Ruthin center sees steady trade during primestock sale

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 1268 lambs to £132 / 271.4 ppk and 500 ewes to £105.

Prime Lambs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

In total, 1253 lambs were presented during the day.

Trading was steady throughout the week without much change.

Sellers with good flesh lambs continue to be well rewarded, but the day’s show was somewhat lacking in this regard.

A mixed show but still plenty of competitive offers and a very respectable SQQ of 220ppk per day.

Highest Price:

55kg for £132 by MH & EH Owens, Glantre.

52kg for £130 by MH & EH Owens, Glantre.

52kg for £116 by A & RL Williams, Pentre.

Highest price per kilo:

42kg at 271.4 ppk by MH & EH Owens, Glantre.

43kg at 255.8 ppk by MH & EH Owens, Glantre.

52kg at 250 ppk by MH & EH Owens, Glantre.

Lights 218.5ppk, av 188.7ppk; Standards 247.4ppk, av 219.1ppk; Averages 271.4ppk, av 224.4ppk; Weight 250ppk, av 224.1ppk; Up to 240ppk, av 218.1ppk.

SQQ 220ppk; Overall average 220.2 ppk.

Mass Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top priced ram went to Sion Jones, Cefn Eithin for Texel at £90.

Top selling ewe went to W Coulter, Rosslyn, £105 for a Texel.
Texel up to £105; Llane – £93; Mules to £90; Romney up to £88; Tal y Bont to £86; Suffolk up to £70; crossbreed up to £65; Cheviot – £62; Spotted up to £52; From Wales to £50.

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Ruthin Shop and Stud Sale – 29th September

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 114 heifers sold to £1,490; 116 steers at £1,500; £1574.40 / 238ppk from 27 OTMs; 110 calves to £440; 82 reaches £815; 47 dairy cattle at £1,900; 1915 store lambs to £95; Heifer 2202 at £260; 151 rams to 1140 grams; 953 ewe lambs at £143 and seven cows and calves at £1460.

Store Cattle (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Another big entry on the day with 347 cattle.

A cracking entry of cattle and a cracking trade to go with it.

A total of 114 heifers reached £1,490 for 17-month-old Charolais from WJ Evans, Olwen.

Some other prices:

18 month Lim £1420; 17 month old Char £1310; 23 month Lim £1280; 16 month Lim £1180; 17 month AA £1030; 17 months His £1030.

Overall average £991.13.

A 27-month-old Lim from JE & WI Owen, Nant Wrach Fawr, had 116 nominations to £1,500.

Some other prices:

22 months His £1440; 17 month Char £1425; 24 month BB £1360; 18 month SIM £1330; 15 month Lim £1310; 24 month AA £1260; 15 month Char £1195.

Overall average £1123.19.

More cattle this week.

If you have livestock to discuss trades or sell, please contact the auctioneer to let them know you need to enter.

OTMs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Top price per kilo was 238ppk for Hughes & Co, Ystrad Fawr at 565kg for 39-month-old Lim.

Top price £1574.40 went to J Hughes, Llety Wyn 77 months WB (820kg).

77 months WB-820kg-192ppk; 53-month LIM-590kg-190ppk; 40-month SIM-615-180ppk; 36-month LIM-445kg-170ppk; 132 months LIM-585kg-170ppk; 159 months WB-760kg-168ppk; 77 months STA-620kg-168ppk; 175 months SIM-690kg-168ppk; 50 months LUI-640kg-168ppk; 77 months WB-745kg-162ppk; 102 months WB-715kg-160ppk; 139 months old HER-700kg-160ppk; 76 months WB-980kg-158ppk; 143-month LIM-665kg-150ppk; 140 months LIM-565kg-150ppk.

Total average £1065.71 / 160ppk.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Despite the easy trade seen at other outlets in previous weeks, calves encountered firm trade at Ruthin.

Top price was Bryn Farm Thomas who sold a Lim heifer for £440.


BB bull £390; Fleck bull £135; BB heifer £290; Lim heifer £250; Mont bull £115; BF bull £85.

Weanlings (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A good entry with an uptick in trade as buyers gain more confidence in the business.

All types were in great demand.

Top price was Evans, Olwen selling a 13 month old BB heifer for £895.


6 month Lim heifer to £790; 9 month old BB bulls to £695; 6 month old Lim bulls £720; 14 month Baz – £730; 4 month old Lim Bull to £445.

Cows and Calves (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Charolais 1st calvers with Lim calves at foot sold to £460 and £1340.

In calves:

Pedigree Welsh Black heifers from D Norman, Soughton Farm, Pedigree Welsh Black bull, 2 months in calf PD £1110, £1020 and £1000.

Dairy Cattle (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Another successful monthly sale with very good buying support from near and far. Thank you to both sellers and buyers for your continued support.
A 24 month old heifer from Ty’n y Celyn, Roberts sold for £1,900
2nd calved HF £1640; 3rd calved HF £1640.

In calf HF heifers from Lisk Bros sold to £1560, £1170 and £1450 since November.

Holstein Friesian bull heifers sold to £800×2.

In-calf crossbred heifers sold to £680 from calf to cross bull, March.

The next monthly sale will be on October 27. Entries are now invited.

Shop Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Put forward 2207 stud.

Top price was £260 for A Oare, Pant y Groes and Texel 2-tooth ewes at £260.

Tal y Bont 2t £88; Tal y Bont 5/6yrs £70; Texel 2t £260; Texel 4t £135; Welsh 2t £64; Llane 2t £102; Cheviot 2t £135; Suffolk 2t £150; Mule 2t £150; Beulah 2t £122; Beulah 4t £110; Aberfield 2t £138; Aberfield 4t £148; Crossbred 2t £145; Spotted 2t £110.

Overall average £83.84.

Lamb Shop (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Lambs kept in 1915 to the stronger trade generally made the strongest Texel x ram lambs £82 to £90 and the strongest ewes £72 to £89.

Keep the lambs in the shade longer so that more local buyers will turn to them.

Top price CP Goulding, Yews with Texel ram lambs reached £95.

Texel ewe lambs £91; Charollais ram lambs £93; Charollais ewe lambs £89; cross ram lambs at £73.50; Crossbreed ewe lambs £52; Suffolk ewe lambs £84; Suffolk ram lambs £74; Mule ewes to £73; Mule ram lambs £66; Welsh ram lambs £61; Spotted ram lambs £50; Lleyn ram lambs £45; Lleyn ewes to £45.

Overall average £58.17.

Lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Compared to previous weeks there were 953 lambs and the demand for ewes tupping was higher.

The strongest batches of Texel x anywhere from £120 to £135.

Beefy running varieties are a steady trade from £75 to £95, while lighter varieties are £55 to £65.

Annual shipments from Morris, Penrhewl and Bryn Kenrick have been booked for this week.

Top price went to IH Morris & Son, Penrhewl for Texel ewe lambs at £143.

Texel to £143; Mules to £120; crossbreed up to £98; Cheviot £94; Beulah – £76; Spotted to £50.

Overall average £95.38.

Rams (auctioneer-Dafydd Pary):

Despite the large entry, trade was solid throughout with quality rams still in great demand.

Top price was Owen, selling his Foel Gadeirius Texel 2tooth for £1,140.
Lleyn 2t 380gns; Holland 2 t 280 gns; Dutch ram lamb 170 g; Beltex 2t 320gns; Beltex ram lamb meat 170 g; Charollais 2t 420gns; Charollais 4t 400gns; Texel 2t 1140gns; Blue Texel 2t 280gns; Suffolk 2t 517gns; Suffolk ram lamb 400 g; Cheviot 2t 280gns; Blue faced Leicester 2t 360gns; Blue faced Leicester 6t 400gns.

Ruth’s primestock sale – 27 September

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports 1,796 lambs to £131 / 297.4 ppk and 890 ewes to £170.

Prime lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Very close to 1800 lambs a day with the weather certainly playing a part in the morning.

Overall weight averaged 234 ppk, lambs averaged 241 ppk and feeder sellers were well rewarded.

Heavy lambs average 238 ppk and lighter lambs under 30kg are more difficult to place at 178 ppk.

Highest Price:

Lights (31kg) E Noble by Coed Mawr £66.

Standards (39kg) £116, JA Ratcliffe, Kelsterton Farm.

Mediums (45.5kg) by IE Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant £123.

Heavyweights (51kg) by A Jones & Son, Nant Ucha £127.

Overweight (65kg) £131, Gareth E Jones, Cae Coed.

Highest price per kilo:

Lights (31kg) 212.9 ppk by E Noble, Coed Mawr.

Standards (39kg) 297.4 ppk, JA Ratcliffe, Kelsterton Farm.

Mediums (40kg) 285ppk, Ty Isa, Llanfair DC.

Heavy (46.5kg) 262.4 ppk TH Vaughan & Sons, Maesmochnant.

Over (52.5kg) 240 ppk, Ty Isa, Llanfair DC.

Lights 212.9ppk, av 176.9ppk; Standards 297.4ppk, av 229.9ppk; Averages 285ppk, av 240.9ppk; Weight 262.4ppk, av 237.8ppk; Up to 240ppk, av 223.6ppk.

Overall average 234.7 ppk; SQQ 234.1ppk.

Mass Sheep (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top selling ram was RG Owen & Co, Foel Gadeiriau, with a Texel ram rising to £170.

The top selling ewes were £138 with Gareth E Jones, Cae Coed, Texel ewes.
Cheviot – £138; Beltex up to £123; crossbreed up to 112 pounds; Hampshire ram to £110; Mules to £87; Beulah – £85; Easy care up to £80; Tal y Bont – £70; Halfbreeds up to £57; Suffolk – £57; From Wales to £55; Aberfield up to £50.

Overall average £42.41.

Please keep numbers coming every Tuesday and Friday to meet strong demand.

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