The best Hulu movies and shows for dog lovers

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but also loyal companions. Some people love dogs but are not influenced by their love for dogs. This is where Hulu comes in. With a great selection of movies and shows, Hulu has become a favorite destination for many pet lovers.

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Since its inception, Hulu has been dedicated to providing its viewers with high-quality content. This includes movies and TV shows that are perfect for dog lovers. With so many great shows and movies on Hulu, it’s hard to decide which ones to watch. So here are Hulu movies and shows for dog lovers that might interest viewers.


10/10 Dog Days (2018)

Tyler says something

Collin is a lovable dog who has lived his entire life in a small town in Maine with his single father and older brother. When Collin’s father dies, Collin is faced with the prospect of being alone, and he heads to New York to find his long-lost mother.

In New York, Colleen meets a group of stray dogs who teach her about life, love and how to be a good dog. Along the way, Collin also meets a variety of characters who help him on his quest, including an eccentric inventor named Tony whose invention can change the lives of all dogs everywhere.

Dog Days is a heartwarming story that will fill you with emotion. It is an inspiring tale of hope and redemption that celebrates the resilience of both humans and animals. If anyone is looking for a movie that will make them laugh and cry, then Dog Days is worth watching!

9/10 Stray (2021)

Olive sits quietly

Stray (2021) is a moving film about a dog who is abandoned on the side of the road and taken in by a family who never imagined they would have to take care of the dog. However, Stray quickly realizes that he has been given a second chance at life and becomes deeply attached to his new family.

While the film isn’t particularly groundbreaking or groundbreaking, it’s an enjoyable watch that will make you fall in love with dogs all over again. If anyone is looking for a movie that will make them feel good inside and out, Stray is worth watching.

8/10 Step Dogs (2013)

Meatballs and Cassie

Step Dogs is a 2013 American romantic comedy-drama film written, directed, and produced by Richard Linklater. Starring Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux and Christopher Walken.

The film follows the love triangle between McGregor’s character Bob, Blunt’s character Jody and Theroux’s character Mark. The title refers to the term stepdog, which describes a person who is unfaithful to their partner or betrays them.

McGregor received critical acclaim for his performance as Bob, with some praising him for being deeply emotional and soulful in his portrayal of the title character struggling with his relationship. The film was nominated for Best Screenplay at the 86th Academy Awards.

7/10 Pudsey the Dog (2014)

Pudsey sits on the farm

The film is based on the true story of Pudsey, who was abandoned by his previous owners and ended up living on the streets of London. When he is finally taken in by a kind woman named Denise, she begins to train him to be a therapy dog.

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However, things don’t go as planned when Denise’s son Noah starts treating Pudsey like a toy instead of a real dog. It’s only through some hard work and persistence that Pudsey is finally accepted by everyone in the family and learns some important life lessons along the way.

The film is both heartwarming and inspiring and will make you fall in love with dogs all over again. If anyone is looking for something fun and exciting to watch with their pet, Pudsey the Dog is worth checking out.

6/10 Millionaire Dog (2014)

Pancho is driving

In Millionaire Dog, a struggling artist moves to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. However, his dreams are quickly dashed when he is forced to take a low-paying job as a dog sitter. Things take a turn for the worse when he learns that his ex-girlfriend is married and has a child. To support herself and her dog, she becomes a thoroughbred dog trainer – teaching dogs to act, dress and talk like millionaires.

Millionaire Dog is an interesting and funny movie that will make the audience laugh out loud. It is also heartwarming in some scenes and will remind us of the sacrifices we sometimes have to make to protect our dreams. If anyone is a dog lover, this movie is definitely worth watching!

5/10 12 Dog Days of Christmas (2014)

Jack Whitley and Ryan are talking to each other

In the 10 Best Hulu Movies and Shows for Dog Lovers, we take a look at 12 Dog Days of Christmas (2014). This comforting family film tells the story of a family who takes a foster dog on vacation, only to return home when the real dog, Sandy, dies.

This movie is perfect for dog lovers who want to enjoy a holiday movie without worrying about getting emotional. It’s also great for anyone looking for an uplifting story to make them feel happy on Christmas Day.

4/10 Dogs on the Inside (2014)

Nicholas H. Dodman says something

Dogs on the Inside is a heartwarming and exciting drama about a group of shelter dogs who go through a series of challenges to see if they are suitable for adoption.

The film follows the lives of four shelter dogs as they compete in various challenges such as a water race, a game of hide-and-seek and a tug-of-war. The dogs must work together to achieve common goals, and their relationships with each other are explored in depth.

Overall, Inside Dogs is an emotional and inspiring story that will make you fall in love with animals all over again. It’s especially great for dog lovers because it features some scenes featuring adoptable dogs, allowing viewers to connect with them on a more personal level.

3/10 Zen Dog (2016)

Reed feels happy

Zen Dog is a heartwarming and inspiring tale of a dog who learns to find meaning in life after being abandoned by his previous owner. He joins a pack of street dogs and learns to live a fulfilling life despite all the hardships he faces.

The film is well acted and has some beautiful scenery, making it an enjoyable watch for anyone who loves dogs. Also great for those wanting to learn more about animal welfare and the homeless population.

2/10 A Dog for Christmas (2015)

Santa in front of the Salvation Army

In “A Dog for Christmas,” many characters try to find the perfect Christmas present for their dog, who is suffering from terminal cancer. The film is touching and heartwarming and worth checking out if anyone is a fan of dog movies.

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Another great option on Hulu this season is Santa Claus. This movie is about an ordinary family, which becomes new owners when it accidentally falls into Santa’s fireplace. They have to hide him from the government, keep him healthy while he’s on vacation, and find a way to keep him alive long enough for Christmas to happen. It’s an interesting and funny watch.

1/10 A Dog Walker’s Christmas Tale (2015)

Luce Lockhart looks at the notice

Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale is a heartwarming holiday film that tells the story of Lenny and his dog Snoopy. Lenny has always been a second-class citizen in society because he can’t walk. But when he learns that Snoopy is going down, he decides to do everything he can to make sure his best friend doesn’t end up alone this Christmas.

This heartwarming holiday movie is perfect for anyone who loves dogs or family drama stories. Well written and beautifully shot, it makes it an enjoyable watch from start to finish. If anyone is looking for a festive way to spend a Sunday afternoon, then A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale is well worth checking out.

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