From agriculture to quilts, here are the winners of the 2022 Loudonville Fair


Matt Young, best of show, Class I; Priscilla Sprang, best of show, Class II; Pennola Nolan, most blue ribbons; Lyle Gray, most unusual antique; Derek Russell, the oldest and rarest antiquarian.

Blue roan wins:The unique blue steering wheel takes top honors with the closing of the 2022 Loudonville Fair

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Mona McMullen, best in show, collections, seniors; Jerry Priebe, best in show, crafts and hobbies, adults; Finn Butler, Best of Show, Small Collections.


Ed Morris, best of show, samples; Sharon Brewer, best of show, amateur arrangements; Joy Sprang, best of show, professional arrangements; Laney Polen, best of show, minor arrangements; Gardeners Guild, Loudonville, first place, club show.


Madelyn Stewart leans forward to pet her horse's nose as she rides the carousel at the Loudonville Free Street Fair on Oct. 6.

Katrina Steele, best in show, amateur black and white; Maddy Christine, best in show, amateur, color; Daniel Lux, best in show, black and white, amateur; Suzanne Lux, best in show, professional, color; Katrina Steele, most blue ribbons, amateur; Daniel Lux, bluest ribbons, pro.


Cheryl Clark, best in show, amateur; Linda Scheck, best in show, professional; Derek Russell, most blue ribbons.

Student Photography

Charlotte Bitner, best in show, ages 6-11; Macy Bernard, best in show, ages 12-17.

Fairgoers look at a display of decorated pumpkins in the Junior Fair tent at the Loudonville Free Street Fair, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022.  TOM E. PUSKAR/ASHLAND TIMES-GAZETTE

Student art:

Briar Russell, best in show, ages 6-8; Dakota Russell, best in show, ages 9-11; Haley Spreng, best in show, ages 12-14; and Grace Ringler, best in show, ages 15-17.

Fiber art:

Tonda Hockenberry, overall best in show; Bella Byler, judge’s choice.


Mohican Quilters members Monica Swed, Richelle Nicholas and Linda Hider display quilts they made this year with their members and are auctioned off during the Loudonville Fair, with proceeds going to the fair board.

Carma Jo Kauffman, best of show, wall hanging, best of show, junior and most blue ribbons; Jane Vines, best show, new; Dave Leckrone, best in show, old; and Amy Loveday, judge’s choice.


Jordan Butler, best individual display; Ed Morris, most blue ribbons; Susie Stake, best decorated goose; Byland Animal Hospital, best independent scarecrow, business division; Angela Sparr, best freestyle scarecrow, individual; Pennola Nolan, best decorated fence; Bonnie Coleman, neatest vegetable basket.

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