California drought hurts Iowa beekeepers

MOUNT VERNON, Iowa (AP) — Some Iowa beekeepers are making extra money by taking their bees to California for the winter to pollinate almond trees, but that business is literally drying up because of the West Coast drought. “Some of the old gardens are being torn down,” said Phil Ebert, 80, founder of Ebert Honey, … Read more

How an innovative hive entrance can help save bees

Greenwich, Connecticut CNN — Raina Singhvi Jain is allergic to honey bees. Once, a sting in his leg put him out of work for weeks. But that hasn’t deterred the 20-year-old social entrepreneur from her mission to save these important pollinators, which have suffered decades of population decline. About 75% of the world’s crops depend … Read more

New Zealand targets cow burps to reduce global warming

PALMERSTON NORTH, New Zealand (AP) – How do you stop a cow from burping? This may sound like the beginning of a humorous puzzle, but it is the subject of a major scientific study in New Zealand. And the answer could seriously affect the health of the planet. More specifically, the question is how to … Read more

When you’re grieving, you may need 3 things that only a dog can give

Editor’s note: Sign up for CNN’s Stress But Less newsletter. Our six-part mindfulness guide will inform and inspire you to reduce stress while learning how to harness it. CNN — When a family came to Koch Funeral Home in Pennsylvania State College to identify a loved one before cremation, Monroe noted — staying back to … Read more


Contact:Kent Donahue 407-858-1418 ORLANDO, FL – The Florida Department of Health in Orange County is advising residents to avoid injury from animals that may be displaced by the storm. How to prevent snake bites: To get to higher ground, be aware of snakes swimming in the water and snakes hiding under debris or other … Read more

Pamplin Media Group – OPINION: The fading miracle of migration

Pepper Trail: ‘What happens to migratory birds really tells the story.’ For the past few weeks, dozens of turkeys have been circling the thermals over my home in Oregon, preparing to fly south to California. Not long ago, I saw a late monarch butterfly fly overhead, its orange wings glowing against the blue sky. These … Read more