Walter Angus was named the 2022 Certified Angus Beef Ambassador

Teaching Angus cattle evaluation comes naturally to Terry and Becky Walter. Together with their children, Trevor, Ty and Katelyn, they have built Walter Angus into a fifth-generation seedstock farm specializing in high-altitude high quality.

Hudson, Colo., offers breathtaking views of the pristine Rocky Mountains as a backdrop for picture-perfect cattle. It’s an ideal place to introduce visitors to where beef began.

Their spirit of hospitality and efforts to share that they raise high-quality beef earned the Walter family the 2022 Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Ambassador Award.

Most of the groups that visit Walter Angus include food service salespeople who sell CAB products or chefs who serve the brand in their restaurants. They also hosted food bloggers, media, video and photo crews to capture their stories to share in CAB training and promotional materials.

“I enjoy talking to people, especially as society becomes more and more disconnected from agriculture,” Terry says. “I want people to know that livestock farming is not easy; “It takes a lot of effort to raise high-quality cattle so that people are happy to eat beef.”

Opening their ranch is more about understanding the intent behind every decision, caring for both the land and the cattle, than facing the hands that raise a delicious steak.

This includes taking livestock to new heights.

The Walter Angus herd grazes for at least six months on mountain pastures that range in elevation from 6,000 to 11,000 feet. Management bred to handle the altitude also helps cattle acclimate to a gradual rotation during the hot summer and fall months before the cows come home.

While mountain pastures are great for cattle, Walters wants people to know that these cows are great for pastures, too.

“The cattle help break down rotting trees that have succumbed to insect rot,” says Trevor. “Pasture helps prevent wildfires and creates a positive ecosystem for the area where they are located.”

Grazing them promotes deeper roots and healthier grass.

“We make the land better with our cattle,” says Ty, noting the increased forage production and soil health. “God created this land to graze cattle. If it weren’t for them and the grasses and sedges, the soil would be blown away to Kansas.

Caption: Walters looks forward to conducting tours with people throughout the supply chain. They talk about raising cattle on the front lines and in the Rocky Mountains, why cattle work in tandem with a healthy environment, and how EPDs play a role in raising high-quality beef.

Humility is another key component of breeding for balance. The family produces cattle that can be good business partners on the ranch, knowing that it correlates to performance at the plate.

“We always try to build a balanced herd,” says Terry. “We try to put as much marbling as we can into these cattle without sacrificing functionality. But in my opinion, it’s marbling that pays the bills.”

This deliberate breeding is paying off. Looking through their sale catalogs, most of their bulls display the CAB Targeting the Brand™ logo – a sign to help customers identify bulls that have the greatest potential to produce calves that earn the CAB Seal.

Their careful approach is tested by retaining ownership of their calves, selling them on the network and then reviewing carcass data to measure progress. Over the past four years, 97% of their cattle graded Choice or higher, 51% CAB and 13% Prime.

Breeding great bulls to produce calves that meet the demand for high-quality beef is a feat in itself, but Walters is taking the next step to connect with people at the other end of the supply chain.

Off the beaten path, visitors go home with a camera full of beautiful pictures and cow selfies to post on social media. They leave as friends knowing that the cattle behind the brand are raised by good families in a way that is good for animals and the environment.

“I want groups to leave our ranch knowing that there is a family in Hudson, Colorado who loves Angus cattle,” Terry said. “We strive to make the best beef possible and our mission here is to meet the CAB goal. But it’s more about knowing that we care for cattle.”

The Walter family was honored with the Ambassador Award at the Certified Angus Beef Annual Conference in Phoenix on September 30, 2022.

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