Milk in high demand at Carnaross Dairy Sales

Demand for milk was high at Taaffe Auctions’ Carnaross dairy sale on Wednesday (September 14) with 85 fresh-calved heifers and cows on offer.

Cho. The sale at the Meath-based mart also saw 15 high economic breeding index (EBI) spring heifers on offer over the next few months.

Stock came from counties Cork and Wicklow for sale and found new homes in the north-east and even in Cork.

Milk in high demand

Fresh calved heifers and second lactation cows made up the majority of the sale and demand was strong for all cattle.

The highest price of the day is Co. for sale. It was given to a heifer that had traveled all the way from Limerick.

Lot 25, Ballyclan Doorman Luster 3430, sold for 4,250 gr. She is a potential 14th generation VG/EX cow.

Dam Ballyclan Aftershock Luster ET (VG89) sired by Val-Bisson Doorman produced 10,710kg of milk in her third lactation with 3.79% fat and 3.15% protein.

Lot 25: Ballyclan Doorman Luster 3430 sold for 4250gns

The second highest price of the day went to Lot 31, Borkilbeg Fran 9For 3,850 gns.

Calving August 15th and producing 33 liters of milk, she is sired by Cogent Twist.

His stallion Borkilbeg Fran 4 (EX91-2E) produced 11,850 kg of milk in her fourth lactation with 3.48% fat and 3.04% protein.

Lot 31: Borkilbeg Fran 9, sold for 3850gns

The third highest price in the sale went to Lot 17. Cannontown Mayday Bellbrook; He won 3800 gr.

Sired by Abs Mayday-Et, she is now in her second lactation and is projected to produce 9,271kg with 4.77% fat and 3.51% protein.

Lot 17: Cannontown Mayday Bellbrook, sold for 3,800gns

The fourth highest price went to Lot 15, Cannontown Titan-SandraSold for 3,700 gr.

In her second lactation, she calved for 18 days, milked 40 l.

Provided by Wintersell Titan ET, she produced 9,424 kg of milk in her first lactation with 3.99% fat and 3.33% protein.

Lot 15: Cannontown Titan-Sandra, she sold for 3700gns

Corresponds to Lot 15 and is also 3,700gr was Lot 37, Lemraj Watcher’s Pledge (EX94-2E).

This fifth lactating cow, which calved on June 10, produced 10,160 kg of milk in her fourth lactation with 4.45% fat and 3.50% protein.

Lot 37: Lemrac Observer Pledge (EX94-2E), sold for 3,700gns

Gaining 3600gns was another second calf from the Cannontown herd: Lot 19, Cannontown Samuri Dellia.

Born August 2, she produced 8,746 kg of milk in her first lactation with 4.11% fat and 3.47% protein.

He is sired by Ocd Spring Samuri-Et and comes from the EX91 Canntown Windbrook Dellia dam.

Lot 19: Cannontown Samuri Dellia, sold for 3600gns

You can find some more sample prices from Wednesday’s sale in the galleries below.

More sample prices than the Wednesday sale.


Also offered in the sale were two pedigree Jersey heifers, both of which were of great interest.

Lot 59 entered the ring first. Ballyealan Disco Louise 3428From September 2, new calves are sold for 2900 gr.

The second Jersey heifer calving from August 29 was Lot 59A. Clonocey Joel Fay.

She won second prize for In-Calf Bred Jersey Heifer at the Tullamore Show this year.

Her dam Thurlstone May Fay (EX93-2E) was Form Champion at the 2017 Emerald Expo and Reserve Form Champion at the 2016 Royal Ulster Agricultural Society (RUAS) Winter Show.

Clonocey Joel Fay sold for 3000g.

Spring heifers

15 spring heifers were seen in the last part of the sale, the price of which varies between 1900-2600 gr.

The highest price from this section of the sale went to Lot 95, Pepperstown Main Daisy.

A Kilfeacle Pivotal daughter with an EBI of €171, she sold for 2600gns in early October.

Lot 95: Pepperstown Pivotal Daisy, sold for 2600gns

The second highest price went to Lot 93. Pepperstown Ebony ShirleyMonabrogue Ebony heifer sold for 2500gns on October 18.

Lot 93: Pepperstown Ebony Shirley, sold for 2500gns

A few more sample prices from this part of the sale can be seen in the gallery below.

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