Quotations are kept – but factories are paying €6.40-6.50/kg

Yesterday, factory quotes for lamb were up for the third week in a row as numbers and demand continued to balance.

The FA’s Kevin Comiskey and ICSA’s Sean McNamara both report lamb prices at €6.40-6.50/kg, with the former claiming there are deals up to 22kg.

Mr McNamara said increased demand had forced some mills to raise prices by 10c/kg above what they were officially quoted.

Yesterday’s official quotes saw Kildare Chilling continue to lead our table with a quality guarantee of €6.20+10c/kg.

On the pushing sheep side, ICM crops remain firm at €3.30/kg, while Kildare, which fell to €2.90/kg last week, was down 10c/kg yesterday.

Prices for lighter stores have fallen by €3-4/hd last week with very strong market figures. However, Ivan Moffitt, who saw a total of 6,100 ewes go through Manorhamilton’s sale rings in two sales last week, thinks forward ewes will remain steady.

Paul Sheridan of Ballyjamesduff agrees, saying: “I think prices could improve. Factories tried to lower prices, but failed. “Even if there are still many lambs there, I see that they are hungry for sheep.”

Gerry Finnerty of Ennis notes that while well-finished lambs are moving well, he is seeing more half-finished lambs. goes through the system. He thinks this is partly due to the increased number of lambs, which should be better adapted.

“Better adapted lambs, no different than continental cattle, need to be fed to get the best out of them,” he says. “But this year, this did not happen in some farms, and it is related to the price of fodder.

“A couple with a dearth of grass, and some of the sheep I see are not only underfed, but emaciated.”

Meanwhile, Mr Sheridan expects most of the ewes bought now will not be put into rams.

“I know guys are buying them and their general plan is to take them to next fall and then kill them,” he said.

“If in the meantime lamb falls to €8/kg, as it has this year, they will kill them sooner.”

It makes me wonder again how many people in the game actually want to hunt lamb sheep. We cannot continue to kill breeding stock and expect these numbers to occur in the years to come.

The department’s latest meat market report for the week ending September 11 clearly shows that there has been a significant shift away from early lamb production.

In general, the number of sheep killed this year increased by 7 percent to 1 million 958 thousand 692, but the number of summer lambs slaughtered by 823,757 was 81,936 in 2021.

For comparison, the number of slaughtered lambs/pigs increased significantly and amounted to 896,892 heads, which is 200,246 more than the same period last year.

This shift away from true spring lamb production should worry processors.

Around March


A very large sale with 4,276 ewes on offer saw your heavy lambs sell for €136-140/hd or €83-89/hd over €/kg, while factory lambs made €85-91/hd on weight. saw what he did.

Stores up to 35-40 kg sold for €45-68/hd on €/kg, while heavier animals sold for €55-73/hd on weight.

Heavier dogs made €140-168/hd and lighter ewes €76-128/hd.

On the breeding side, Suffolk and Cheviot hoggets sold at €150-285/hd, Suffolk cross ewe lambs at €100-150/hd and Cheviot ewe lambs at €96-168/hd.


A bigger sale saw heavy lambs top €146/hd for 52.8kg, while 41.2kg stores sold to €115/hd.

Among the heavy lambs, other examples included 56kg at €145/hd, 52.8kg at €142/hd and 50kg at €140/hd, while on the store side 36.3kg at €105/hd and 38.4kg at €110/hd . , 104 €/hd with 35 kg.

Among the lambs, 47.3kg sold for €154/hd, 51.6kg for €147/hd and 46.6kg for €146/hd.

Then in weights, 41kg made €134/hd, 42.6kg made €128/hd and 45.2kg new pasture made €135/hd.

Ewes sold at a premium of €200/hd.


The number of sheep in Laois rose to 700 last week as a road was plowed. Michael Harty believes that the higher number is probably also due to a shortage of grass.

As a result, trading was quieter while steady.

On the factory side, 56kg sold for €149/hd, 54kg made €141-146/hd and 47-49kg made €128-129/hd, with a top price of €130/hd for a 47kg lot.

On the store side, 34-37 kg lambs sold for €91-100, while 37 kg ewes were €106/hd.

Strong trading for hoggets saw overall prices at €170-€200/hd with tops at €240/hd.


Paul Sheridan was another strong sheep last week, delivering 1,000 sheep. Heavy lambs were a “pretty good trade.”

He added: “A 48kg lamb at €141/hd in March is €3-4/hd more expensive than the same lamb at the factory at €137-138”.

Light plant varieties between 43-44 kg averaged €127/hd. The 30kg stores sold well, €104/hd for quality, with a top price of €111/hd for a 33kg lot.

The price of sheep weighing 40 kg was 128-129 euros/hd.


Here, the biggest sale of the year coincided with strong farmers buying stores, which improved €5-8/hd, while stronger factory raised root lambs improved €2-3/hd.

Lambs weighing more than 50 kg were sold at €140-147/hd, with factory types from 45-49 kg at €135-141/hd.

Shops up to 40-45kg sell for €110-119/hd, tops up to 31-36kg sell for €91-99/hd.

On the lamb side, the top price was €151/hd for 42kg, with 37kg selling at €130/hd and 35kg at €112/hd.

Heavy pusher ewes sold at €194/hd at 91kg, better fed ewes at €125-150 and lighter ewes at €75-112/hd.

Most of your strong breeding stock sold between €170-180/hd, with a lighter offering between €140-160/hd.


Numbers are up here too, with stronger trade for both finished and store lambs.

Heavy lambs sold to €/kg to €142/hd or €84-90/hd, with factory types making €68-87/hd to €/kg and making a top price of €135/hd.

Forward stores made €57-71/hd compared to a weight of €110/hd; lighter stores sold between €43-70hd at €/kg.

Slaughter sheep demand was lower, trending down by an average of €10/hd. This put your heavier losses at €140-171/hd and your lighter ones at €50-127/hd.

Ewe lambs made €114-152/hd, heifers sold between €170-200/hd.

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