What are the health benefits of organic, grass-fed farming in Indiana?

Editor’s note: The following is part of a class project that began in the fall of 2021 in Ball State University professor Adam Cuban’s classroom. Cuban continued the project this fall, challenging his students to find sustainability efforts in the Muncie area and pitch their own ideas. Deanna Watson, editor of The Star Press, Journal & Courier and Pal-Item. Several such stories are featured in November and December 2022.

Organic. Grass-fed. Completely natural. You can find these labels in the produce section or meat departments of your grocery store. Products with these food labels can provide various benefits not only to human health, but also to the environment.

Products receive these nutrition labels based on the way the product was grown. For example, organic farming techniques and methods are different from farming other types of food that consumers buy.

Brandon Schrock, owner of Schrock Family Farms, uses organic methods such as cover crops, crop rotation and natural soil inputs.

“Soil health has probably been a key driver of the organic movement since it began,” Schrock said. “It’s all based on what’s in the soil.”

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