How To Breed Camels In Minecraft 1.20 (Easy Guide)

After complaining about the lonely desert biome in Minecraft, we finally have camels in the game. They are cute, tall and useful in many ways. Unfortunately, they are also difficult to find in the barren desert. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible to form a group, let alone a caravan of them. But if you learn how to breed camels in Minecraft 1.20, finding them will no longer be a problem. When you’re out the door, let’s jump into this guide and pack the camel caravan!

Tame and Breed Camels in Minecraft (2022)

Note: Currently, camels are only available as an experimental feature in Minecraft 1.20 Beta and 22w42a Snapshot. They are still under development and their mechanics are subject to change until the final release.

What are camels in minecraft

Camels are passive Minecraft mobs and they only spawn in the desert biome of the world. They are one of the few mounts in the game that look like horses, donkeys, and mules. But what makes camels in Minecraft really special are their abilities allow two players to ride at the same time. Other than camels, this ability is limited to rafts and boats in Minecraft.

But even if you don’t want to ride these beautiful desert creatures, they’re still worthy additions to your Minecraft home ideas. However, due to their biome exclusivity, getting a bunch of them can be difficult. So read on to learn how to spawn dozens of camels using just two. In the meantime, you can explore other aspects of camels in Minecraft 1.20 via our related guide.

What do camels eat in Minecraft?

Cacti in Minecraft

As in the real world, cacti It is the main part of camel food. It is exclusive to them desert biome and can be easily broken with bare hands or any tool. We suggest using an ax to avoid damaging the cactus.

Also, as we have done with other mobs in the past, you need to use their main food source (cactus) to breed camels in Minecraft. So be sure when you encounter them collect at least two cacti. If there is a camel nearby, it will follow you as long as you grab the cactus.

How to find camels in minecraft

A camel in a desert village

It is common knowledge that camels have been domesticated for decades at this point. Thus, in the real world, it is quite rare to find them in deserts far from civilization. The same goes for the game. The camels only spawn in and around desert villages in Minecraft. You won’t find them in a desert biome without a village. This makes camels one of the most difficult species to find in the world. Fortunately, it only takes two camels to make an unlimited number by breeding them.

You can use one of our best Minecraft village seeds to speed up the process and find a camel in no time. When you finally come across one, you can block it until you find another one. Or you can use lead to attach it to a fence or similar blocks. Don’t forget that you can also use the cactus to follow the camel to where you want.

How to breed camels in Minecraft

Now that you know the basic mechanics of camels, it’s time to create more of them. So, follow these steps to breed a camel in Minecraft:

1. First, find two camels and put them side by side. Camels do not usually wander. But as an extra precaution, you can either build a fence around them or use a lead to tie the tow camels.

Two camels to breed in Minecraft

2. Then, feed each camel a piece of cactus by right-clicking or using the secondary action button on them. You will see hearts beating on the heads of the camels when they are fed. After that, both of them will walk towards each other and within seconds the baby camel will spawn.

How to breed camels in Minecraft

3. After the baby camel spawns, the parents will not be able to reproduce for about 10 minutes. Similarly, it will take about 15-20 minutes for a baby camel to turn into an adult. You can then use the new camel for breeding as well.

Adult camels next to baby camels

Breed Minecraft camels to get Baby Camels

With that, you are now ready to create your own camel zoo in Minecraft by breeding them using cacti that you have to collect from the desert biome. If you want to take it a step further, you can replicate our Minecraft cow farm design with camels instead of cows. However, make sure your fences are high enough to prevent camels from escaping. However, what other desert mobs would you like to see in Minecraft 1.20? Meerkats, perhaps? Let us know in the comments below!

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