Meet 50 startups at the Asia-Pacific agri-food innovation summit

Asia’s agri-food system needs help. The need to build strong, resilient supply chains has never been more urgent amid global shocks that have highlighted import linkage vulnerabilities, rapid economic growth and massive structural transformation in the region.

Fifth annual Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit It features 50 regional and international innovators creating cutting-edge agri-food technologies to ensure food security and build capacity in Asia and beyond.

“Given the complex challenges facing Asia’s food system, the need for fast-paced, scalable innovation has never been greater. The summit provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect directly with investors and corporate partners to bring their solutions to scale and transform the agri-food landscape for the benefit of all. I’m excited to witness the collaboration that will come out of this October’s conference,” says Theresa Flach, the summit’s conference producer and technology scout.

Startups are celebrated throughout the summit program, with a pre-summit presentation day, thematic innovation showcases on the three-day agenda and a dedicated startup exhibition area.

Novelty showcases
Twelve startups from the Asia-Pacific region will pitch their solutions to an industry jury in four themed innovation showcases covering Agtech, Foodtech, Aquaculture and CEA & Vertical Farming.

AgTech is taking the stage

  • Gzense (India) aims to minimize and eliminate post-harvest food loss with an IoT solution that quickly and accurately assesses fresh food. The technology uses a unique combination of near-infrared spectral sensors and olfactory sensors to analyze spoilage, ripeness, sweetness and shelf life.
  • Boomitra (India and USA) uses satellite and artificial intelligence to measure various soil properties including soil carbon, soil moisture and nitrogen, providing a solution where farmers can grow more with less through carbon farming.
  • CH4 Global (Australia) is providing seaweed-based Asparagopsis products to farmers around the world so they can dramatically reduce livestock methane emissions and gain significant value in the process.

CEA and vertical farming center

  • Future Farms (Malaysia) aims for seasonal agriculture by establishing decentralized, remotely managed farms. Future Farms promises that their services provide unlimited customization and are infinitely scalable.
  • Grobrix (Singapore) offers a unique solution for indoor farming by combining the best furniture with farming. Its soilless vertical farming design offers a cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food.
  • Distar Fresh (Thailand) is an indoor farm subscription service that delivers farm-to-door pesticide-free medical-grade vegetables harvested year-round.

Blue food shark tank

  • Forte Biotech (Singapore) with its patented product ‘RAPID’ (Robustly Accurate Shrimp Infection Detector), developed in collaboration with NUS, provides diagnostic solutions that enable farmers to detect diseases early and take mitigation measures without decontamination. expert help is needed.
  • Sea Green (Singapore) is an ecosystem services provider with a mission to provide connectivity and services to the growing seaweed industry. Using blockchain technology, the company will maximize the integration of financial services for small entrepreneurs and use the data to conduct research on the potential of macroalgae.
  • Magalarva (Indonesia) aims to provide sustainable protein for feed through bio-converted organic by-products using Black Soldier Fly larvae. The company closes the loop by eliminating organic waste from producers, including food and beverage factories, hotels and plantations.

Increasing share in food technology

  • SeaSpire (India) combines advanced technologies, digital tools and nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients to develop plant-based relatives of the world’s favorite marine species. SeaSpire’s bioprinting technology promises all muscle structures without compromising taste, texture and affordability.
  • The Enchanted Valley (Australia) is an Australian food company that develops healthy and delicious cultured meat products. Focused on building a better global food system, Magic Valley believes the solution is cultured meat, where the meat is raised without animals.
  • Float Foods (Singapore) is a company that believes in the power of plants. Singaporeans consume 2 billion eggs a year, but 74% of them are imported, which became a problem during the pandemic – when Float Foods began developing Asia’s first plant-based whole egg, OnlyEg.

The launch fair is supported by true
The bustling part of the networking exhibition at the Summit, the True Search Powered by Start-Up Expo, is where delegates can connect face-to-face with exciting international startups.

“As a founder-led firm with innovation at the core of our culture, we’re excited to sponsor a summit featuring so many disruptive and purpose-driven companies. The transformation of our food industry is essential, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to do so. We provide talent solutions for businesses that are changing this world,” True Search says Desmond O’Brien, partner at

Exhibitors include:

Newschool Foods (Canada) produces whole-cut meat alternatives using a proprietary food structuring technology that offers a more authentic, scalable and cost-effective product.

Forte Biotech (Singapore) provides shrimp farmers with diagnostic solutions that allow them to detect diseases early and take mitigation measures using their patented “RAPID” product.

Sea Green (Singapore) is an ecosystem services provider with a mission to provide connectivity and services to the growing seaweed industry using blockchain technology.

Vitality Foods (Singapore) develops plant-based foods designed to improve the health of the elderly population, address muscle maintenance issues and the risk of metabolic disease.

Blue seafood (Germany) produces cultured seafood using proven technology that allows selecting the best performing cell cultures from any fish species.

Agros (Singapore) provides smallholder farmers with technologies, access, advice and finance, while helping to make farms climate-resilient for future generations.

Miruku (New Zealand) combines deep farming traditions and computational biology to produce a range of animal-free dairy products, including cheese, ice cream and yogurt.

Pre-summit speech day
Showcasing up-and-coming startup groups presented by Singapore’s leading agri-food accelerators and international trade groups, the October 25 pre-summit pitch day is an invite-only event for venture capitalists and corporate investors to connect with startups. – on the eve of the peak.

Attendees will have the chance to both network and hear rapid-fire pitches from some of the most exciting entrepreneurs entering the agri-food scene.

They will present the starting groups:

  • Canadian High Commission
  • Enterprise Singapore
  • GROW Accelerator
  • Trend lines

More to be announced.

On the main agenda

Innovators are an important part of the conversation and industry talent is in the spotlight at the summit, as entrepreneurs at various stages of expansion share their perspectives on panels alongside major agribusinesses, food brands, investors, regulators and technology providers:


  • Amit Agarwal (Agribazaar) will present a case study of sustainable agriculture ranging from pilot to scale.
  • Gilad Gershon (Tropical Biosciences) will demonstrate how to use advanced gene editing to prevent Banana Panama disease.
  • David Jun (Greenlabs) will discuss key points on how to manage digital transformation in the Korean agtech space.
  • Chakradhar Gade (Country Taste) will connect the dots from farm to fork as he presents his insights on supply chain digitization.
  • Mohit Pande (Sow) and Dhruv Sawhney (educate. Farm) will present their unique perspectives on technology adoption and scaling up of digital farming platforms in India.

CEA and Vertical Farming

  • Jay Desan (BoomGrow), Jack Moy (Sustenir), Chris Lee (N. THING) and David Farquhar (IGS) will attend the Vertical Farming Leaders Forum, which focuses on increasing support for innovation in precision growing.
  • Tom Adams (In pairs) and Derek Drost (Open it) will examine the milestones achieved in seed breeding and genetics for CEA and vertical farming.
  • Eleanor Choong (Sunway XFarms) will focus on improving resource efficiency and waste assessment in urban food production.


  • Gibran Huzeyfa (eFishing) and John Diener (Vertical oceans) will attend the Blue Food Leaders Forum discussing how to transform aquaculture with digital solutions.
  • Lou Cooperhouse (MaviNalu) will discuss strengthening seafood supply chains through wider adoption of alternative proteins.
  • Leo Wein (Protenga) and Gaetan Crielaard (Entobel) will speak one-on-one in a fireside chat focused on accelerating new ingredients.

Food-Tech & Alternative Proteins

  • XL Lin (Esco Aster), Sandhya Sriram (Shiok meats), Didier Toubia (Aleph Farms), Amy Chen (Top Dishes) and Maarten Bosch (Moose meat) will delve deep into cultured proteins and the complexities of building supply chains to drive market growth.
  • Helga Angelina Tjahjadi (Green Rebel) will explore new emerging trends for the development of plant-based protein production.
  • Alex Ward (Next Generation Foods), Khun Wang (Triton Algae Innovations), Liat Lachish Levy (ChickP) and Jem Kim (BriteBelly) will meet on stage to discuss the innovation needed to produce green and clean plant-based protein.
  • Justin Chou (Growthwell Foods) will present the benefits of diversifying plant protein portfolios with particular reference to Asian tastes.
  • Sunil Sukumaran (A perfect day) and Jan Pakas (Whole G Foods) will share what he has learned as a leader in fermentation and discuss the challenges of scaling up production.
  • Aaron Yeo (Just eat it) will engage audiences with an intimate fireside conversation focused on consumer awareness, understanding and acceptance of new food products.
  • Nick Hazell (V2Food) will help close the first day of the summit by looking at the bigger picture of how to build a thriving agri-food ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Fern Ho (Leaf protein) will cook live on stage as part of the Food of the Future cooking demo.

The full programme, speaking faculty and delegate registration details are available on the website.

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