Beekeeper Xandra Helbers looks at the hives on top of the pavilion at the Adelaide Showground

At the height of the drone, around 50,000 to 70,000 bees are buzzing in the inner Adelaide suburb of Wayville. Xandra Helbers is the third beekeeper to manage the fairgrounds’ rooftop hives — a responsibility she took on in the midst of the COVID pandemic. “Not everyone can have beehives in their garden … so … Read more

Almond industry moves toward self-fertilizing future as varroa mite biosecurity threat analyzed

A Sunraysia farmer is “thanking his lucky stars” he was able to produce a commercial crop of almonds during a varroa mite outbreak in New South Wales this year after planting hundreds of self-fertilizing almond trees. Key points: A permit is no longer required to move beehives in and out of Sunraysia There is still … Read more

Noise about beekeeping | Lifestyles

Beehive frame full of bees. The frame holds the hive inside the hive box. Photos courtesy of Hing Family Apiary Beekeeping for the Hing Family in Naples began with Kylene Hing discovering new ways to be a fun and educational experience for her two homeschooled children, Kiana and Gabriel. Kylene found a 4-H Beekeeping and … Read more

Two months, 99 infected sites and still no answers on where the bee parasite varroa mite came from

Since the varroa mite was found in Newcastle harbor two months ago, everyone from gardeners to large businesses have been keeping a close eye on the daily occurrences. Now, after 99 infected hive sites, the threat of the deadly bee parasite remains for Australia’s $70 million-a-year honey industry and pollination-based industries. To date it has … Read more