Climate change and drought in Northern Kenya

Kenya is among the lowest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, but still bears the brunt of climate change. A third consecutive below-average rainfall is adversely affecting access to food for women, men and children in 20 of the 23 arid and semi-arid (ASAL) states. According to the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) October 2022 … Read more

Africa: Climate Change Brings Previously Unthinkable New Pest and Disease Pressures

Berlin — Temperate climate zones are home to most of the world’s richest countries, and they have until now been the world’s main breadbaskets for meeting international demands for grains, oilseeds and livestock. However, climate change threatens to alter the course of history, allowing some native pests to reproduce more frequently and for longer periods … Read more

North China’s largest freshwater lake reflects conservation benefits – Xinhua

* Weishan Lake, the largest freshwater lake in northern China, is also the center of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal — a world heritage site. However, local traditional industries were causing serious pollution in the lake. * In contrast to the overdeveloped fisheries of the past, the local government has developed a new model of ecological … Read more

Salmon carcasses fill Oregon rivers. It’s all part of the plan

Alanna Madden GATES, Ore. (CN) – If you see dead fish in rivers in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, don’t panic. During the month of September, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife intentionally releases dead hatchery salmon into rivers and streams as part of a stream enrichment program—a process typically fueled by historic salmon runs. According … Read more