I was wondering where our readers and online friends buy pet food for their households, so I asked, “Where do you buy pet food? Neighborhood grocery, warehouse store, local pet supply store, corporate pet supply store, online from a large business like Chewy.com, a smaller specialty business, or … another option? Pet food = food for dogs, cats and other pets.

If you’re looking for new ideas about pet food for your family’s animals, I hope these answers suggest some possible sources you haven’t tried yet. We have so many options, why limit our options?

Steven Cogswell (Colorado) I use a local pet store, Cosmo’s Dog Food and Pet Supplies. They carry a wide variety of high quality foods for both cats and dogs, from food to raw. The staff know me by name and are always happy to answer my questions. They cook a variety of dishes that I like because they are preservative free with limited ingredients. And their holiday cakes, also freshly baked, are always a hit. At the beginning of the lockdowns, it was brutal; People stocked up on food like paper towels and toilet paper. The staff at Cosmo told me they take delivery on Fridays at 4pm and clear it by Saturday. Now it’s more intermittent. They deal with many small distributors, which causes some variation in availability. Also, they carry a pretty impressive selection, but they don’t have 25 bags of each food on hand, so there are times when they don’t have what I usually buy. But they are great at taking my name, putting the bag away when I come in, and calling me. I usually go in when my food is completely gone, so I choose a similar meal. I trust the quality of any food they carry so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

Photo: Steven Cogswell

Kate LaSala Ctc Csat (Connecticut) Mostly online from PetFlow, but I also buy treats and try smaller bags of food from a local store.

Jaxon Riley (Washington) We buy our pets from a small local pet supply store, Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile. They carry high quality pet food and miscellaneous items. The staff is helpful, educated and focused on the health of the dogs and cats. This little shop is one of two in our town and also hosts puppy training classes.

Sheila Gomez (Washington) Urban Canine, a local business opened in 2003. They carry the best brands of dog and cat food. Raw dog food types too. They have horns, bully sticks, packaged pet treats and fun treats for training, plus dog accessories like collars, leashes and harnesses. Friendly staff and knowledgeable.

Sarah Adams (Oregon) Chewy. I buy canned goods from the grocery store to fill the Kongs.

Janet Velenowski (Virginia) Local raw food co-op.

Christine Hale Vertucci (Illinois) Neighborhood (chain) store for chews for my dog ​​on an Rx diet and usually for my non-Rx treats. I sometimes rely on Chewy for non-Rx foods.

Amy Suggers (Ohio) I used to buy my food from Amazon. The price was comparable to Chewy, my local pet store. and the only local big box store (Menards) that carries the brand. With Amazon Prime, I get free shipping so I don’t have to sign up for a subscription like Chewy or PetFlow. However, I recently switched to raw food (Darwin’s) and buy directly from them.

Sandie Hanlon (Massachusetts) I use Chewy for prescription diets and pharmacy needs. I like the automatic shipping option that gives you a discount. I also use a small local chain and two owner-operated pet stores. With four dogs, I can’t get everything I need in one place.

Linda Ehrenworth (New Jersey) Technically a supermarket, but not a pet food aisle. I make my own dog food.

Annie Zack (Washington) from my vet. A dog eats prescription food.

Kathleen Huggins (Washington) [I buy food] everywhere [it’s] on sale and we also make it at home and add extras. Yes, with the vet’s blessing after a dog (now gone) developed diabetes a few years ago.

George Guba (New York) Chewy. The nearest pet store is 30 miles away and the prices are higher.

Flacortia Rosiea (Alberta) Boutique pet store. But that will change when I move.

Donna Furneaux (Ontario) Specialty dog ​​and cat food store. The owner has dogs and cats and knows his stuff. It also sells a range of raw foods. It is a font of knowledge.

Kenna Stonefern (New Hampshire) I created a buying group. I always have between six and nine dogs and food is expensive. I found a local distributor of various pet stores in my area and opened an account as a pet store. I allowed my friends and my friends to join the buying group. We buy all our food, toys, cat food and other supplies wholesale. Everyone makes a small amount of money for shipping, and we order about $2,000 worth of dog food every eight weeks. I divide the order at the end of my route and write to everyone that their food can be picked up. It’s a bit of work, but it’s a win-win for everyone. I buy my dog ​​food at a VERY high price and share the wealth with others so we can meet the minimum order.

Timothy Page (Oregon) I buy a lot of food and treats from Portland Pet Supply, a small family owned store. It’s a three-quarter mile one-way hike with pups. They get their nails trimmed on the same trip at Portland Pampered Pets, next door to the pet store. I also get some treats and “bones” from Chewy.

Lynn Ungar (Washington) Some at Costco. Some at pet stores. Some online. I make some at home.

Karen Schlossberg (Massachusetts) Chewy because Roo is on a special diet (not Rx) that is hard to find elsewhere.

Dale Ward (North Carolina) Chewy. 95% of the time they have what I need and when they don’t I check Amazon or go directly to the company. I don’t go to the shops anymore.

Rebecca Piedad (California) Chewy, through my vet and grocery store for a direct Rx diet.

Olivia McCollum (Washington) I buy from Chewy because we live in a big city and it’s pretty hard to drive/park. We also shop at our local pet store every once in a while when we can!

Sandee Strobel Szabo (Virginia) We currently use Chewy for our dog, cat and bird food. Before moving to our current location, we used a mom and pop pet store called Weber’s Pet Supermarket. They were great with a great selection and great customer service. Chewy is convenient and easy to use for automatic delivery of all our meals. We are happy to have them delivered automatically and free of charge to our home. (Holding big bags of dog food is too much for me.) We also use them for some of our recipes for our pets.

Peggy Frezon (New York) Chewy. 11 years before them, “Mr. Chewy” and their service is so good that I have stayed with them all these years.

Kelly Mose Cuilla (Washington) I used Chewy.com until I found I could get the same food for less at Costco. $1.81 and $1.44 per pound. All savings are collected.

Wendy Grier (British Columbia) Local pet store. As a relative of a small business owner who had to close, I will only buy local. It’s really not a lot of dollars and the knowledge and service can’t be beat.

Sheri Al-Mufti (California) I buy pet food and most supplies from my local Pet Food Express chain. I buy from this chain for the following reasons (not necessarily in this order): they are local; they are very good employers – they pay a living wage, provide good employee benefits, and generally treat employees well; they are very careful and considerate about the quality of the products they carry; thoroughly educate their employees about the products they carry and why they choose to carry them; if your pet doesn’t eat something you bought in their store, they will take it back and refund the purchase price; they have a buy three, get one free policy, so if you buy items in quantity, you can save up to 25%.

The ideal source for excellent pet nutrition advice is a veterinarian with a keen interest in animal nutrition and up-to-date training. Ask about food when meeting with the vets for your family pets. Read the feeding information recommended by your veterinarian. Whenever you visit the clinic with your pet, ask your veterinarian of choice, “How is my pet food working?”


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