Rotherwood Lowlines: A window into the 2022 Supreme Show winner

The doctor recommended a move to the country to prolong whatever time she had left—and that did the trick, because Mrs. Gilbert’s twenty years are still going a million miles an hour.

But his move to the country has transformed him into someone his girlfriends in the city barely recognize…someone…different.

Mrs. Gilbert dealt in cattle.

In a big way.

Her pedigree at the 2022 Melbourne Royal Show Rotherwood Lowlines (Moving Terip Terip) dominated the demonstration ring.

His cow, Rotherwood Precious Girl, won the competition, producing the grand champion female.

Rotherwood Gointreau cut a similar path in the On Ice men’s event and performed like a grand champion bull.

There could only be one supreme exhibit.

The two size up each other, the judges are busy and Ms. Gilbert is forced to choose her favorite.

Rotherwood Precious Girl and her standing calf Rotherwood Tsunami – Red Excitement. Pony-sized cattle have an extremely efficient feed-to-weight ratio. “The size is a real bonus, especially for farmers in France or Belgium where their holdings are shrinking. Even here, properties are getting smaller and smaller,” Ms. Gilbert said. Rotherwood sold his sperm to France, Belgium and Great Britain. Photo by Supped

The winner takes all

It was a tense moment – Australian Lowlines were the 2022 feature breed at the Royal Melbourne Show, and the sea of ​​industry veterans was very much in focus.

“One of the judges stopped and talked to me,” Ms. Gilbert said.

“He said he never thought he’d say that about a Lowline, but wow, the size of this guy was unbelievable.”

So Cointreau and his big flanks had a fan base – but was it enough to beat Precious Girl, who struts a gorgeous red calf and embodies the pony-sized height that Lowlines love?

Anklebiter Tsunami Red Alert was really performing for her mother and Precious Girl was on her best behavior too.

“It really surprised me,” Ms. Gilbert admitted.

“I’ve never taken him to a show before and he’s about five but he’s been coming up to me in the paddock for a long time.

“Precious Girl was an orphaned calf and she was raised in a bottle, so she can be very tame and submissive with people, but she was very well behaved that day.”

The moment of truth: who was the favourite?

“I have the closest relationship with Cointreau,” Ms. Gilbert said.

“But I wanted the cow to win because she is special. “I was very close to his mother and grandmother, who were great show winners, but now they are both gone.”

Finally, the judges decided.

Orphaned, first-time show stallion Precious Girl won the Supreme Australian Lowline Show, placing her at the top of the breed in Victoria.

“It’s unreal that a man and a woman can be great champions against each other,” Ms Gilbert said.

But it was not the first.

Exactly 10 years ago in 2012, Precious Girl’s great-aunt Glamor Girl beat her paddock mate to claim the top show ribbon.

The situation repeated itself again in 2017, but that time the bull won.

How did it start? A bull at the window

Vicki Gilbert at the Royal Melbourne Show dressed up for the feature breed Lowline dinner. “A lot of the public thought they were Angus, so we did a lot of education and promotion, explaining how good Lowlines are for women, children and older people.” Photo by Supped

Mrs. Gilbert has been breeding Lowlines for 17 years – a long time for a breed that first appeared on the market in 1992.

He credits this longevity, plus a good eye for structure and a close relationship with his animals for his genetic success stories – allowing him to continue the docile nature and large carcass of the smaller Aussie cattle breeds.

“I live for them. I love them. They have such beautiful, individual personalities. I also love the reproductive aspect of it – when it works,” Ms Gilbert said.

“My blood is coming back. Especially cows – they go back a long way. I’ve kept the flock closed, so I know what my blood vessels are producing, it’s a big structure.”

To top it all off, Vicki Gilbert won a side-by-side Kubota at the Melbourne Royal Show. Expect to see the orange car jamming around Terip Terip. Photo by Supped

So how did it all begin?

It begins with Mrs. Gilbert’s move to the country as a city where her breeding experience begins and ends with dogs.

By this time he had a horse and lived on the Cann River, so his country studies continued.

“One day I woke up and heard a funny noise,” Ms. Gilbert recalls.

“I looked out the window and there was this beautiful bull with a nose ring and beautiful curls around his face.”

It was love at first sight.

When their neighbors fall apart Rotherwood Lowline Mrs. Gilbert was there to buy her bull.

“I bought him, six cows and got the stud name,” he said.

“This bull and one cow cost me four times more than the others, but I had to have them and they turned out to be fantastic genetics.”

Most first-time cattlemen don’t jump right into bull ownership, but the Lowline’s docile nature made it a smooth transition.

“I was a little nervous. I’ve never petted a cow, I’ve brushed and clipped them,” Ms. Gilbert said.

“But he was going to shows and was very quiet.”

The bull was Boxer, and one expensive cow was Desire.

Wish died in early 2022, aged 21, before Mrs Gilbert moved from Cann River to Terip Terip.

“He was buried on my old property on the Cann River. It was very hard to leave him behind,” Ms Gilbert said.

The move represents a slimming down of the Rotherwood operation, reducing acreage and going from 80 head to 24.

It also brings Mrs Gilbert closer to her nephew, who breeds Cann Valley Lowlines at Tallygaroopna.

The boxer died in 2010 and received his own obituary Journal of the Australian Lower Cattle Association.

Rotherwood Boxer 26/12/2002 – 22/3/2010

Beautiful Boxer… you broke our hearts the day you broke your hip. You were the heart and soul of our stand and such a huge part of our success. You will always live on with your beautiful offspring and our wonderful memories of you. Your beloved girl ‘Dream’ will also miss you because you were such a wonderful companion and together you gave birth to beautiful babies. Boxer you will always be special. Thanks for everything Boxer boy.

Anything with “girl” in the name is from Ms. Gilbert’s exclusive Boxer/Wish line.

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