Fat cows sold to £1670 at Rathfriland Co-Op

Weaned calves sold for £950 for 366,000 limos from a Rathfriland farmer.

Fat cows reached £1,670 for 696,000 Belgian Blues.

Cows and calves made £1,640.

Rathfriland March

Heifers topped £1,040 for 492k Charolais.

Bullocks reached £1,290 for 556k Herefords.

Fallen calves and young animals

Dromore farmer Simmental £500, Belgian Blue £430, Hillsborough farmer Belgian Blue £365, Mayobridge farmer Limousin £320, Katesbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus £290, Dromara farmer Aberdeen Angus £280, Abridgegus Abridgegus £230, Dromore farmer Friesian £230. 230 and Annalong farmer Aberdeen Angus £210.

Dromara Farmer Aberdeen Angus £275, Ballyward Farmer Aberdeen Angus £255, Aberdeen Angus £240, Hillsborough Farmer Belgian Blue £205, Ballyward Farmer Aberdeen Angus £170, Aberdeen Angus Aberdeen Angus £170, Aberdeen Angus £1. 145, Banbridge farmer Belgian Blue £135, Annalong farmer Belgian Blue £130 and Banbridge farmer Belgian Blue £130.

Castlewellan Farmer Limousin 168k £490 (292), Rathfriland Farmer Limousin 296k £840 (284), Limousin 304k £855 (282), Downpatrick Farmer Charolais 198k £550 (269f £38k), Limousin Castlewellan Farmer Limousin 460k £950, Dromara Farmer Belgian Blue £378k £870, Belgian Blue £396k £870, Rathfriland farmer Limousin £304k £855, Dromara farmer Aberdeen Angus, Limousin £680k £89k, Limousin £880k £840 £320k, Newry farmer Limousin £266k £840k -to sterling Castlewellan farmer Limousine from £332k to £830k.

Lurgan farmer Charolais 208k £570 (274), Downpatrick farmer Aberdeen Angus 206k £550 (267), Castlewellan farmer Limousin 202k £520 (258), Waringstown farmer Shorthorn 238k (240k Charolais £850), Charolais 366k £840 (258). Charolais £290k £730, Rathfriland farmer Limousin £306k £730, Limousin 326k £720, Dromara farmer Belgian Blue £388k £720 Hereford, New 070ry farmer Hereford, New030de farmer Hereford £418k, Lurgan farmer Charolais £310k and from £690 Maze farmer Limousine £296k £680.

Fat cow sold to flying trade, Ballyward farmer Belgian Blue 696k £1670, Dromara farmer Friesian 686k 910, Castlewellan farmer Limousin 530k £840, Limousin 600k £830, Dromore farmer £6380k, Dromore farmer £630k d’Aquitaine 642k £780, Dromore farmer Friesian 652k £740, Corbet farmer Friesian 610k £680, Scavra farmer Blonde d’Aquitaine 544k £660 and Dromore farmer Friesian £608k,

Hillsborough farmer Blonde d’Aquitaine cow and Simmental calf £1640, Blonde d’Aquitaine cow and Simmental calf £1600, Dromara farmer Aberdeen Angus cow and Limousin calf £1140 and Banbridge farmer Shorthorn Cow and shorthorn £100.

Ballyward farmer Hereford £1770 and Carnew farmer Blonde d’Aquitaine £1500.

Dromara Farmer Charolais 370k £840 (227), Poyntzpass Farmer Limousin 472k £1020 (216), Dromara Farmer Charolais 456k £980 (215), Charolais 492k £1040 (2190k Charolais), £140k Charolais Poyntzpass Farmer Limousin £472k, Rathfriland Farmer Aberdeen Angus £476,000, Dromara Farmer Charolais £456,000, Rathfriland Farmer Limousin £502,000, from £940, Dromara Farmer Limousin £502,000, Blueford Farm £540, Dromara Farm £590,000. Portadown Farmer Limousin £452,000, Dromara Farmer Charolais £370,000 and Portadown Farmer Aberdeen Angus £458,000 £830,000.

Newry farmer Limousine 414k £1260 (304), Limousine 404k £1200 (297), Limousine 428k £1230 (288), Lurgan farmer Limousine 510k £1280 (251), Lurgan farmer £519k here £1280, Newry farmer Limousine 414k £1260 , Banbridge farmer Hereford 604k £1260, Lurgan farmer Limousin £532k £1250, Newry farmer Limousin 428k £1230, Ballyward farmer £5102k, Hereford farmer £510.01k Lurgan farmer Limousin 562k £1190 and Banbridge farmer Hereford 590k £1160.

Online bidding is available via martbids.ie.

There was a good showing of cattle and lambs to a better trade on Tuesday evening.

Fat ewes sold to a good trade again this week.

The Banbridge farmer sold from £5.41 to £92.50 a kilo of 17.1kg.

Fat ewes made £216 for a Texel ewe from a Ballymartin farmer.

This week ewes over £160 are marked with plain ewes from £120 to £150.

Hilltown Farmer £26.2k, Castlewellan Farmer £26.3k, Kilkeel Farmer 25.3kg 112, Downpatrick Farmer £27k, Rathfriland Farmer £26k, Rathfriland Farmer £111, Rathfriland Farmer 25, £0k, Rathfriland farmer £108, Ballinaskeagh farmer £26k £106, £24.2k £106 and Kilkeel farmer £24k £105.

Ballymartin farmer: £216, £170, Banbridge farmer £162, £124, Kilkeel farmer £116, Kilcoo farmer £114, Castlewellan farmer £112, Rathfriland farmer £111, Banbridge farmer £1 and Kilkeel farmer £104.

Dromara farmer £175, Rathfriland farmer £143 and Dromara farmer £130 at £137.

Online bidding is available via martbids.ie.

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