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The Lee County Fair and Lee County Extensions Office announced the results of their Junior Show departments. Results include winners in show classes, Grand Champions and Born and Bred categories.

Junior Show first place winners are:


Angus Thoroughbred: Summer Yearling Heifer: Brayden D. Rapp; Junior Heifer: Jaxon Alderks; Born after Friday, January 1, 2021. Rudder: Ava Faber

All Other Breeds Breed: Head Heifer Calf: Brayden D. Rapp; Summer Yearling Heifer: Ava Faber; Born after Friday, January 1, 2021 Helm: Robbie L. Thurow and Joseph T. Thurow

Hereford Thoroughbred: Head Heifer Calf: Carly Taylor; Summer Yearling Heifer: Austin W. Taylor; Junior Heifer: Cody Taylor; Born behind the wheel Friday, January 1, 2021: Landon M. Sawin; Young calf born in 2022: Robbie L. Thurow

Shorthorn purebred: junior heifer: Joseph T. Thurow; Cow shown with calf: Robbie L. Thurow

Crosses, junior heifer: Blake Goodbred; Older Heifer: Brooke J. Ewald; Born behind the wheel Friday, January 1, 2021: Blake Goodbred, Reagan Hueber, Evan Kosick, and Deborah Smice

Heifer Market: Anna Cyrocki;

Bucket Calf Class: Hank Hickey;

Grand Champion, Overall Steer: Reagan Hueb; Overall Female: Jaxon Alderks; Born and raised in Lee County: Blake Goodbred and Ava Faber; Angus Female: Jaxon Alderks; Hereford Female: Cody Taylor

Dairy products

Registered Holstein: Spring Calf: Anna Marquardt; Winter Calf: Anna Marquardt; Three Year Old Cow: Layla R. Obrien; Old Cow: Layla R. Obrien

Other Breeds Registered: Spring Calf: Faith Marquardt; Winter Calf: Ava Faber; Fall Calf: Ava Faber; Summer Annual: Faith Marquardt; Spring Annual: Ava Faber; Winter Annual: Layla R Obrien; Old Cow: Layla R Obrien

Grand Champion: Junior Overall: Ava Faber; Senior General: Layla R. Obrien


Dorper: Ram Lamb: Brooke J. Ewald

Montadale: Ewe Lamb: Brandon Dismore; Pair of Lambs: Brandon Dismore

Southdown: Yearling Ewes: Amanda Headon; Ewe Lamb: Brooke J. Ewald and Amanda Headon; Pair of Lambs: Amanda Headon; Breeding Pen of Three: Amanda Headon; Herd: Amanda Headon

Other Breeds: Ram Lamb: Dylan E. Etes; Aries Lamb pair: Amanda Headon; Annual House: Amanda Headon; Ewe Lamb: Madison Bend; Pair of Lambs: Madison Bend; Triple Double: Amanda Headon; Herd: Amanda Headon

Commercial: Yearling Ewe: Samantha Koper; Lambs: Samantha Koper; Pair of Lambs: Brooke J. Ewald

Sunday Lamb: Lightweight: Grayson G. Henkel and Blakelynn E. Swanson; Middleweight: Zach Morrow; Pair of Sunday Lambs: Zach Morrow

Grand Champion: Aries: Amanda Headon; Home: Amanda Headon; Sunday Lamb: Zach Morrow


Yorkshire, Gold: Lexi A. Lichty; Double dice: Eralynn Wiltfang; Barrow: Drake Prestegaard

Chester White: Gold: Drake Prestegaard; Barrow: Drake Prestegaard

Duroc: Gilt: Payton Hueber and Emma Gillette; Pair of bristles: Maxx Wiltfang; Double Mound: Eralynn Wiltfang; Single Mound Grade A: Hannah Seaworth; Single Mound Class B: Lexi A. Lichty

Hampshire: Gold: Reagan Hueber; Barrow: Blake Goodbred

Stained Poland: Barrow: Tyler Hall

Other Breeds: Barrow: Audra Marincic; Cross Mounds: Blake Frisbie; Crossbred Barrows B: Blake Goodbred; Crossbred Barrows C: Drake Prestegaard

Class no. Crossbred: Double Market Gilts: Kate A. Viall; Pair of Barrows: Brayden W. Goodbred; Born and bred by: Tyler Hall; Crossbred Breeding Gilt A: Payton Hueber; Crossbred Breeding Gilt B: Reagan Hueber; Single Market Gilt A: Blake Goodbred; Single Market Gilt B: Gwen B. Hall; Berkshire Gilt: Lexi A. Lichty; Berkshire Barrow: Ayden Alderks

Grand Champion: Pure Gold: Reagan Hueber; Barrow Overall: Tyler Hall; Pr. Barrows: Brayden W. Goodbred; XBR Breeding Gilt: Reagan Hueber; Sunday Gold: Gwen B. Hall

poultry farming

1 year old: Light Breed, egg production two to three pullets: Kate Vallaro; Heavy breed, egg production two to three pullets: Kate Vallaro; Meat Type Two Roosters (Corn): Everett Hickey; Meat Type Two Roosters (other): Kate A. Viall; Local Specialty Bantam: Shane Skotnik; Local Specialty, others: Jacob Warrenfeltz; Egg Display, Many: Barbara E. Palmer and Shane Skotnick; Ducks, One pair: Rylan D. McNinch; Indians, A pair: Samuel Warrenfeltz

2-year-old: Light Breed, egg production two to three pullets: Kate A. Viall; Heavy Breed, egg production two to three pullets: Kate A. Viall; Local Specialty, Bantam: Kate Vallaro; Local Specialty, others: Jacob Warrenfeltz


California: Junior Buck up to six months: Barbara E. Palmer; Junior Doe under six months: Barbara E. Palmer; Buck six to eight months: Ali Danekas; Six to eight months: Ali Danekas; Senior Buck over six months: Ali Danekas; Senior Doe over eight months: Barbara E. Palmer

New Zealand: Junior Buck up to six months: Tessa Bruns; Junior Doe under six months: Harper Bruns; Senior Buck Over Six Months: Harper Bruns; Senior Doe over eight months: Ali Danekas

All Other Breeds: Buck Six to Eight Months: Barbara E. Palmer; Six to eight months: Barbara E. Palmer; Senior Buck for eight months: Ali Danekas; Junior Buck Under Six Months: Brysen J. Full; Junior Doe under six months: Brysen J. Full; Senior Buck Over Six Months: Barbara E. Palmer; Senior Doe over six months: Gage Lopez

Mini Lop: Junior Buck under six months: Brooke R. Barshinger; Junior Doe under six months: Gracie Williams; Senior Buck Over Six Months: Gracie Williams; Senior Doe over six months: Gracie Williams

Mini Rex: Junior Buck up to six months: Ali Danekas; Junior Doe under six months: Ali Danekas; Senior Buck over six months: Ali Danekas; Senior Doe over six months: Lillian Dyer

Meat Pen: Triple Pen: Tessa Bruns; Single Fryer: Jacob Warrenfeltz


Corn: Ethan A. Pratt; Credit: Ethan A. Pratt

Visual Arts

Junior Division: Paper: Amaya K. VanQuathem; Fiber: Grace Conderman; Clay: Lauren Wagner; Tree: Amaya K. VanQuathem; Chalk, Carbon and Pigment: Morgan Cresier; Glass and Plastic: Lauren Wagner; Metal: Amaya K. VanQuathem; Nature: Morgan Cresier; Computer Generated Art: Kate A. Viall; Heritage Arts: Amaya K. VanQuathem; Scrapbooking: Taylor McNinch; Foods Decorating Intermediate: Isabelle M. Klein

Senior Division: Clay: Rachel K. McCormick; Chalk, Carbon and Pigment: Claire E. Freeman; Glass and Plastic: Aaron Conderman; Metal: Aaron Conderman; Nature: Aaron Conderman; Scrapbooking: Emily Conderman; Food Decoration Forward: Emily R. Sachs; Food Decorator: Ava G. Prior

Mechanical Sciences

Aerospace, Rocket Model: Nolan Johnson; Aerospace Display: Claire E. Freeman

Electricity. Electrician 1: Michael Dallam

Small Engines: Small Engine Display: Morgan Kresier; Small Engine Repair: Henry A. Klein

Tractor: Beginning Tractor Maintenance: Gage Lopez

Woodworking: One: Grace Conderman; Two: Brysen J. Full; Three: Nolan Johnson; Four: Henry A. Klein


Weightlifting Classes: Miniature: Caroline Montgomery; 56 inches and under: Samantha Koper; Mare over 56 inches: Lane McKenna; Over 56 inches: Lucas Odle; Older Horse: Bethany Odle; Junior showmanship ages 8-11: Mairin Meyers; Junior Showmanship 12-14 years: Abby Milligan; Showmanship 15 and over: Ava M. Paris

Performance Classes: Walk-Trot for Beginners: Melanie S. Zimmerman; Pony Riding: Samantha Koper; Junior Western Riding: Alyse Rogers; Great Western Riding: Ava M. Paris; Junior Open Pleasure: Alyse Rogers; Senior Open Pleasure: Abby Milligan; Team: Bethany Odle; Great English Equestrian: Ava M. Paris; Junior Bareback Riding: Bethany Odle; Senior Bareback Riding: Ava M. Paris; Harness Riding: Autry B. Prior

Innovation and Speed ​​Classes: Senior Trail Class: Samantha Koper; Junior Trail Class: Alyse Rogers; Junior Costume Class: Melanie S. Zimmerman; Senior Costume Class: Ava M. Paris; Junior Egg and Spoon: Bethany Odle; Senior Egg and Spoon: Ava M. Paris; Junior Pole Bending: Bethany Odle; Great Pole Bend: Ava M. Paris; Junior Barrel Race: Dorothy Steele; Senior Barrel Race: Ava M. Paris; Junior Flag Race: Melanie S. Zimmerman; Grand Flag Race: Lucas Odle; Junior Plug Race: Melanie S. Zimmerman; Big Plug Racing: Lucas Odle


Dairy: Does, Milking Annual: Taylyr McNinch; Does, Yearling Dry: Shane Skotnik; Children, born 2022: Brysen J. Full; Children, born Wether 2022: Brysen J. Full; Mother and Daughter: Taylyr McNinch

Pygmy: Getting Old: Mairin Meyers; Two to three years old: Mairin Meyers; Children born in 2022: Emma Dinges; Born on or before 2021: Mairin Meyers; Mother and Daughter Pygmy Goats: Emma Dings

Meat: 2022 born Wether: Tate Sundberg; Children born in 2022: Lucas K. Thurow; Born in 2021: Jackson D. Prior; Two years and older: Ava G. Prior; Mother and Daughter: Allie D. Prior

Grand Champion: Dairyman: Shane Skotnick; Dairy Kid: Ava G. Prior; Pygmy: Mairin Meyers


Long Hair: Female: Allie D. Prior; Male: Claire E. Freeman; Grand Champion: Allie D. Prior

Short Hair: Male: Jackson D. Prior; Grand Champion: Jackson D. Prior


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