their workplaces.”

At the height of the six-month pollination season from April to September, each hive contains up to 50,000 bees. Tenants can keep up to date with the activity of their construction hives – with updates, photos and videos provided by the beekeeper – on the dedicated construction page of the Alvéole website.

“We’re excited about the buzz our bees will create in the world’s most famous building,” he said. Alex McLean, CEO and co-founder of Alvéole. “We work with the Italian honey bee, a very docile species of bee, and here we provide a safe way to raise awareness among tenants about the importance of honey bees. New York City. We are grateful to ESRT, a leader in sustainability, whose buildings are already a platform to help honey bee populations recover from a record 45% loss last year.”

The honey extracted from the hives is supposed to be collected in November and then given to tenants and guests at annual events held in each building. Tenants in each building will also have the opportunity to name their building’s hive queen for a chance to win a personalized honey tasting with the building’s beekeeper and the first jar of honey removed from the hive.

“Honeybees are important parts of our economy and ecosystem and are in serious decline,” he said. Dana Robbins Schneider, senior vice president, director of energy, sustainability and ESG at ESRT. “Conserving these tiny pollinators is very important because 90% of plant species depend on pollinators. Honey bees also contribute. 15 billion dollars to the U.S. economy each year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This project furthers our mission to provide superior service and benefits to our tenants and community members, and helps connect our tenants to office buildings and ecosystems.”

ESRT is a leader in sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality and healthy buildings and is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the communities in which it operates. The company achieved carbon neutrality for its 9.9 million square meter commercial portfolio in 2022, with a 43% operational emissions reduction portfolio and 100% of the remaining emissions offset by renewable energy credits supporting the conservation of 9,000 hectares of biodiversity, among other initiatives. wooded land. By partnering with a more renewable grid, ESRT is on track to achieve a goal of net zero emissions by 80% of operational emissions at the Empire State Building by 2030 and the entire portfolio by 2035.

More information about ESRT’s sustainability practices can be found online.

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Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT) is a REIT that owns and manages office, retail and multifamily assets. Manhattan and bigger New York metropolitan area. ESRT is home to the world’s most famous building, the Empire State Building, and Tripadvisor’s 2022 Best of the Best Travelers Choice Awards #1 attraction in the US and #3 attraction in the world, the newly remodeled and iconic Empire State Building Observatory. The company is a leader in healthy buildings, energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality, and has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per square foot of any public REIT portfolio. New York City. whom September 30, 2022, ESRT’s portfolio consists of approximately 9.2 million leasable square feet of office space, 700,000 leasable square feet of retail space and 625 residential units across two multifamily properties. More information about Empire State Realty Trust can be found here esrtreit.com and by complying with the ESRT Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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(PRNewsphoto/Empire State Realty Trust, Inc.)



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