California drought hurts Iowa beekeepers

MOUNT VERNON, Iowa (AP) — Some Iowa beekeepers are making extra money by taking their bees to California for the winter to pollinate almond trees, but that business is literally drying up because of the West Coast drought. “Some of the old gardens are being torn down,” said Phil Ebert, 80, founder of Ebert Honey, … Read more

Weird marks on your leaves? How to decipher them…

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, some of us mastered baking (if we could get our hands on flour) or devoted ourselves to growing a new mail-order houseplant.Add announcement Charley Eiseman, as always, has set the bar a little higher. In 2020, he decided to keep a count of some of the creatures … Read more

Dealing with Bees or Bees: When to Leave, Move Them, or Call a Pest Control

Spring is here—and as the weather warms, you might see more pollinating creatures. Bees are more likely to reproduce this time of year, and bees are also present in the warmer months – so you might see a group of buzzing insects on your property. If you have allergies or the critters are in a … Read more

This is why the invasion of spot lights in NYC is so bad

These sex-crazed bugs don’t sound! Entomologists and residents said Wednesday that the Big Apple’s spotted lanternfly invasion is getting worse — more visible as the plant-destroying pest’s mating season accelerates in urban jungles. Jessica Ware, associate curator of invertebrate zoology at the American Museum of Natural History, said the invasive insects, which destroy everything from … Read more