FOULBROOD, SHELTER and 3 more campaigns we love!

Welcome to this week’s comics crowdfunding round-up! It’s clear the Halloween season is upon us, as things are starting to take a turn for the spooky on Kickstarter and Crowdfundr. But at least for the last week of September, the comics crowdfunding campaign will focus on comics from the field. This week we have a crime story about the high-stakes world of bees and a fantasy series about a harpiboi trying to survive (almost) everything in between.

Foulbrood 3 and 4

Creator: Christopher Sebela (writer), Claire Roe (artist), Hank Jones (colorist) Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letter), and Jasmine Walls (Editor)
Purpose: $13,000
End Time: October 13, 2022
Pros: Digital or print issues Foulbrood 3 and 4, Digital Deluxe includes bonus content and variant covers (to issue 1 Paulina Ganusheo, StripLloydand Kelly Williamsand meIssue #2 covers features Kendall Good, NatashaAltericiand Story Grubb), a personal two-minute video with Zola (the dog), HIVE box, script tips or general chat, Claire Roe digital commissions, original art and Sebela will co-write the script

An ongoing rural crime odyssey of four worlds shot together with bees, murders and bee crimes. By Christopher Sebela and Claire Roe.

Beekeeping indeed cutting industry? Now I want to know. I live in rural California. I really, really I want to know. At night when my house is at its best Stephen King, I can imagine the bee farmers at 45 down the road stealing some of sweet, sweet Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jooooo-leeeeene’s bees. In addition, Foulbrood has a next-level creative team.

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Asylum: Early Doors – A folk-horror tale from 1969 London

Asylum - Early Doors

Creators: Lucy Sullivan
Purpose: 2,800 pounds
End Time: October 23, 2022
Pros: Digital copy; A one-shot print edition of Early Gates, the first story Shelter; An A3 folding poster specially commissioned for this campaign and brought to glorious life by the UK’s top cartoonist Mark Stafford; A set of four printed postcards of Mammy and her special girls; risograph zine collection; A personalized prescription for your life’s ailments from Brigit Carty, Mammy’s resident healer

‘There’s no shame in asking for help, but can you afford it?’

Shelter Inspired by Sullivan’s family history, it mixes folk horror with cultural mythology and urban anxiety in West London’s Shepherd’s Bush. Each Shelter the story follows a troubled local who seeks refuge and help from local matriarch Mammy Magee and her very special daughters to see where their problems will go. The creator describes it as a world where the supernatural and the mundane mix.

This comic will be a one-time print run. This is a larger prequel Shelter A project to be developed with the support of ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND FIRST DOORS is completed.

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Creators: AD Greenlees
Purpose: 1246 dollars
End Time: October 21, 2022
Pros: Handwritten postcard, print comic, PDF with local comic for the Greater Victoria Region, BC.

-a story about a harpiboi just trying to survive.

This comic comes with a trigger warning: it contains blood, violence, domestic violence, and death. Faercrow It started as one of several short stories Greenless wrote for NaNoWriMo 2015, but now the creator hopes to bring the project to bookshelves in Canada (and for those in the US, we can read the story online for free). However, the print edition will include never-before-seen splash pages, all-new poster art, and updated interior art using a mix of watercolor and digital techniques.

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MAGIC POWDER #1-3, the newest issue in the fantastic crime series

Magic Powder

Creator: Jeffrey Paul Louis Schiller (scripts and storyboards), Daniele Aquilani (art/colors/lettering), Samuel Iwunze (cover art) and Raven Schiller (Graphic design)
Purpose: 5000 dollars
End Time: October 5, 2022
Pros: A digital or physical copy of issue 3, a digital catch-up pack of issues #1-3, a name on the thank you page, a custom image of any character by Schiller, a background or speaking character from issue 4, and a ton of extras

The dwarf horse goes bankrupt, Zjah the elf plots, Oz explores his new kingdom, Arana has an epiphany, and more.

Want some aggressive fantasy? I don’t mean the aggressive ones: “Pin and swallow, I’m too aggressive” (although there is some in the story). But I mean, it’s aggressive in a fantasy world: orcs, dwarves, dungeons, and endless wars between races and classes. LotR. Well, that’s the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for you. I? I think these elves know how to party and that’s why I recommend some Magic Powder– dimensional fun.

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Sonic Saturn #1: Into the Lion’s Heart

Sonic Saturn

Creator: Anthony Carranza (art), Brayden Boyd (writer), Form comics
Purpose: 4000 dollars
End Time: September 30, 2022
Pros: Digital and physical comic, two stickers, signed copy of issue #1

From the distant future! It’s Sonic Saturn! A tale from the year 5005, Sonic Saturn is a fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi comic!

I’m into the laborious work of making new paper look like old paper, and new comics like old comics. Story for Sonic Saturn #1 focuses on Johnny Estrella, a character who relies on his skills and wits to get out of sticky space situations, drawn in a style that the artist listed by Space Comics calls “Pulp Americana.” This throwback art style was created by Carranza “with the intention of recreating golden age comic book covers down to the smallest detail”. Voyage LA as “a continuous learning process where I try to master the aging factors of old paper, the coloring techniques of comic print”.

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