The finalists of AXA’s Dairy Innovation Awards have been announced

Tomorrow evening (Friday 21st October) Millstreet, Co. The 20 finalists for the AXA National Dairy Innovation Awards have been announced at a ceremony in Cork.

The Dairy Innovation Awards recognize a new product or service launched within the past year that has changed some aspect of dairy farming. In addition to the overall award, winners will be announced in three individual categories: science, technology and engineering.

This year will also see the launch of the Sustainability Award to recognize progress made in making the sector more sustainable.

Judging starts tomorrow at 4pm, after which former Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister and broadcaster Ivan Yates will present the awards at the Green Glens Arena.

The ceremony is part of AXA’s rich program of events taking place at the National Dairy Exhibition. It will include a demonstration of the machines as well as a series of panel discussions.

Pat McCormack, President of the Irish Cream Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA), Tim Cullinan, President of the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) and Billy Kelleher MEP will join former Yates for a ‘Big Emissions Debate’ at 2.30pm.


Animal Health Ireland (AHV)

AHV’s Health Care Platform develops non-antibiotic solutions to address health barriers by disrupting the relationship between specific bacteria. Its overall objective is to improve dairy herd efficiency and environmental management.

Censortec / Alfco Integration

Censortec and Alfo have collaborated to develop a system that will provide farmers with continuous information about all their animals in heat. This information is then fed into the Alfco draw software and all cows on heat are automatically made from the draw gate without any farmer intervention.

Concept Milk

After a number of farmers struggled with fixed milk prices over the past 12 months, Concept Dairy has developed a program that allows farmers to lock in milk prices and join a price protection plan that can set a minimum price.

Coyle Vets

Coyle Vets’ Impact and Reboot product helps replenish fluid and salts in the cow after calving. Trials so far have shown increased milk yield and improved fertility when given postpartum.


Devenish has also developed GoCow, a post-calf drink containing calcium and magnesium aimed at getting cows on their feet immediately after calving. It is the only drink that contains Progut Rumen yeast, which has been proven to support immunity.


Bovaer is a feed additive developed by DSM that reduces intestinal methane emissions in ruminants, contributing to a significant reduction in the environmental impact of meat, milk and dairy products.

Calving assistant

A new form of calving cradle that allows the farmer to pull under his own power but helps relieve strain on his back. Its main feature is a lever that the farmer can pull to release the belt in case the user needs to get out of the way in a hurry.


The Irish Cattle Federation (ICBF) has developed the Commercial Beef Value (CBV). A tool from the Euro-Star Terminal Index that breaks down five traits important to the non-breeding establishment: Carcass Weight, Carcass Conformity, Carcass Fat, Convenience and Feed Intake.

Li-Gen Ltd

FuelSaver from Li-Gen Ltd is a reliable lithium-ion battery bank that provides farmers with an emergency power supply during power outages. It can load night tariff electricity, storage for solar, wind or Hydro Power Sources and shift to reduce CO2 emissions.


M-Tec’s 12x6FT cattle trailer comes standard with a split door, spare tire, heavy-duty aluminum loading doors and full LED lighting. Its total towing capacity is 3.5 tons, and the trailer itself weighs 1.2 tons.

Megafab Ltd

Megafab’s new feed and storage bin, called the Tipsy Bin, reduces the back and joint strain farmers often face when feeding animals, as well as reducing feed waste and spoilage.

The Tipsy Bin is also designed to be easier to clean and wash than the alternatives and comes with an easy-to-close lid.

Micron Agritech

The Micron Kit allows veterinarians to test animals for parasites on the spot and get results in just 30 minutes. Using FEC technology and a mobile app, veterinarians can identify parasite trends on the farm and recommend whether treatment is required.


Moonsyst’s Smart Rumen Monitoring system uses a Bolus-Sensor that can monitor multiple physiological and chemical data and has an expected battery life of 6+ years. The system can alert farmers to oestrus/heat, calving, abnormal water intake, fever and other health-related abnormalities.

MSD Animal Health

Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live, developed by MSD, is a live RSV and PI3 intranasal vaccine that can now be administered to calves from birth and provides full immunity within 7 days.

MSD Animal Health

The second entry for MSD is its SenseHub In-Line Somatic Cell Count Sensor, a standalone monitor to deliver automated somatic cell count readings for individual cows at the milking parlor. It can provide results in less than 2 minutes, allowing farmers to act faster to protect milk quality, herd health and profitability.

Munster Bovine

Munster Bovine has developed real-time breeding metrics within the FarmOps Breeding and Productivity Module. operating within ecological boundaries to maximize economic and environmental sustainability on the farm.


SmaXtec is an early detection health system for dairy cows that uses bolus technology to help farmers optimize health, reproduction and nutrition. It collects data on internal body temperature, drinking behavior, rumination and activity in the reticulum of cows.

PharVet (Ireland) Limited.

PharVet’s RainBó Roller Tail Paint roller features a unique foam roller head designed with easy, quick application in mind. The use of an outdoor-grade binder makes it impervious to wet conditions, and special fluorescent pigments ensure clear visibility in dark-colored cows and low-light conditions.


TailJack saves time while protecting workers and cows during calving when tails are raised, especially when milking newly calved heifers. The TailJack attaches to the cow’s hip and holds the tail up, so a single operator can do these jobs safely.

Tom Harte Farm Services

The DeLaval Evanza Milking Cluster is a new cluster for conventional parlors where changing four cartridges takes less than a minute. In DeLaval test farms, milking times were reduced by up to 7%, and the number of air intakes was reduced by up to 83%. The milking cluster is also lighter and better balanced, and special grip zones support a light and ergonomic fastening of the milking cluster.

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