New inland fishing technique pays rich dividends in Virudhunagar- The New Indian Express

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VIRUDHUNAGAR: Farmers who have adopted the High Density Polyethylene lined (HDPE) farm pond method for fish rearing have reaped rich rewards in the district. After complaints from farmers that the sandy soil texture widespread in most areas of the district is not suitable for maintaining water content and therefore it is not possible to engage in fish farming, the district fisheries department has started to promote this method of fish farming. This type of animal husbandry was armed with state government subsidies for the first time in February 2021.

Speaking to TNIE, Assistant Director of Fisheries G Rajendran said that an HDPE sheet has been placed in the farm pond to overcome the lack of sand texture. “Officials will conduct an on-site inspection to confirm the availability of water resources near the pond and later bear 50% of the total cost in the form of subsidy. The total cost of constructing the HDPE pond will be around Rs 1,54,000,” he said.

Farmer K Maharajan (56) of Vembakottai’s Vallampatti village, who started commercial fish farming using this new method in April 2022, said he produces about 100 kg of fish every fortnight. “This method of farming has provided me with a stable source of income. I earn Rs 5,000 per week,” he said.

Maharajan won the Best Farmer Award (Tamil Nadu Innovative Initiative) for his efforts in fish farming on the occasion of World Fisheries Day last Monday. “While any type of fish can be farmed using HDPE ponds, GIFT (Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia), a fast-growing fish species, can provide good returns in a short period of time,” said Rajendran.

About 10 million liters of water will be required for 1000 square meters of land. As the fish are reared indoors, no more than 1,500 should be reared in a 1,000 square meter pond. Only protein-rich foods should be given, and vegetables and fruits should be avoided as long as they are in the diet. The Fisheries Department later introduced this fishing technique in other districts including Dindigul and Madurai.


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