How to fix “Your organization’s information cannot be pasted here” error in Windows

Have you encountered the error “your organization’s data cannot be pasted here” when copying data between Office programs? This means you don’t have permission to copy the data to the program you’re trying to copy, so why?

Basically, the error occurs when your organization restricts data copy pasting through Microsoft Intune for security reasons. However, this can be caused by using outdated software, copying more data than the specified limit, or a problem with the source or destination files. Here are some fixes you can try if you have a similar problem.

1. Make sure Copy-Paste is not Blocked in Microsoft Intune

Administrators can configure a Microsoft Intune policy to prevent users from copying and pasting data between apps to prevent data from being shared outside the company. If your organization blocks copy-paste, you will encounter this error when you try to relocate data. To resolve this issue, you need to unblock copy-paste in your Intune policy.

If you do not have admin access to the Microsoft Intune dashboard, you will not be able to configure the policy yourself; you need to ask the administrator to figure it out for you. If you’re an administrator, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign in and open the Microsoft Intune dashboard.
  2. Click on the left sidebar Client programs.
  3. go to Application protection policies in the left sidebar Client programs the window.
  4. Go to your existing policy settings.
  5. go away Data transfer division.
  6. Provide this Limit cut, copy and paste among other applications does not block; if so, unblock it.

Once the policy is unblocked, you should be able to copy and paste data between apps without any issues. If this step does not resolve the issue, the following fixes may help.

2. Make sure the file is editable

When you download files from the Internet or receive them via email, most Office programs open them in Protected View to prevent them from infecting your computer. We have an article on how exploit files can be used by hackers to jailbreak Windows – check it out if you want to learn more about this type of threat.

You must enable editing to exit Protected View, and if you want to copy and paste data from one application to another, the file you put the data in must be editable.

So, before copying the data, make sure that the file is not open in Protected View. If it cannot be edited, click on it Enable editing, paste the data and you won’t get an error. If you want, you can disable read-only mode permanently.

However, if the file is editable and you still encounter the error, go to the next step.

3. Check the problem with the file

Assuming the file is editable, make sure the error doesn’t affect just one file. You can exclude this possibility by creating a new document and adding the copied data to it. If pasted successfully, the problem may be specific to the file.

To counter this, you can copy the data from your old file into the new file you create and paste the copied organization data later. However, if the problem persists with newly created files, move on to the next fix.

4. Make sure you put the data in an empty file

If you encountered an error when placing data into an empty file, you may need to fill it before placing it. Although less likely, this solution may help to solve the problem.

So, open the document you want to copy data from, add some text to it, save it, then open it again and paste the copied data. If you encounter the same error while placing the data in the completed document, proceed to the next fix.

5. Check if you have Permission to Copy and Paste Data

Microsoft Intune allows administrators to control what data users can access and how they can access and use it. So, make sure you are allowed to copy and paste the information you are encountering the error.

You can ask a colleague who is part of the same user group and has the same access level as you to copy the data. If it can copy and paste data but you can’t, ask your administrator why you can’t copy data and they will help you.

6. Do Not Post Data to Free Software

If this is the first time you’ve transferred data to an app you’ve never copied data to before, and you’re getting this error, make sure your organization gives you permission to use the app. However, there is a catch: only admins can check this.

So ask your administrator to switch to it Client applications > Application protection policies > the policy you want to change > Data transfer first and make sure no programs are selected next to it Select the programs to exclude.

However, if the app isn’t free in the Intune admin center and you’ve copied content there multiple times before, skip to the next fix.

7. Decompose the data if possible

Intune allows administrators to limit the number of characters that can be copied and pasted at once. If such a limit is configured in the policy and you transfer more data than specified, you will most likely encounter the discussed error.

To confirm that the data limit is not causing the problem, first split the data and try transferring it into smaller chunks. If data collection solves the problem, contact your administrator to find out if there is a limit. If it exists, the policy administrator can remove it.

As an administrator, go to Data transfer open the partition using the same way as explained before and remove the limit next to it Cut and copy character limit for any app under Limit cut, copy and paste among other applications admission.

After the restriction is removed, you will not receive the error message when copying and pasting large data. However, if the limit is no longer set or data collection has not resolved the issue, proceed to the next step.

8. Update your software

Outdated programs can also cause unexpected problems. Therefore, if you haven’t updated the app you’re experiencing the error with, update both apps you’re transferring data to. If you want to learn more, we have an article covering how to update apps in Windows 11.

Data transfer made easy

With the fixes listed in the article, I hope you can fix the root cause of the problemyour organization’s data cannot be pasted here” error and successfully migrate your data location. If none of the above solutions resolve the issue, contact your administrator for further assistance.

If restricted in Intune policies, copy-paste can stop working on your entire system, just like how copy-paste can give you errors in various Office applications. If this happens, don’t panic; Restart File Explorer, copy and paste using your external mouse, and disable RAM optimization programs to fix it.

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