How to Use Positive Markers in Dog Training

Use positive markers to effectively and accurately communicate the behavior you want your dog to see. (Photo: Kali Parmley) Equestrian sports have always fascinated me. The back of a horse has always been one of the places I wanted to be. In equestrian field trials, the dog is required to chase a bird and stand … Read more

How to train your dog like a pro

Professional trainers always direct the dog to calm down to obey their commands. (Photo: Susanna Love) Professional trainers have a distinct advantage when it comes to handling animals. During his professional career, he has worked with numerous dog personalities and spent countless hours observing various training scenarios. This experience gives professional trainers a unique perspective … Read more

Hidden bathroom cameras, tip leads to arrest of CA dog trainer

The FBI has arrested a former high-tech worker and dog agility trainer from Shingle Springs, charging him with child abuse and planting hidden cameras in the bathroom of his home to record young boys for a decade. Terry Francis Le Clair, 64, was arrested by the FBI and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail … Read more

Using hand signals with gun dogs

Because our dogs rely heavily on non-verbal communication, they can easily use hand signal commands in the field. (Photo: Jordan Horak) From the outside, owning and training a gun dog may seem like a very simple proposition. However, once that puppy comes into our home and we begin to care for and train it, owning … Read more

Preseason Preparations – Gun Dog

Taking a three-step approach to your pre-season plans with your gun dog will ensure they are ready for hunting season. (Photo: Susanna Love) With the opening of the seasons, plans are made for a big time in this area. Vacation time is reserved for hunting and trips to new and familiar places are planned. The … Read more

Tips to help your dog stay cool during preseason Tra

Working dogs in the water helps keep them cool. (Photo courtesy of Eukanuba) September 01, 2022 By Wildfowl Staff How cool are dogs According to Russ Kelly, Scientific Services Nutritionist at the Eukanuba™ Center for Animal Health and Nutrition, “Dogs reduce their body temperature in a number of ways. 70% of their heat is released … Read more