Drought, heat Plains crop production cut | Dave Bergmeier

For many High Plains farmers, 2022 will be remembered as one of the toughest years for growing corn, sorghum and soybeans. Photo by Ben Rumbaugh. Holly Thrasher, a DEKALB Asgrow technical agronomist in Stafford, Kansas, works with growers in the central plains and says dryland yields for corn, sorghum and soybeans in the summer and … Read more

Twin Lakes couple volunteer to breed service, enterprise dogs

In this annual season of pausing to reflect on gratitude and give thanks, four people with disabilities around the Midwest are grateful this Thanksgiving for the lives enriched by a special volunteerism from a west Kenosha County couple. Since 2010, “dog-centric” Twin Lakes residents Catherine and Scott Rupp, retired certified public accountants with tax backgrounds, … Read more

Designing Facilities Considering Cattle Health | Dairy News

Having facilities that allow livestock to be handled safely and efficiently offers rich opportunities to improve animal health. While efficiency is important, it is important to focus on safety when designing processing facilities, as this will allow you to manage cow health while reducing the risk of injury to both livestock and people. While many … Read more

Africa: The Potential of Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

Biotechnology can play a key role in creating a more sustainable framework for agriculture in Africa Advances in digital technology are beginning to reshape agriculture. The right combination of technology and processes allows farmers to apply only the water or fertilizer they need, monitor conditions more effectively, and use data to drive additional profits. Connected … Read more

Honey is a delicious business at Westminster College | Local News

The sweet success is the result of the Westminster Bee Company’s campus collaboration. The student-led business now sells honey produced at Westminster College’s apiary in the Campus Store and the response has been positive. The company last spring Dr. Developed by nine students on Helen Boylan’s environmental entrepreneurship course. They are tasked with creating sustainable, … Read more

Whole cottonseed is an attractive feed supplement, New Mexico cattle producer says | Dave Bergmeier

A cattle producer in New Mexico has been feeding whole cottonseed for many years, and he believes other farmers could benefit from the supplement. Shutterstock image. Alisa Ogden lives on a third-generation family farm in Loving, New Mexico, with a diversified crop base that includes a cow-calf operation in addition to growing cotton. According to … Read more

Be careful, read labels when feeding failed plants | News

By Gail Ellis Oklahoma farmers are getting creative with alternative forage crops this fall because drought has dramatically reduced normal hay yields. “It’s been an unusual year, and all summer crops can fail,” said Todd Baughman, a row weed specialist at Oklahoma State University. “Producers need to make sure they’re clear with the insurance companies … Read more

Africa: Climate Change Brings Previously Unthinkable New Pest and Disease Pressures

Berlin — Temperate climate zones are home to most of the world’s richest countries, and they have until now been the world’s main breadbaskets for meeting international demands for grains, oilseeds and livestock. However, climate change threatens to alter the course of history, allowing some native pests to reproduce more frequently and for longer periods … Read more

Planning for Texas cattle producers, looking toward post-drought market | Columnists

According to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert, Texas cattle producers need to plan ahead and be prepared for scenarios that position them well to capitalize on a potentially strong post-drought cattle market. Jason Cleere, Ph.D., AgriLife Extension statewide beef cattle specialist, Bryan-Collec Station, said cattle producers, especially those affected by rainfall between now … Read more

The tourism commission awarded the city about $167,000 to help pay off the Riviera renovation debt

The Lake Geneva Tourism Commission has agreed to give the city about $167,000 to help pay off debt for the Riviera beautification project. Tourism commission members on Oct. 10 unanimously approved transferring $167,375 from the tourism fund to the city’s debt service fund to help repay money the city borrowed to complete renovations to the … Read more