For Pet Lovers – What is the most popular cat breed in Massachusetts?

Here’s a tough question (especially if you’re a fan cat lover all cats): What’s your favorite? GENDER from the cat? I know, right? So many to choose from. There are long-haired and short-haired. Burmese or Burmese? America or Britain? Persian or Siamese? The list runs from American Bobtails to Turkish Angoras and everything in between. … Read more

Thousands of sandhill cranes travel over Northwest Indiana during their annual migration south

On Nov. 22, Jasper-Pulaski staff saw about 31,975 sandhill cranes during their weekly count. That’s up from last year’s peak of 28,652 cranes observed in the wildlife area. Molly DeVore, The Times MEDARYVILLE — Two dark specks flew across the cloudy sky — the first sandhill cranes of the day. At 6:47 a.m. Central time, … Read more

The Pasadena Community was invited to tour the Jefferson School Campus on Saturday after the City Campus Transformed – Pasadena Now

Jefferson Elementary School, which closed in 2020, is now home to a new Pasadena library, a fire department training center, and the police department’s Police Action League (PAL) and Explorer Program facilities. The City, in coordination with Councilwoman Felicia Williams, invites the community to explore these improved facilities on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 10 a.m. … Read more

WATCH: Vigil held in honor of Rynfield vet

A large crowd, accompanied by their pets, gathered at Longlife Veterinary Hospital in Rynfield to honor the life of renowned vet Jesse Coleman at a night vigil on September 30. In practice, dozens of flowers with messages, candles and ribbons were placed around the surrounding trees to mourn his death. Dr Coleman was killed in … Read more

Animal breeding concerns at Bunny Park

“After all the work we’ve done at Bunny Park and all the agreements we’ve made, it’s worth noting that the facility is reverting to brutal habits.” That’s according to Tania Forrest-Smith of interest group The Furry Friends, which has been instrumental in giving the park’s animals a voice. After a five-and-a-half-year battle to ensure the … Read more

County dog ​​pound aching after procedural change | News, Sports, Business

WARREN – Volunteers at the Trumbull County Dog Pound are now only allowed to walk the dogs, but have no role in any other part of their care, it has been reported. Pound staff and volunteers say the policy change will hinder the dogs’ chances of being adopted. The county employee union contract states that … Read more

What is the most popular chip and dip in Massachusetts?

Football season is almost here (first game is this Thursday night – Bills at the Rams!) and I don’t know about you, Berkshire County, but my favorite snack during the game is a bowl of my favorite chips. immersion. Now, I prefer things a little spicy, so I’ll usually grab Uncle Ray’s Hot Chips or … Read more