Recent market prices seen at Ruthin auction

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 2,327 lambs sold to £134 / 301 ppk and 365 ewes to £128.

Prime Lambs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Big Friday entry with 2327 head lambs!

The SQQ was 234.3 ppk and the overall average was 234.4 ppk.

Highest Price:

44.5kg from £134 by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

45kg at £130 by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

50.5kg for £130 by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

Highest price per kilo:

44kg at 301.1 ppk by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

45kg at 288.9 ppk by G & ML Roberts, Carreg y Fran.

39.5kg at 278.5 ppk by EL & CR & A Ellis, Ty Isa.

Super Lights 192ppk, av 168ppk; Light 250ppk, av 215.8ppk; Standards 270.3ppk, av 232.8ppk; Averages 301.1ppk, av 242.3ppk; Weight 271.7ppk, av 243.4ppk; Up to 230.2ppk, av 221.6ppk.

Welsh lambs on the day were mainly in the 220s and sharper on the week.

Some well traveled cattle and new vendors at the auction along with the usual good supporters.

Thank you to all buyers and sellers near and far.

Mass Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top priced ewes Elfed Williams, Gweirglodd Bach and Crossbred ewes went to £128.

Texel up to £128; Wales up to £94; Spotted up to £47; crossbreed up to £128; Mules to £83; Aberfield – £100; Llane – £68; Blue faced Leicester £56; Charollais to £90.

Overall average £58.31.

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Ruthin Shop and Stud Sale – November 10th

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 73 heifers sold to £1,470; Four bull heifers to £1980; 97 steers for £1,650; £1586.41 / 224ppk from 24 OTMs; 12 cows and calves to £1,880; 158 calves to £315; 2330 store lambs £124; 94 breeding ewes £128; 13 rams 380gns and 140 weanlings at £90.

Store Cattle (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

All cattle met an excellent trade from start to finish!

A total of 73 heifers made £1,470 for Lim, 25 months, from Mathew Evans, Pwll Pridd.

Some other prices:

21 month Lim £1360; 18 month Lim £1335; 14 month Lim £1220; 11 month Lim £1030; 21 month old Char £1330; 25 month Char £1265; 11 month old Char £1040; 19 month old Saler x £1190; 25 month Fleck £1175; 25 month BB £1170; 19 months His £850.

Overall average £1061.78.

A 97-nominated player made £1,650 for Lim, an 18-month-old from G Lloyd & Son, Bryn Golau.

Some other prices:
15 month Lim £1605; 26 month Lim £1555; 15 month Lim £1490; 17 month Lim £1400; 20 month Char £1435; 12 month Char £1185; 17 month old Char £1240; 21 month BB £1260; 21 month Sim £1200; 18 month SIM £1155; 16 month AA £1160; 20 month AA £1200; 19 months BAQ £1240.

Overall average £1167.94.

A very good cattle show with some cracking cattle to choose from on the day.

Demand still outstrips supply, so if you have an auction to sell, don’t hesitate to contact the auction.

OTMs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Only 24 barrens ahead.

Top price per kilo of 224 ppk went to EA Davies & Co, Dolwerfyl, for a 55-month-old Lim weighing 610kg.

Top price £1586.41 went to Alwyn Jones, Ty’n y Caeau for a 114 month old WB weighing 865kg.

66-month-old Lim-690kg-216ppk; 32 months WB-640kg-209ppk; 102 months WB-780kg-190ppk; 108-month Lim-705kg-188ppk; 84 months Lim-585kg-185ppk; 114 months WB-865kg-183ppk; 124-month-old Lim-700kg-182ppk; 139-month-old Saler-690kg-180ppk; 44 months BB-650kg-178ppk; 147 months WB-690kg-172ppk; 148 months WB-745kg-172ppk; 39-month-old Lim-410kg-168ppk; 88 months BB-620kg-168ppk; 61-month-old Lim-640kg-158ppk; 98 months BB-640kg-152ppk.

Total average £1032.63 / 162ppk.

Weanlings (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A welcome entry of 140 weaners for the second week of November, keep it coming!

Weaners continue to experience a lively trade.

Top price Morris sold an 8 month old Lim bull to Brynllwyd for £900.


7 month old Friesian bulls to £230; 7 month old Saler bull to £800; 4 months AA to bulls up to £380; 8 month old BB bull to £840; 5 month old BA bull to £680; 6 month old Lim Bull to £740; 12 month old BB heifer to £740; 7 month Lim heifer to £730; 6 month old Char bull to £805; 6 month old Char heifer to £695.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A stunning real elevator full house in the trade!

Lots on offer for all calves.

Please let the numbers come.

Top price was Roberts, Rossa Bach selling a BB bull calf for £315.


BB heifers to £300; Lim heifer to £250; Lim Bull to £240; AA bull to £210; AA heifers to £120; His bull £120; His heifer £140; HF bull to £65.

The winner of the Aberdeen Angus competition was MW Roberts, Bodynys, who sold a bull calf for £210 and was bought by TW Jones, Twnan Ucha. Named father is an a-hole.

Cows and Calves (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A solid trade for the time of year.

Top price Davies sold Prys Mawr aged Lim cows to £1880 with Lim bulls on foot, with others at £1780 and £1760.


Lim first calf with Lim bull calves standing to £1320; Hereford 2nd calf sold to £1,050 with a BB heifer calf at foot.

Quality Pedigree Lim heifers from Mathew Evans, Pwll Pridd, sold to £1980, £1820 and £1430.

Lamb Shop (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Flying trade on the day with a super entry of 2,330 store lambs.

The alleys are full of buyers, and every week the increasing confidence increases according to the oil trade.

Lots of choice and variation in lambs and something to suit everyone.

Top price was J & DI Owen, selling Tyddyn Frencher Texel ewe lambs for £124.

Texel ram lambs £116; Welsh ram lambs £58; Romney rammed lambs to £46; Romney ewe lambs £40; Hampshire lambs to £95; Dutch spotted lambs to £81; Crossbred ewe lambs to £86; Charollais ewe lambs £76; Charollais ram lambs £65; Mule ram lambs £84; Spotted ram lambs to £79; Scotch ram lambs £41; Lleyn ram lambs £64; Suffolk ewe lambs £91; Suffolk ram lambs £90; Beulah ram lambs £79; Beltex ewe lambs £77.

Overall average £63.48.

Breeding Rams (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Texel up to £380; Suffolk – £310; Bluefaced Leicester £280; Charollais to £180.

Ruth’s Primestock Sale – November 8th

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 2,668 lambs sold to £147 / 305 ppk and 478 ewes to £180.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 2658 head of lambs reached the improved SQQ level of 253.8 ppk.

Sellers with heavy lambs benefited from the increase in trade, but all lambs were up.

Over 1,400 average weight lambs averaged £108/head, with heavier and overweight lambs close to the £25/head mark.

676 standard at 250ppk and better lit per week at 240ppk.

Highest Price:

Lights (31kg) £84, JD Pierce, Bryn Material.

Standards (39kg) by JG & EV Roberts, Simdde Hir £116.

Medium (43.5kg) by Gwion Morgan £128.

Heavyweights (46.5kg) by Gwion Morgan £135.

Overweight (59.5kg) £147, IWL & PE Evans, Maes Carneddau.

Highest price per kilo:

Lights (31kg) 271ppk, D Pearce, Bryn Material.

Standards (39kg) 297.4ppk by JG & EV Roberts, Simdde Hir.

Intermediates (40kg) 305ppk, Mrs FR Jones, Y Graig.

Heavyweights (46.5 kg) 290.3 ppk by Gwion Morgan.

Overweight (53 kg) 262.3 ppk by N Kite.

Lights 271ppk, av 239.1ppk; Standards 297.4ppk, av 250.4ppk; Averages 305ppk, av 255.4ppk; Weight 290.3ppk, av 251.7ppk; Up to 262.3ppk, av 238.4ppk.

Overall average 252.6 ppk; SQQ 253.8ppk.

Mass Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top selling ewes went to Gwion Morgan, Ty’n y Wern at £180 for a Beltex ewe.

The top priced ram went to Esmor Evans at Monfa at £162 for Texel rams.

Texel – £62; Cross breed up to £150; From Wales to £80; Scotch to £106; Mules to £96; Badgerface – £50; Beltex up to £180; Blue faced up to £150; Half Bred – £96; Llane – £82; Cheviot up to £80; Beulah – £52; Charollais – £142; Aberfield – £110; From Tal y Bont to £102.

Overall average £74.17

Keep the numbers rolling in every Tuesday and Friday to meet strong demand.

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