EDDIE SEAGLE: From giving thanks to enjoying seasonal color | Lifestyles

“I’m grateful for every moment.” – Al Green. “Gratitude is an inner feeling of perceived kindness. Gratitude is a natural impulse to express this feeling. Gratitude is the continuation of this teaching.” – Henry Van Dyck. “Thanksgiving is a good day to focus our energy on being thankful and just giving.” – Amy Grant. “My … Read more

Weird marks on your leaves? How to decipher them…

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, some of us mastered baking (if we could get our hands on flour) or devoted ourselves to growing a new mail-order houseplant.Add announcement Charley Eiseman, as always, has set the bar a little higher. In 2020, he decided to keep a count of some of the creatures … Read more

Clemson Agronomics and Vegetable Field Day highlights the latest research/technology

DENISE ATTAWAY Clemson University Weevils and thrips are major insect pests of South Carolina cotton. But researchers at Clemson University are confident that help for farmers is on the way. At the 2022 Agronomy and Vegetable Field Day at the Edisto Research and Education Center (REC) in Blackville, Clemson entomologist Jeremy Greene told growers that … Read more

Dealing with Bees or Bees: When to Leave, Move Them, or Call a Pest Control

Spring is here—and as the weather warms, you might see more pollinating creatures. Bees are more likely to reproduce this time of year, and bees are also present in the warmer months – so you might see a group of buzzing insects on your property. If you have allergies or the critters are in a … Read more

Smith Voc receives $2 million grant to expand animal sciences

NORTHAMPTON — Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School has secured a $2 million state grant that will allow the school to expand one of its most popular programs, animal science. And if all goes according to plan, the school expects to increase its current enrollment of 570 students by 25%, according to Principal Joseph Bianca. … Read more

Pee Dee REC Field Day teaches about cotton, cover crops, pollinators and more | Local News

DENISE ATTAWAY Clemson University This year has been great for cotton, and a Clemson Extension cotton specialist says variety selection is the key to success. At the 2022 Clemson Pee Dee Research and Education (REC) Field Day, Clemson Cooperative Extension Service cotton specialist and professor of agronomy, Michael Jones, told growers that variety selection is … Read more

Noise about beekeeping | Lifestyles

Beehive frame full of bees. The frame holds the hive inside the hive box. Photos courtesy of Hing Family Apiary Beekeeping for the Hing Family in Naples began with Kylene Hing discovering new ways to be a fun and educational experience for her two homeschooled children, Kiana and Gabriel. Kylene found a 4-H Beekeeping and … Read more