Pamplin Media Group – OPINION: The fading miracle of migration

Pepper Trail: ‘What happens to migratory birds really tells the story.’ For the past few weeks, dozens of turkeys have been circling the thermals over my home in Oregon, preparing to fly south to California. Not long ago, I saw a late monarch butterfly fly overhead, its orange wings glowing against the blue sky. These … Read more

Weird marks on your leaves? How to decipher them…

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, some of us mastered baking (if we could get our hands on flour) or devoted ourselves to growing a new mail-order houseplant.Add announcement Charley Eiseman, as always, has set the bar a little higher. In 2020, he decided to keep a count of some of the creatures … Read more

More than Half of US Bird Species Are Declining

There are several bird feeders dangling between the aspen stands on our property, two of which can easily be seen while washing the dishes. As a result, it is impossible not to follow the comings and goings of not only individual birds, but also the species they represent. For years, we could tell spring was … Read more


DAVID Y. IGEGovernor SUZANNE D. WORKCHAIRMAN For immediate release: August 26, 2022 Desperation levels are high as BIRD SEARCH AND RESCUE continues in Kauai. Click on the photo to watch the video or follow this link: (LĪHUʻE) – As five members of a bird rescue group gather for 10 days at a wilderness camp … Read more