HoneyBear Farms Louisville is opening a coffee shop to serve Jeffersontown

Things went a little off sweeter in Jeffersontown.

In bustling Gaslight Square, the Honey Depot and Coffee House, a subsidiary of HoneyBear Farms, quietly opened its doors on October 7. HoneyBear Farms is a full-service beekeeping operation that harvests raw honey, mentors, offers beekeeping classes, and is still operating. Two community-oriented coffee houses located in Jeffersontown and Mount Washington, Kentucky.

“We love J-Town,” said Joel Gonia. “This is our original market, our original customer base.”

Before opening in a 3,700-square-foot space in Gaslight Square, Gonia planned to set up shop on a farm near Fisherville, Kentucky, but that never materialized.

“It was absolutely the worst of times because we were really popular. We had a really good business, we had a good following, J-Town and Fisherville was our community,” Gonia said.

Honey is available at Honey Depot & Coffee House in Jeffersontown.

The farm spent $60,000 to build a parking lot, buy a portable building, and provide utility services to it. However, road widening on Taylorsville Road near the Gene Snyder Freeway forced the farm store to move after purchasing the land they were leasing.

“We were really ready to open within two weeks, ready to open,” Gonia said. “We had to close everything and stop. This is an expense we cannot recover.”

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