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Santa Barbara Hives will open a second location on State Street

Ashley Farrell and Barnaby Draper stop by the second location of Santa Barbara Hives, 3328 State St., Santa Barbara.

Local beekeepers will open a second location for their Santa Barbara Hives store on Saturday.

Doors will open at 10 a.m. at the store, located at 3328 State St., Santa Barbara. It used to be in the instrumental music business.

Store hours will be Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Business partners Ashley Farrell and Barnaby Draper are local beekeepers, focused on supporting bees, beekeepers and sustainability. In keeping with these values, patrons can expect to find beekeeping resources and support, as well as a treasure trove of bee products, hemp products and local art.

Raw, unfiltered honey is sold at Santa Barbara Hives.

“I’ve only ever seen one other bee shop in Hudson, New York. We are a local support system for beekeepers,” Mr. Draper told the News-Press.

Ms. Farrell and Mr. Draper, who founded the first Santa Barbara Hives location in Carpinteria, emphasized the importance of bees to the ecosystem and the planet.

“The produce section would look awful without the bees,” said Mr Draper.

Since 1962, 90% of bees have disappeared, and in the last two years the number of bees has decreased by 45%.

“We’re excited to open a store in Santa Barbara because people are very aware, very conscious and caring,” Mr. Draper said.

“We really want to be part of the process of healing the planet and teaching people to live in balance with the natural world,” Ms. Farrell told the News-Press. “We don’t think you have to sacrifice anything for it. We feel that you can live a quality life with good products.”

The business has a variety of resources and accessories for beekeepers.

Santa Barbara Hives sells flow hives and other beekeeping supplies to local beekeepers, and also offers beekeeping services to the community, such as hive rescue and maintenance. In addition, the store offers local Ojai products including beeswax candles, soy candles, seeds and jellies, olive wood products from Tunisia and hemp products.

The owners also offer space for local vendors to sell their wares in batches, such as jewelry and ceramics.

Soy candles are available in the following five fragrances: yuzu flower and hinoki, fig leaf and galbanum, tuberose and frangipani, jasmine and neroli, goji berry and hemp.

“A fabulous lip balm is coming soon, as well as breast rubs, balms and body care products,” Ms Farrell said. “Lots of great products in the works coming soon.”

Mr Draper explained: “The store on State Street is more pioneering with its larger capacity. “It has a bigger footprint and it remains to be seen what kind of food impact we can bring. In addition, for every product sold, a tree is planted in Madagascar.”

The original store in Carpinteria, at 516 Palm Ave., has received great community support since 2019 and will soon expand operations to offer plant-based foods, enzymes and more in a new kitchen, the owners said.

“We also have a wide variety of locally and sustainably made gifts at all price points available for the holiday shopping season,” Ms. Farrell said.

The store is decorated with various goods.

Since Mr. Draper grew up in France, the store has a French flair and includes scarves, mustards, salts, and more. There are French items for sale.

In addition to co-owning the business, Ms. Farrell is a local landscape contractor in Santa Barbara.

“I’m actively trying to eliminate weeds and plant beautiful gardens that are drought tolerant and plants that can feed bees year-round,” she said.

Mr. Draper is a professional photographer and shoots worldwide for American Express.



Santa Barbara Hives is located at 516 Palm Ave., Carpinteria, and at 10 a.m. Saturday, it will open its second location at 3328 State St., Santa Barbara. For more information, visit

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